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"Production Workshop Minutes"

26 September 2004

In attendance:
Damon Baker (upspace concert), Gabrielle Fuentes (visiting), Georgia Cohen (part-ay), Mikey P, Tess, Bia, Immer, Todd, Drumsta, Maya, Ross, Sledge (visiting).

Damon Baker
Upstairs Space Concert - Alex Provan has handed over his concert date for computer music grad students to Damon Baker. They've got what we need. They've got equipment they can sometimes loan to PW, but they want us to know that they've got toys. Todd can monitor. Emily can let-in. Drumsta is gonna get the contract and check today.

Noon on Friday at Ashamu, Ross Maya and Damon are gonna meet to move screens.

Georgia Cohen
Wants to use the space for a performance-based fundraiser. Peter Sampiere's girlfriend has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and no health insurance, and Georgia would love to be able to find a space to have a classy party involving piano and lounge singers and whatnot. A date just opened up in early November in the upspace. Georgia will e-mail Immer to set up a reservation. Mikey will talk to MF about having the piano tuned by Nov 6th.

2nd slot
Things are going great. Drumsta went to the production meeting and things seemed smooth. Maya needs people to stay after the meeting for a few minutes to lift a grid. 10-15 minutes after the meeting.

3rd slot
Drumsta will make a 3rd slot poster. Plays due as soon as you know, proposals due at noon on the 8th. Decision meeting Saturday the 9th. E-mail will go out. Talk it up, particularly on staff! Reese will poster. If she needs help, she'll talk to Tess. This needs to happen ASAP.


  • Writers - We have four, we're excited.
  • Directors - Due tonight at midnight. Drumsta will send out reminder.
  • Committee will meet Monday night at 7:00. Immer's apartment. 192 Angell. Apt. 3R. Entrance is to the right side of the building.
  • Auditions - October 4th.


  • Wednesday - 11pm Ross will let in slip.
  • PSI proposal - Everyone approves, as long as Immer is sorta a monitor in a larger way. We need to make very clear what they are getting.
  • Immer wants to set up 6 fresnel lights in a plot. Immer and Todd will set it up, and we'll give it a trial period? We have 6 lights set up, if you plan on using a different part of the space, let us know a week in advance. Immer will write something up, we'll discuss next week.

Upspace lightboard
Todd called High Output. $125 for them to estimate board repair costs. It might break again in a year. They are going out of date. We're talking 3-4,000 for a new light board. A two-scene preset, a combo board, or a memory board. We're talking in the 2-4,000 realm. We want a combo, Todd will send out requests for quotes. And we'll approve next week.

New Members
Posters will be ready Tuesday morning. We need stuff on the web. Mikey and Bia will send Todd the things that they want to have on the web. Do we have the most recent questions? Do we ever know what questions we want to ask…
Let's assign some pre-board buddies:

  • Tess - Hannah Lewis
  • Immer - Charis
  • Drumsta - Obremski
  • Maya - James
  • Bia - Max
  • Tess - Kate
  • Immer - Sledge
  • Ross - Gabby

What is a pre-board buddy? Look at application ahead of time if they want? Try to meet with them and get to know them. Bia and Mikey get all logistical questions. Posters start on Tuesday.

Emily Pudalov wants an installation. More details to follow.

Space Maintenance

  • Mold - We got the stuff out for the Laramie project. Maya is calling the university tomorrow. There is also apparently mold in the office.

Maya will inspect.

  • Paint room door is fixed.
  • Nobody replies to Maya's e-mails about sodiums and signs.


  • Starting this Tuesday, hopefully it will go in the e-mail. This first week is getting people there and figuring out how it works best for the people who are there. Tag line: “Momentum. Gather it. Use it. Share it.”

PW Prom
Drumsta would like to organize another one. We'll talk next week. Summer Programming
Summer people are totally nifty. Mark Cohen. We know him. Maya may be in love. They want us to delineate the minimal amount of involvement that we as a board/individuals would need to have. Maya and Todd recommend going forward with this. It isn't tech heavy. Can we commit to someone being here this summer? They'll probably try to compensate in some way. They have agreed to a year-long trial. Todd and Maya are subcommittee. Let's spend the next week thinking about any concerns. Also budgeting problems.

Downstairs hallway

  • Tess has been thinking about “gay week.” RI gay marriage stuff photos. They're looking for a place to display it in Brown. Maya will check about hanging up hooks, etc. Tess will talk to gay people.
  • Table larger discussion till next week.



  • New green room. Totally hot. Drumsta needs some tech help. Maya will help. They'll talk.
  • Provan wants to have another date for the upstairs space. Instead of the one we gave him. Emily will try to find a date.

He took the speaker to the speaker repair place. We owe $90 so far. Plus some parts. This is gonna be like $200-300? In the end. They'll take a PO. We'll get a bill at the end of this week. Ross
He refilled the first aid kits. He gets a cookie.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Brian Christian (on leave), Garland McQuinn (on leave), and Blair Nelsen (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by todd.

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