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"Production Workshop Minutes"

2 September 2004

In attendance:
Immer, Bia, Mikey, Rachel (visiting), Deb (visiting), Reese, Ross, Maya, James (visiting), Todd. Tess (eventually). Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Sat, Sept 4: 6:00 – Activities Fair
  • Sun, Sept 5: 1:00 – Board Meeting
  • Mon, Sept 6: 1:00-4:00 – day in the space
  • Mon, Sept 6: 8:30pm – Theatre Meeting
  • Thur, Sept 9: – 2nd Slot proposals due
  • Sat, Sept 11: – 2nd Slot Decision Meeting

1st Slot (The Father)

  • Tess got lost going to shop and save, stop and shave, stop and shop. Whatever. Anyway, she made it here eventually, first production meeting tonight.
  • Calendar: Maybe next year we plan on starting first slot on the 28th. Pannill liked having the two weeks, but maybe we should on calendar talk for next year. Let's get feedback from P-dawg. Maybe we talk to Rick about this? Adult communications (Maya) is on it.

2nd Slot.

  • Decision meeting on the 11th. Proposals due the 9th. 10 hard copies.
  • Sounds like Mikey P and maybe Christopher Shortsleeve.

Theatre Orientation - 8:30 in Leeds.
Teeny and Immer will talk (with Emily talking up Palimpsest). Bring a small pad to write down names and numbers. Activities Fair -

  • Ross is activities fair chair. Ross has modified the spiel. Immer will send him a page about 3C2C.
  • We're making duct tape letters. Channeling Seth? Ross is looking for a tie-dye blanket.
  • Maya and Todd are bringing laptops for tech list and PW mailing list.
  • Blurb for The Father - maybe we'll make table slips…
  • Maya will help at 5:30. Everyone else, Saturday 6-8.

Day in the Space - Mon the 6. 1-4.
Drumsta is in charge… We're getting pizza. Woohoo. I'm excited. Sunday we'll schedule specific times. etc. Upstairs Space - Weekends still open in September.

  • 5:30 Friday let in - Reese
  • Friday monitor - Immer
  • 7:30 Saturday let in - Tess
  • 9:00 monitor - Drumsta
  • 6:15 Sunday let in - Todd
  • 8:00 Sunday monitor - Mikey

Grants - Seth P wants moolah. He wants to know how much he gave them last year. Frogz - We read Sam's e-mail and discussed. Doesn't seem like there's anyone excited about really pushing this through. Maybe we'll go see it when it tours! 3C2C -

  • Plays due Sept 19th, Directors due Sept 26th. Auditions Oct 4th.
  • What to do about board involvement and group rehearsal? Maybe schedule a group rehearsal with the directors as they wish it. Maybe an informal get-together. A meet the board. Done.
  • Committee: Immer, Tess, Bia, Reese. Immer will e-mail dates.

Rick Meeting - Rick is new Dean Inman. We love him. Summer program -

  • Summer studies wants to do a summer program in PW.
  • Possibly a paid position for a board member. There might be money involved for PW.
  • We're interested, we want to talk more with him. A guaranteed trial program?
  • Subcommittee: Mikey P, Maya, Todd, Drumsta
  • To discuss:
    • Temporariality. Temporariness.
    • What the PW board member does.
    • Wear and tear on equipment
    • Money for upkeep.
    • Dead space…
    • What they can use, what we have… Replacement?
    • Interference during the year, we need to feel like we have ownership.
    • We pass it to the subcommittee. Emily is the chair of subcommittee.

Business Drumsta

  • She's gonna be a vagrant this semester, commuting to PW. No leave, but she's going to the big apple.
  • Palimpsest - Wants to resuscitate it. Maybe with Slip of the Tongue. Thursday night 11:00pm. She'll announce it at the theatre orientation.
  • PWAM (PW Alumni Monthly). She wants to pass it on. Reese is new PWAM-babe and Todd is the PWAM web-mentor. PWAM is now PWAQ (quarterly). Like radiolinq. With a q.
  • Her lamp is bubbling up some ill shit. Anyone wanna help?


  • Wants to give up archives. Reese and Tess are doing it. Tess is really into scrapbooking. She made scrapbook cookbooks.
  • We want to do Oct 30th new members meeting. Tess will get back to us. End of October is good. Tess and Mikey and Matt are going to talk about new members policy.
  • Publicity with daily jolt and banner are all set for the semester.

Immer (screens)

  • Getting them from Ashamu
  • New work lights for the downstairs? Quickstrike metal halide lights. Quieter and prettier. Maya is looking into it.

Dumpsterboy -
Dumpsterboy duty can include telling Maya to contact facilities. Todd wants a web page interface for the dumpster. James (visiting) -

  • He's having build crew woes. We e-mailed Sasha. James wants people to stay and help sand.
  • In a moment of weakness and frustration, Ben and James made a list of things that PW wants. Maya will help out. Very happy about the safety equipment.


  • Card access. Todd and Blair weren't on the list. Maya's on it. Reese was creeped out by some scary guy during Into the Woods.
  • Maya's still trying to get the sign back. She's going to cry. Reese is going to make temporary signs.


  • Got a parking ticket,and he's upset. PW does not reimburse, Todd.
  • Lights for the upspace. Todd and Immer will make a list for UFB.
  • Speaker still needs to be repaired. Reese, Drumsta and Mikey are chauffeurs.
  • Todd wants pictures on the website. People should send him pictures.

Reese and Mikey want to re-start momentum. And Reese is starting it. reese-starting momentum.. Nobody understands my humor. Immer is talking about a sound-proof door between the upstairs and downstairs space. Maya will look into it.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Brian Christian (on leave), Garland McQuinn (on leave), and Blair Nelsen (on leave).


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