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"Production Workshop Minutes"

5 September 2004

In attendance:
Immer, Mikey, Michelle Lee (visiting), Anna Abramson (visiting), Rachel Criswell (visiting), Anya Roberts-Toney (visiting), Bia, Reese, Todd “Pooh Bear,” Laura Green (visiting), Maya, Drumsta, Ross.

  • Mon, Sept 6: 1:00-4:00 – day in the space
  • Mon, Sept 6: 8:30pm – Theatre Meeting
  • Thur, Sept 9: 2nd Slot – proposals due
  • Sat, Sept 11: 9:00am. – 2nd Slot Decision Meeting
  • Oct 16: – Maybe new members?

Michelle and Laura's business

  • Laura (who did the off-site in Spring '03) is putting together another show. She's got a Royce fellowship (so she's loaded). She is doing another installation piece.
  • She's interested in consultant designers, and also an experienced technical director. She's also interested in borrowing lights.
  • Show is tentatively the weekend of Halloween and the weekend after.
  • Todd will be the liason to Michelle and Laura. Maya might be interested in Tding. Maybe talk to Henry Ben Clarendon about utilizing space?

1st Slot
Going great. Anyone that's bored, Todd will be focusing after 11:00pm. Going in the e-mail. 2nd Slot

  • We've got Mikey and Chris Shortsleeve(s)?
  • Decision meeting: 9:00am Saturday the 11th. Reese and Todd might be unable to attend, which would give us 6 (if Tess can make it). We need new members.

Day in the Space
Drumsta is putting it in the e-mail and will order pizza. 1:00-4:00. Upstairs space. Theatre Orientation
Drumsta and Immer will speak. Bring notebooks. Upspace

  • Mikey is monitoring tonight.
  • Drumsta will be at strike 9:00 tonight.
  • Reese and Immer will cover this weekend. Possibly Mikey too.
  • The show is “An olive branch on the seder plate” or something. Sponsored by hillel, but it is some professional company. Puppetty good.

Nothing new.

Ross and Drumsta will help poster. There's interest in the festival.

Gonna meet with jessie, get ideas together. They'll bring ideas back in two weeks.

Space Maintenance
No momentum. Bozos need to know to make sure that people know to call Maya if things break.

Musical Forum
Mikey will discuss contract with Rotstein.

Drumsta met 3 writers last night, they're gonna come. She's gonna jolt it up. If it goes well, she's gonna do 24 hour theatre. Drumsta will e-mail A-Po.

Todd is on it. Not fast enough for Immer.


Proposing Sunday for MF. immer is SO excited, he's can't even express it. Shameless Plug

Think about taking on upspace for next/the end of this semester. He's writing a thesis. A long one. He feels a little overwhelmed. People abroad (e-mail immer if interested). Reese

  • She wants to do signs. She doesn't know what to do. We told her.
  • She runs a program out of the Swearer center called “No Small Parts,” they do theatre with children. She's starting a branch with Hope High School. 3-5pm. Upspace it is.


  • New fire safety policy. Maya found Fire Marshall Bill, in a labyrinthine basement hallway, and he told her about the fire safety checklist. A great house manager job! She will make tons of copies of the form for the office. Exit signs absolutely cannot be blocked. Maya will send them.
  • 3' aisle needs to exist somewhere. She'll investigate further. We'll look at fire code when we do proposals. If people change sets after proposals, they'll be required to talk to Maya (as fire code representative)
  • The Father. P-Dawg wanted to get a gun. Maya will talk to Chris O.
  • Maya looked at old minutes - one of the conditions included “The placement of conspicuous exterior signage announcing upcoming events.” She'll bring it to facilities.
  • Maya is going to get fire extinguisher training. We want to go to. And Reese wants to ride a fire truck.

What if re-consider the idea of only us house-managing? What if others could usher as well…

Could we put new members earlier? Possibly October 16th (during the run of 2nd slot). We're going to ponder, discuss next week, and if we like, start publicity.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Brian Christian (on leave), Garland McQuinn (on leave), and Blair Nelsen (on leave).


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