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"Production Workshop Minutes"

12 September 2004

In attendance:
Immer, Justin (2nd slot), Alana (2nd slot), Kaya, Michael, Benry (2nd slot), Hannah (visiting), Maya, Tess, Drumsta, Gabrielle Fuentes (IAA '04), Ross, Todd, Kate (2nd slot), Bia

1st Slot

  • Seating platforms tomorrow 11:00pm. Mikey might be late.
  • James and Ben would appreciate help hanging duv.
  • House managing/ushering:
    • Friday Maya HM, Tess Ush
    • Saturday - Mikey HM, Drumsta ush
    • Saturday Mid - Maya HM, Todd
    • Sunday - Immer HM Tess
    • Monday - Drumsta HM, Todd
  • Mikey fell behind on reserves. Tess saved his patootie. And it will be fine.
  • Mikey will let the whole board know the amount, Todd will take care of blue room.
  • Tess is hanging banner tomorrow.
  • Run crew: Frances Cowhig? Also Adam Delahanty?
  • Drumsta will send out e-mail invites for ushering.

2nd Slot

  • Drumsta will bozo.
  • E-mail: Auditions are Friday 5-8pm, Sat 1-6pm, to look out for locations on posters.
  • We didn't pass budget. We set it all up.


  • Posters going around.
  • Tell Immer if you know anyone writing or applying.


  • Possibly Tess is going to take it. Thing about treasuring.
  • Strike: Mikey can stay until 10:45. Todd can come back in if absolutely necessary.


  • The building is equipped for washer dryer. Maya is going to talk to maintenance people.

New Members

  • Oct 16ish: Maybe new members? Yes. Applications due Oct 13th. Decision meeting the weekend of 15-17th (at some points).

Grants: Nothing

Space Maintenance: Nothing. Door is fixed.

Musical Forum Contract - Immer will e-mail minutes from that meeting. He's an idiot.

Palimpsest - Slightly bizarre. Would like to have more actors come. Thursdays at 11:00pm.

Todd 's Business:

  • The Duv is a moist, moldy and centipede-ridden mass. It's mildewy, moist and nasty. Emily wants to be duv patrol.
  • The green book - Todd is lazy. He's going to re-do greenbook.
  • Broken dimmers - Let's ask UFB

Maya's business:

  • Fire safety checklist forms. There will be a sample form on the wall, there will be envelopes in the desk.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Brian Christian (on leave), Garland McQuinn (on leave), and Blair Nelsen (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by todd.

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