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"Production Workshop Minutes"

11 October 2004

In attendance: Alana Jacoby (visiting), Justin Speigel (visiting), Kate Planitzer (2nd slot), James (visiting), Todd, Bia, Mikey, Immer, Tess, Maya, Drumsta, Ross, Reese

Kate - Budgetary question. She thinks we'll be fine, but there is a slight chance of going over. Picking a fifth show, budget change. We say up to 30 dollars.

2nd slot

  • We have posters. We can try the zones.
  • Seating Platforms - Tuesday night at 11.00.
  • Ushers
    • Friday - Tess HM, Todd ush
    • Saturday 3 - Reese HM, Drumsta
    • Saturday 8 - Matt HM, Tess
    • Sunday - Immer HM
    • Monday - Maya HM, Drumsta

3rd slot

  • Tess will write to the freshman list. Drumsta will send out on the e-mail.
  • Todd will put something on the website.

1st slot second semester - Mikey will mentor. Bia will get second slot.

3C2C - Going great.


  • Upspace events liason list going around.
  • Tuesday, 3:00 Adrian Muniz - Matt Biagini
  • Wednesday, 11:00 Slip of the Tongue - Todd
  • Lightboard - Ordered, should be coming soon.

New Members

  • Pre-Board Schmooze (Friday the 15th) - 30 budget, and Reese will get reimbursed.
  • Decision Meeting 9 am Sat the 16th - We have until 1.

Calendar - Didn't happen. Will get done this week.


  • Pudalov - Subcommittee met and passed Emily's show. She's asking for $58. It sounds like she'll need a little more for publicity.

Momentum Palimpsest - 5 people this weekend. Board should come. Space Maintenance

  • Environmental health and safety guy showed up. Mold isn't the sort that causes big deal things. Facilities is going to scrub. Woohoo. They'll stop excessively air-conditioning.
  • The futon is sagging again. Ross fixed it (again). Shades of Dov. It turns out that it was built upside down. Cause the instructions were in Japanese.

PW Prom
Drumsta is excited. She's got a playlist in her head. She's going to go talk to Phil tomorrow. Next week we'll figure out our details. Drumsta is super-excited. Spread the word.

Summer Programming
A draft of a really obnoxious contract Todd wrote. Big discussion of liason or TD. Or both. We seem to think both. Todd and Maya will e-mail out a draft. And we'll respond quickly.

Downstairs hallway - Tabled



  • Jessie Austrian is directing a Trinity Show. Griska is doing the lighting design. They are running low on stuff. This weekend.
  • Mikey is taking two weekends off after Laramie
  • Phillip's giving away most of the costume shop. If we want any we should go this week. Drumsta will work on green room and costumes. She'd like to go this week. E-mail and set up a meeting.

Tess - Going to UFB. Do we want to go immediately or wait? Ask for light board immediately.

Todd - Speaker is still getting repaired.


  • Training for lights and stuff. We'll schedule next week.
  • Vision meeting. We'll schedule it with new members. Probably next week.

Maya - Paint sink is dying. Partially because Benry and Maya poured oil paint down the drain. Draino. Then call Facilities.

Immer - Wants to give away upstairs space. Again.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Brian Christian (on leave), Garland McQuinn (on leave), and Blair Nelsen (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by todd.

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