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"Production Workshop Minutes"

17 October 2004

In attendance: Immer, Tess, Bia, Elizabeth Reinkordt, Spencer Collins, Brian Faas, Molly Lambert, Joey Kuhn, Todd Lipcon, Maya Bruhns, Justin Spiegel, Alexander Rosenthal, Zara Findlay-Shirras, Krista

Welcome new 3rd slots staff! You all are hot! And congratulations on the show getting passed, we're jazzed.

Krista - coordinates the AIDS oral history project. They do a dramatic reading based on interviews. This semester part of it will be performed during AIDs project Rhode Island. Interested in finding space around Dec 1, and also interested in finding actors. The upspace is busy around then, but Immer, Matt, and Mikey will chat and try to figure that out.

2nd slot

  • Sunday - Immer HM (Maya will help out)
  • Monday - Maya HM, Bia

Posters - Poster zones worked. Let's remember to have the posters at the meeting.
- There has been sort of demand/talk about having a talkback. No talkback. Strike List

  • Strike starts at 10:30.
  • Running strike - Maya
  • Upspace light plot/downstairs - Immer
  • Electrics/Sound - Todd
  • Shop - Ross
  • Costumes/green room - Drumsta
  • Props/office - Mikey
  • Furniture - Bia
  • Downstairs - Tess/Reese

Partial strike. We're leaving seats, grid-lights, and seating platforms. Adding a pipe and a duvetyne sheet across upstage. 3C2C
Please come to run-through, Wed/Thursday particularly.
Usher list:

  • Friday - Bia HM, Todd ush
  • Saturday - Ross HM, Maya ush (PARTY AFTER)
  • Sunday - Maya HM, Immer usher
  • Monday - Mikey HM, Tess

3rd slot
We need to make sure to tell people if they won't be able to be in the space for rehearsals.
Let's make sure we really support this show.

1st slot second semester

  • Reese and Chris Shortstleeve have expressed interest. Applications due Nov 30th to mentor, final draft due Dec 2. Decision meeting Dec 4th at 9:00am.
  • Drumsta will investigate about coming back early. We will tell proposers.


  • Wed 11 - Slip of the Tongue. Out of here by midnight. Maya will let them in.
  • Upspace events liasons
  • TESS IS THE NEW UPSTAIRS SPACE COORDINATOR!! Immer is cooking her dinner and making cookies and also going to set her up with hot sexy grad students. He's a happy bunny.

Calendar - Tess will e-mail it out, Todd will put it in webminutes, online calendar. And here it is:
1st slot- February 11-14
2nd slot- March 11-14
Week in Space - March 18-21
3rd slot- April 15-18
MF- April 29- May 2
Commencement- May 27-30.


PW Prom

  • Got licenses/application for licenses.
  • We'll be okay even if they get it Monday.
  • Matt will give Emily happiness and excitement.
  • Bartenders: Matt, Maya
  • Todd-Immer: Will take care of lights
  • Matt and Drumsta will talk about alcomohol and food.
  • Drumsta = music
  • Tess - Decorations
  • All board members except Mikey, Ross and Reese will be party managers. 3:00pm either Wednesday or Friday in the SAO.

  • Maya says “No gay sex in the electrics room and no vomit in the costume shop.”
  • Immer wants it to be known that he's a paragon of theatre.
  • Gay sex will be confined to the costume shop.
  • Party is moved to the upstairs space.
  • Yes, Emily, it is wrong to laugh at rape.
  • Board must come at 10:00.
  • A Rhyming Haiku:

Parties are real fun
No gay sex for you tonight
No drinks after one.
Next week, a sestina on strike. Grants - No new news Momentum -Tabled. Palimpsest - No new news. Benry and Maya owe palimpsest wine. Space Maintenance - Warranty period isn't over. Matt is antsy. Maya wants to hear from us and will do a walkthrough. Take a look at your rooms.

Summer Programming - We've sent the contract, we'll hear back eventually. Downstairs hallway - Tabled. Let's keep it going all year.

Business Maya

  • Seating platforms. Maya skipped it but is grumpy that a lot of them are not flush against each other. Seats might fall. Death is bad. Safety first safety first safety first. Todd will look at getting new pieces of equipment for seating platforms.


  • Online blue room. There has been talk of not having it. Two people came in positive that they had reserved seats and their names weren't on there. Todd will look at the Blue Room. He'll set up a foolproof system? Problem solved. Think about the online blue room.

RAPE IS STILL NOT FUNNY. Todd - Speaker is still getting fixed. The parts came in but the person who was in charge of installing parts was off.

Emily - Is anyone available tomorrow to help move costumes? Maya is. Great.
Emily: “Alright, let's think about me.”

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Brian Christian (on leave), Garland McQuinn (on leave), and Blair Nelsen (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by todd.

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