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"Production Workshop Minutes"

3 October 2004

In attendance:
Drumsta, Immer, Taube (visiting), Max (pre-board), Mikey P (nice new haircut), Todd, Reese, Maya, Amanda Parker (next semester project), Emily Pudalov (grants), Tess, Jesse Cohen (business). Emily - She's got a grant application to hand in. She wants $58 to do a performance art piece. She wants to suspend a net on the main green with feathers to create an artificial snowfall. She would lie underneath and pretend to be dead. She would want to borrow a ladder.

  • Grant subcommittee: Tess, Drumsta and Maya.

Amanda - Wants to do The Vagina Monologues. A world-wide campaign started by Eve Ensler to raise awareness for women's rights. An all-female performance around Valentine's Day. Maya will be her liason. We suggest the upstairs space, sayles hall, manning chapel, etc. Drumsta wants to make vagina cookies for a bakesale. Jesse - He wants to modify stock platforms for PW. We're okay with it. 5 new 4x8s? We're Fine with everything. 2nd slot

  • A great design run, a great conversation.
  • Run-through on Wednesday night, board is invited. It will probably be 8:30.
  • Board opinion on a matinee instead of a midnight show- If he pays for the rights for the extra show, we're keen on it. We're all for it, if he wants to do it.
  • Mikey is happy to do tickets for Laramie.
  • Remind staff not to leave doors open.

3rd slot
Barron Youngsmith had a proposal, but it was too early. A Gilbert and Sullivan Mikado proposal. Chris Shortsleeves needs more staff, a PM an SM and a TD. Why aren't we getting proposals like we used to? Decision meeting - 9:00am on Saturday the 9th. be there or be square. Upspace

  • Last weekend's concert- They didn't really publicize. There were a handful of people. And then they left. Kinda depressing. Drumsta designed and hung lights.
  • 11:00pm Wednesday - Slip of the Tongue. Tess Lantos.
  • Upspace lightboard - $3337.17. We're getting it.

New Members- Everyone who has a pre-board buddy should talk with them. Due October 13th by 5 to Mikey. Decision meeting 9 am Sat the 16th. Pre board schmooze on Friday the 15th. After the show. Reese's house. Poster Zones:

  • Pembroke - Emily
  • Orwig, PW, Steinert - Mikey
  • Lyman/Faunce - Reese
  • Keeney Wriston Thayer - Maya
  • Main Green - Tess
  • Rock - Immer
  • Todd's Hall - Todd

Try to get your posters by the Sunday meeting, so you can hand them out and then they can go out on Tuesday. In terms of recs, could people e-mail at least the night before they need it. Calendar - Next semester's calendar. Tess and Emily are going to plan calendar options. Grants - We've got one. Space Maintenance - Mold - They make it hard. Nothing has been done. Maya's on it. Momentum - Momentum didn't so much happen. The e-mail didn't go out on time. Half the team didn't come? Maybe it'll start in a few weeks. PW Prom - Emily picked out a weekend. Apparently it isn't a great weekend? 3C2C set? The Saturday of 3C2C… It is over parents weekend. October 23. PW = Parents Weekend. Perhaps a costume ball? Or a prom? Reese Maya and Drumsta sub-committee. They'll get a class F license, party manager training, schedule with SAO, liquor, music, decorations, lights, snacks, cleanup strike. Summer Programming - Subcommittee forgot to meet. They'll meet. Downstairs hallway - Tabled. Business Maya - The radial arm saw doesn't work. And it doesn't cut straight. She's going to write sam and dov and mac. She may end up asking for money. Palimpsest - Writing a manifesto this week. Woohoo.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Brian Christian (on leave), Garland McQuinn (on leave), and Blair Nelsen (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by todd.

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