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"Production Workshop Minutes"

9 may 2004

Board: Blair, Emily, Gayle, Garland, Jess, Tess, Maya, Brian, Ross, Griska, Dov, Immer.
Visiting: Dade Veron, Maythinee Washington, Pannill Camp, Gloria Huwiler. UpSpace Performances:

  • Maythinee let-ins:
    • Mon @ 6: Griska
    • Tues @ 6: Immer
    • Wed @ 6: Garland
    • Thurs @ 10 am: Tess
    • Fri @ 10 am: Emily
    • Sat @ noon: Maya, Sat @ 7:30 (monitor) Emily
    • Sun @ 5: Garland, Sun @ 7:30 (monitor) Gayle
  • There are 18 circuits in the UpSpace now that it's wired!
  • Maythinee will e-mail a blurb to Blair. She doesn't need anything from us (yet).
  • Dade: needs a few people to help him flip a platform after the meeting.

Magellan Project:

  • Dade: We're a little behind on building because the design keeps shifting, but nothing to really worry about.
  • Griska: We should set a design freeze at the next design meeting (for either Tuesday or Wednesday)
  • Turner Steel= $75 minimum purchase, so Magellan and The Father will use steel from the same order (same TD and Set Designer)
  • This is fine because it's a small purchase (not, say, $200)

The Father:

  • Terrific cast! The first production meeting is Monday, the read-through on Wednesday.
  • Apparently steel is cheaper than lumber, and that's why they're ordering for both shows at once.
  • They'll want to wipe down the steel with WD40 to keep it from corroding over the summer.
  • Officially, the dorms open September 2nd. Tess will contact ResLife to see if we can get in earlier, but just in case, she'll also start finding cast and crew members places to stay off-campus.

Upstairs Space:

  • Ross will put up some lights for Keally DeWitt's performance “crAzy tAlk”
  • Tess will let-in at 3.
  • Karola let-ins:
    • Tues @ 2: Gayle
    • Wed @ 2: Garland
    • Thurs @ 6: Dov
    • Sun @ 3: Maya
  • Thursday at 4 pm is “Into the Woods Junior”. Come see it!


  • We have applications from Joe Posner and Gloria Huwiler.
  • No word from Meg Craven, so we're redistributing that money.
  • The subcommittee will meet Wednesday at noon at Ocean's. All are invited to come!
  • Because we put all our money from paid services into line item transfers (Blair thinks she got that right), see if we can get these applicants cheques or reqs to places, not them personally.
  • Joe Posner is planning on showing his work in the UpSpace.

Board BBQ:

  • Still the 21st, 2-5 pm! Emily will reimburse what Hedwig drank.
  • Garland will get Griska our $30 in social funds to EastSide Marketplace.
  • If you aren't at the BBQ, you get the SHIT JOBS!


  • Let's send out a semester overview soon, including information on the Commencement Show so alums will come see it.
  • Have alumni e-mail us if they want a tour of the space!


  • Are meeting after the meeting.
  • Want to help organize archives? Come in 5/17 at noon and 5/24 at noon!


  • Is really fixing the futon today.


  • Is building the UpSpace booth table today if anyone wants to help.
  • The dimmers and the sound is all ready in the UpSpace! Now we just need the table and the light board monitor.


  • We'll have $520 left at the end of this semester. She's going to use $250 for lamps, tie line, and connectors. Board says go for it.
  • Dov wants to use the remaining cash to restock the hardware in the shop. He'll draft a proposal of what we need.
  • Proposal will include: safety gear (goggles, gloves), dustpans (3), and pushbrooms (2).


  • When she gave Pannill the PM key, she had a hard time defining its purpose. What is it again?
    • It's so the PM has the option of letting people in. The idea is that the PM is around a lot, and can be a person a staff member feels more comfortable calling if s/he doesn't want to call a board member to be let in.
  • How does she go about making a sign?
    • Dov will pass on the information from our last sign, and Mac was the one who placed the order, so Maya could talk with him over commencement (he's staying with Griska). Also, Immer's uncle makes signs.


  • She's transferring her project to film. It's going well. Can't wait to hear from the grants subcommittee.


  • What was that thing we were talking about earlier with rewiring circuits in the shop?
  • Maya will look into it. She might want to place the call from the SAO since they might want a purchase order number.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Todd Lipcon, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Jessica Wilson and Reese Smith (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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