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"Production Workshop Minutes"

2 may 2004

PW Board: Garland, Maya, Adam G., Jess, Ross, Adam I., Gayle, Brian, Todd, Michael, Vanessa, Blair, Dov, Emily, Tess, Matt. Visiting: Maya's mom, Emily Pudalov, Rick, Andy Hertz, Briel Steinberg, Keally DeWitt and Julia, Rachel Golub, Pannill Camp, Gloria Huwiler. Upstairs Space:

  • Keally and Julia: Performing “Crazy Talk” (depression monologues) on Sunday.
  • Emily Pudalov: Body image performance art piece on Wednesday and Thursday.
    • Griska will set up the speakers in the Upstairs Space with the CD player from the Downstairs Space by Wednesday. He'll meet with Immer/Emily so they know how to work it. Will also be used for “Crazy Talk”.
  • Ellen Darling: We think she's not doing a show anymore. Immer will keep us posted.
  • They will e-mail blurbs to Blair for the weekly mailing by Monday at noon.
  • Let-in/monitoring:
    • Monday 4 pm Garland
    • Tuesday 8 pm Immer
    • Wednesday 8 pm let-in and show Maya
    • Thursday 8 pm let-in and show Gayle
    • Sunday let-in Immer, 4:30-8 pm show Tess
  • Julia will e-mail Immer about a Saturday rehearsal if Ellen isn't using the space.
  • We'll use the Downstairs Space light board for these.
  • *If no Ellen show, we're wiring the grid SATURDAY @ 2 PM. We need at least half the board. Musical Forum: * MF no longer has the $400 in their budget to pay us. What new deal should we strike? * What is the purpose of MF paying us? * Wearing down of equipment (like lights), use of disposable equipment like screws and tape. * Occupying a theater space that could be otherwise used for a PW show (and with a PW instant karma box) * Dov: “UFB has no institutional memory.” * Immer: MF needs cash, so it probably isn't good for them if PW takes half of their cash from the door. * Garland/UFB's #1 fan: “How about Home Depot gift cards?” * *NEW DEAL: MF will tune our piano once at the beginning of each year ($75) and we'll get half of their door money each semester, capped at $300 each semester, in the form of Home Depot gift cards. MF doesn't restock our shop.
  • Since $150 was already paid to PW for Hedwig, we'll take $150 from the door.
  • MF will pay for pizza at strike.
  • Mf feels bad about the seating platforms. That will be more organized and we'll be informed sooner next time.
  • Andy and Immer will talk about adjusting the show packet for MF shows.
  • The policy on MF access to the box office is that a PW board member always has to be around. (This hasn't been a problem to date since there's always been a PW person on MF shows.)

The Magellan Project:

  • Will be at strike tonight
  • Need a sound board op and run crew. Pannill's frustrated by people e-mailing him to be on “build crew”, sounds like they're just getting housing and building a little.
  • Pannill: “I can tell from your e-mail address you're a little bit flaky.”
  • Conclusion: The more the better. Don't turn anyone away from Commencement housing–there'll be no problems with ResLife. Pressure people into helping as much as possible, but let them stay.

The Father:

  • auditions Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Sock and Buskin still doesn't have its calendar known, although their 1st show will be during Parents' Weekend and auditions will be in the fall.


  • Running it: Griska
  • Electrics in the Downstairs Space: Gayle
  • Electrics in the Room: Garland
  • Shop: Dov
  • Upstairs Space: Immer
  • Costumes: Tess
  • Green Room: Blair, Emily
  • Hot Room: Blair
  • Sound: Brian and Todd
  • Furniture: Jess
  • MF Cage: Michael

Grants: tabled. TF Green:

  • Ross will take over Blair's SAO job while she's abroad in the fall. They'll talk about job duties.
  • Scott Franco didn't contact Blair about being in space inappropriately on Thursday. Don't call him to follow it up–he was in the wrong.
  • Blair will put up signs by our doors reminding us to lock up. Everyone check doors whenever you walk through the building. Leave dance spaces open, but close sound closet if propped.
  • Todd will take over sound closet training from Dov.
  • Blair was contacted by Dead White Men about storing props and costumes with PW. She'll give them the empty cage upstairs.
  • Dov fixed the futon and put up the plaques–yea!


  • Immer will poster for the Upstairs Space once The Shrew closes. We won't solicit RISDS as much as Brown.
  • We should reinstate board-sponsored fun stuff, like Palimpsest, weird scultupes, Dada night, on Monday nights!

Board BBQ: Friday, May 21st, 2-5 pm. Griska's in charge. Be there. Archives: Anyone interested meet Wednesday at 5 pm in the box office. Gloria:

  • used her Medea play proposal for film class–the teenage, “Cruel Intentions” version of Medea.
  • Wants to apply for a grant for film and development. Will e-mail Emily her grant proposal within the next few days, we'll talk next Sunday.


  • Griska: Stay this afternoon to help work on the cable rack. We have paint the color of the building in the large grey tubs in the paint room.
  • Maya: Dave LaPlante forgot that we were promised a sign, so no progress. Maya will pass info on to Garland so she can push for it over the summer.
  • Garland: no budget report–oops.
    • Appealed to UFB. No more plant ops, but that's okay since the admin pays for building repairs now. More money for paid services (rights, piano tunings) which could possibly be transferred. No money for telephone–we can dial campus numbers, not local ones, but can receive all incoming calls.
    • The last UFB meeting is on Tuesday night, so sound money needs to be proposed in an official-sounding way then.
    • Ask for important things, like duv, at the beginning of the year–more likely to get funds for those specific needs.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Todd Lipcon, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Jessica Wilson and Reese Smith (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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