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"Production Workshop Minutes"

14 November 2004

In attendance: Bia, Todd, Justin, Tess, Hannah, Ross, Mikey, Emily, Maya, Reese, Jed Resnick (MF), Joey & Tim (Dead White Men), Max Bean (grant)

This week in upspace:
Joey and Tim from Dead White Men. They're performing “a respectable prostitute” this weekend. Things are going well. They need props and furniture. They will contact Reese to arrange letting in.

Musical Forum:
Jed says, “Huh? What? I don't have anything to say…”

  • On Monday night, 9:45-1am = strike
  • 1-4 am = build, MF board will show up for this.
  • Maya will contact Jesse before strike to arrange what should remain in space and how best to streamline the super-efficientest-strike-ever.
  • They will be hanging duve in the elbow for the pit orchestra.
  • Problem with orchestral run-through on Sunday night during one of dead white men's shows.
    • After much arguing, we come to the conclusion that MF will have to find another space, as this constitutes “unperformable conditions” for the upspace.

This raises two issues.

  1. Soundproofing the elbow. Immer may have said something about a “sound curtain.” Immer? Todd says we need a professional acoustical consultant to check this out. This falls under a lot of space stuff left over from moving situation. Discussion deferred till space maitenance.
  2. Until this soundproofing thing is worked out, the issue of upstairs space scheduling with loud downstairs rehearsals. To be discussed in the future: Maybe big orchestral rehearsals should have afternoon rehearsals.
  • Does this just apply to MF? Not really, we have other musicals and noisy things there sometimes. We conclude that we must guarantee the upspace performable conditions, and orchestral background music is not performable. Let's make a policy.

Max Bean:

  • Grant proposal for materials from Funeral of the Phoenix (last week's upspace show) both to cover retroactive costs on their show here and to help with continuing the project.
  • Grants subcommittee = Emily, Tess, Hannah, Justin.
  • Also is interested in some upspace matinee times for more Funerals of Phoenixes (phoenices?). Will contact Tess.
  • If we find a little remote control left in the upspace, it is Max's and he wants it back.


  • Running strike = Maya
  • Furniture room = Ross
  • Shop = Justin
  • Office = Hannah and Ross
  • Electrics Room = Todd
  • Props = Reese
  • Electrics in space = Tess
  • Upstairs space = Mikey
  • Duvetyne craziness = Emily
  • Costumes = Reese
  • Sorely Missed = Immer
  • Great Work staff/cast will be released when their strike is completely, absolutely, 100 % over. Not when pizza is over. We argue for way too long about pizza and reach no conclusions. We'll figure it out when we see how we're doing.

Let-ins for this week (and the very beginning of next week as Tess will be in Italy, the little punk).

  • Tues 6 pm = Bia
  • Wed 4 pm = Tess
  • Wed 6 pm = Reese
  • Thurs 6 pm = Hannah
  • Fri 5 pm = Mikey
  • Fri 7:30 monitoring = Maya
  • Sat 5 pm = Reese
  • Sat 7:30 monitoring = Justin
  • Sun 6 pm = Maya
  • Sun 7:30 monitoring = Emily
  • Mon 6 pm = Reese

Upspace calendar for next semester is filling quickly.
Tess wonders: Is it bad that most of the shows are music shows?
We say: No.

First Slot:

  • We have 4 proposers. I didn't catch who they were. Sorry.
  • Chris Shortsleeve is proposing oddly… He wants to be musical director, and find an AD who is the real director. We don't seem to have a problem with this.
  • People aren't responding to Mikey's emails now, so he is afraid he will explode when these are due and he is trying to make two musicals go up.
  • Tess is taking over first slot as contact person.

Space Maintenance:

  • Justin and Mikey fixed the door, it was just hex keyed shut. Maya feels stupid that she bugged facilities so much when if she'd actually looked at the thing she could have fixed it herself.
  • Upspace Booth key is still missing. Maya will get a new one from Phil, for real this week.
  • General stuff that is wrong with the space. Let's go through Phil and talk to UFB. Mikey says the understanding when we moved was that UFB has a lot of money and if we needed to get the building up and running we could get what we needed. Tess says we'd do better to ask for a few big things than going in with a whole list.
  • Things we need in general: sodiums, duve, soundproofing, dimmers, seating platforms, washer/dryer.
  • Things to run by Phil (a liberal list which Phil can then recommend we trim down if he likes):
    • Sodiums
    • Soundproofing
    • Dimmers
    • Washer/dryer.
  • This will be presented as: Now that we've been in the building for a year, we're getting a better sense of what we need to make it function. We expect Phil may veto the washer/dryer. But we will try anyway.
  • Subcommittee = Tess, Mikey, and Ross. They will talk to Phil. Maya will be involved if liaising to other grownups is necessary.

[empty space]: tabled

summer studies: Maya ran into Ricky who said he would email her but he hasn't yet. So nothing.

Ushing updating:

  • Sunday: Emily HM, Justin
  • Monday: Maya and Mikey

Week in next semester's schedule:

  • Reese: I think we should have one day for each board member to prance around nude in the space.
  • New Directors::
    • Bia: Thinks New Directors sucks. Doesn't know what the aims are.
    • Todd: But it develops new directors.
    • Emily: There are no directing resources at Brown.
    • Conclusion: New Directors need knowledgable, proactive board members, and no one reallly wants to spearhead it.
  • Works in Progress:
    • There are a whole lot of playwriting resources already at Brown.
  • Week in the Space:
    • Gets different types of theater in the space, people who might not otherwise be involved.
    • Doesn't require one board member to sacrifice their soul to make it work.
  • WITS is approved unanimously. Tess will make a poster.


Todd: The speaker. The repairman says, “I operate under the squeaky wheel principle.” I don't know what that means, except that he still hasn't fixed the speaker. We are giving him a deadline. If it is not fixed by December 15th we are taking it, not giving him any money, and having someone else do it.

Ross: Ross still needs floor plans for the dressing room locks.

Todd: We need new gel organization system. There's no room in the electrics room for a file cabinet.

  • Maya and Todd make a deal: We will get the old broken electrics crap out of the paint room, and the paint room will become the “color room.” the gels will live there, perhaps in a small filing cabinet.

Whoo hoo. That is all.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, Brian Christian (on leave), Garland McQuinn (on leave), and Blair Nelsen (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by todd.

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