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"Production Workshop Minutes"

16 may 2004

Board: Dov, Bia, Immer, Garland, Griska, B-rye, Blair, Jess, Mikey P, Vanessa, Gayle, Tess, Emily, Todd Visiting: Pannill, Karola

The Magellan Project:

  • Set deadlines/freezes are next week. Come in to help build!
  • The script is now finalized. Haven't seen any reqs from props or costumes. Overall, the show is on track with a couple of spots that need attention.
  • Proposed revised performance schedule: Thursday at 7&9, Friday at 3, Saturday at 8&midnight, Sunday at 7&9. There are more shows because the house is small (~50 people)
  • BOARD SAYS: we should have one matinee on Sunday so we can strike early and include as many seniors as possible. Back-to-back shows (7&9?) seem very tiring for actors—can they be spaced out?
  • We'll need a strong ushering commitment from the board!
  • Pannill (PM) will talk with Rouse about revising the performance schedule, and either he or Griska (bozo) will let us know the outcome.

Karola: Performance of “Hunger Zoo” Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

  • Is there duv she can use? Pannill will ask Magellan what they need and tell Immer how much is left for Karola to use.
  • Can one person smoke in the show? Yes, but warn the audience ahead of time.
  • We don't collect instant karma from UpSpace shows, nor make the HM speech unless requested.
  • There's one CD player in the space, so Karola needs to bring in more if she wants more (Dov will help). They need a sound board op!
  • Karola will e-mail a blurb to Blair by Monday at noon.
  • Can there be fire in the show? (Either lit charcoal or rubbing alcohol.)
    • This is the kind of thing we'd check with a fire marshal about even for a DownSpace show.
    • Do we want a fire marshal passing through our space?
    • Would he tell Jablonski? She might cancel a performance study break.
    • Dov will e-mail board to let us know the final plan.
  • Let-ins:
    • May's show Sunday: Griska @3, Garland @5, Gayle monitors.
    • Come to strike at 8:45!
    • Monday Immer @ 10-2, 5-9
    • Tuesday Tess @ 10 am, Garland @ 6.
    • Wednesday Immer @ 10 am, Bia @ 6, Vanessa monitors @ 7:30.
    • Thursday Emily let-in and monitor @ 6.
    • Friday Bia let-in and monitor @ 6. Strike @9:30—come!

UpSpace Next Semester:

  • Rachel Bonds, Rocky Horror Show (Rachel Golub), COBAB, Shakespeare on the Green, Joe Posner, Dead White Men. (September through November!)
  • One free weekend in October—Mikey P might want it.

The Father:

  • Is still doing the consolidated steel purchase
  • Looking good from production meetings, readthrough.
  • People will come back on the 23rd of August whether or not dorms open. ResLife refuses to talk about it yet because Commencement housing is unbridled insanity.


  • Approved $132 to Joe Posner. He needs to contact Garland about getting reqs/checks to specific places (he's already checked out a place that takes reqs)
  • Denied $165 to Gloria Huwiler. The project seems finished, unclear if the money is necessary.
  • Grant money comes from PW doesn't disappear with each semester if we don't spend it.

One-week project:

  • We officially voted in favor of 3 Chairs, 2 Cubes.
  • Start thinking about helping out!
  • Brian will officially be in Ireland in the fall instead of helping with 3 Chairs, 2 Cubes. He will bring us all presents. Blair is not making this up solely to get presents.


  • Working on it after Wednesday


  • Meet at noon tomorrow in the office! If you can't make that and want to help, come next Monday at noon!

Board BBQ:

  • Friday 2-5 pm on the TF Green front lawn
  • We need people to come early (around 1) and set up—Bia, Vanessa, and more.
  • Jobs: Michael can't be there. He currently has reserves (eventually transferring to Ross), and Calendar (should give away). He'd like to do New Members.
  • There are various jobs: room jobs, year-long jobs (treasurer), smaller year-long jobs (first aid).
  • Anyone else who won't be at the BBQ will tell us what they want ahead of time.


  • Dade left us two notes on pieces of wood. Leaned against the box office door, with broken tools taped to it: “Dear PW Board, This is what happens when you don't buy Craftsman tools. Be smart and don't make the same mistake twice! Love, your TDs.” Taped to box office window: “PW 1st aid kit in shop has no bandaids= very very very BAD—Please fix NOW!”
  • Jess: As far as anger management techniques go, taping tools to wood is relatively harmless.
  • Dov will add the broken tools to the wish list along with safety equipment, etc. He doesn't have the estimate today.
  • Remind shows to contact the person responsible for a room when things break.
  • Emily will restock the shop first aide kit, move the one from the box office to the UpSpace or DownSpace (there should be one in each—so we need to make another one). She'll talk with Garland about buying things (cash if under $50)
  • On UpSpace wishlist: new lamps, cutting down some long cable.
  • Todd will tell Garland about website with cheaper lamp prices (
  • Garland will okay Dov's purchases and let us know how much money is left that would disappear at end of year.


  • Dov will resort the Upstairs Space sound cable.
  • The black couch is broken. Let's toss it.
  • The riser from Into the Woods, Jr. will be removed tomorrow morning.


  • Thanks, PW, for letting the kids perform here!
  • He'll apologize to May about the benches.


  • We should see about putting up bulletin boards next year, and art in the hallway.
  • Should there be a building improvement committee next year?
  • Sam Kusnetz has a traveling show, “Frogs”, that he'd like to come to Brown. There are groups on campus that give student groups lots of money to bring things like this to campus!
  • Mainstage has the right kind of space for this show. It's not a PW show—too big for the UpSpace, and takes away DownSpace from other student theater. But it'd be hot to see at Brown!

Immer: light hang tomorrow at 10:30 am - please come!

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Todd Lipcon, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Jessica Wilson and Reese Smith (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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