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"Production Workshop Minutes"

7 November 2004

In attendance: Immer (Commodore Grumpypants), Reese, Mikey, Ross, Drumsta, Justin, Todd, Maya, Justin, Hannah, Benry (MF), Joey (Bunny), Susie (apologies). REMINDER - MONDAY NIGHT IS SEATING SET-UP. REESE, BIA and IMMER have a commitment with the MF board, but will go to PW as soon as they are released. Benry - Sunday wants to buy some stuff. Decision: PW needs to get back to the nuts and bolts. Maya's gonna help him out. Also wants 5 gal. paint. Immer argues that this is not a PW expense. General disagreement. The board decides to reimburse MF for leftover paint, after the show uses what it needs. Immer decides not to press the issue, since we'll never remember to reimburse MF anyway…

Also, Benry wants to flameproof the fabric for MF. He's gonna use the upspace on Sunday. Joey is too confused to object. Benry ain't using Rosco flamex, he's using botox (or something). Maybe it'll keep the fabric wrinkle-free, too… Susie - She's a saucy, apologetic monkey. She brought us cookies. We forgive you, Susie.

3rd Slot

  • Wet tech went only two hours.
  • Invited dress is on Thursday.
  • The seating goes up TONIGHT (Monday) at 11:00pm (Immer, Bia and Reese will be there after their “meet-the-board” with MF - like they don't know them already?).
  • Pooh bear will sort out headsets. Mikey is extending the ticket deadline. Nobody wants to see a show at midnight, so we're not doing one.
  • HM's and U's:
    • Friday - Tess (head master), Hannah (underboy)
    • Saturday - Reese (heroic millionaire), Ross (underwear)
    • Sunday - Mikey (handsome marketer), Drumsta (unflappable)
    • Monday - Justin (happy meiklejohn), Todd (pooh bear)

Upstairs Space

  • The space is open for next semester.
  • COBAB is playing with bugs. Next: A Gilbert and Sullivan rock musical. Mikey P will be liason to Brown University Gilbert and Sullivan group.
  • Todd will let in Slip of the Tongue at 11pm on Wednesday.
  • Announcement from Maya: Don't be a shit. If you sign up to let someing in, do it.

Space Maintenance - “There's no news but the old news” - As You Like It, act I. they still haven't fixed the door.

1st Slot - 5 proposers. More postering will ensue. If the proposers just worked together, we'd have a musical about dead donkey lesbians in Boston, directed by Reese. Immer moves to keep.
Drumsta forgot that she was investigating when the 1st slot folk can move in. With a gentle reminder, she is back on track.

Grants - None. For a change. But we do retroactive grants.

Downstairs Hallway - The Empty Space is proving emptier than we expected. Immer will talk to Phil about an equal opportunity RISD/Brown collective.

Summer Programming - Maya will investigate. MF

  • Strike - MF board is gonna come at 1:00am, but the cast will be there all night.
  • Immer's a ditz and scheduled auditions during strike. He blames the grown-ups, but we don't believe him.
  • Hannah is the new MF board liason. She's going to confirm our contract (1/2 door money up to 300 in home despot card, 1 piano tuning a year, at our discretion). And we're very discrete.
  • Rotstein will come to next board meetings. Hopefully, her bubbly energy can counteract admiral grumpypants.
  • Immer enjoys the vagueness. MF. Musical forum? Motherfuckers? Multitudinous flamers? Mostly fine? You decide…


Ross - needs a map to show him where the doors are. Maya gets the picture. Lipcon - is no longer speaking with his repairman. He's upset. Reese is going to make sure the prenup is in order.

Reese - will take care of tape and extension cords. You're a rock star, Reese, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Lipcon - will go commando on the downstairs space. If you're confused, look in the green room. what?? – your lovely web editor… lipcon

We try to set a vision meeting; fail. There's something profound in that.

Next week: Bring 3 “ideas” for possible meeting time. May the best man win.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, Brian Christian (on leave), Garland McQuinn (on leave), and Blair Nelsen (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by todd.

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