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"Production Workshop Minutes"

21 march 2004

Present: Todd, Gayle, Brian, Maya, Michael, Blair, Tess, Ross, Vanessa, Griska, Emily, Garland, Immer, Jess, Rouse

Visiting: Karola Kreitmair, Josh Walker, Joe Winter

Vision of PW Meeting: Tuesday, 3/23, at midnight in the Downstairs Space.
Next meeting: Sunday, April 4, at 11 pm.

WELCOME, NEW BOARD MEMBERS! Let your journey begin.

Gayle will e-mail out the new board members' phone numbers and will send them all of ours.

3 Chairs, 2 Cubes:

  • strike is tomorrow at 9:45 pm.
  • Jobs: Take the duv down, reset the Upstairs Space. The new costume rack is here!
  • Running strike: Griska
  • Downstairs folding/sewing duv: Rouse, Maya
  • Upstairs Space: Immer, Ross
  • Electrix: Gayle, Tess, Garland
  • Costumes: Emily, Vanessa
  • Hot Room: Blair
  • Sound (moving speakers): Brian, Todd
  • Immer will look at the 4×8 platforms in the hot room, and decide whether to chuck them or some from the shop. Blair will clean up the random boxes of stuff in there from BBME.
  • 3C2C is bringing in a lot of money, had a great review. We remade the show's budget plus pizza from it.
  • Put karma money in the sticky desk drawer.


  • design meeting on Thursday we saw drawings of each moment of the play. We drafted a plan for the set and figured out what to build at strike.
  • We'll try and move the tech of the show up a few days since the show will be short but tech-heavy. Blair will remind Caroline to have alternatives in mind so moments of show aren't relying entirely on tech elements.
  • Jesse Cohen is the TD, Benry is the TD mentor, and Maya is the 2nd TD mentor/TD consultant.
  • We want to put an actress in a harness and move her up and down around the space while she's dancing. Board vetoed this idea: too dangerous, and probably expensive.

Commencement Slot:

  • 4 people interested so far: Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Katherine Peter Kovner, and Karola Kreitmair.
  • We'll poster again after Spring Break. Blair will alter the pregnancy poster from 3rd slot and send it to Jess.
  • The decision meeting remains 4/17 at 9 am.

First Slot:

  • Tess is the mentor!
  • Even though it's Spring Weekend, the decision meeting is still 4/24 at 9 am. Drink responsibly, board.

Vision of PW Meeting: 3/23 (Tuesday) at midnight in the Downstairs Space. Drumsta might bake and frost things for us.

Upstairs Space:

  • Animal Collective's let-in is all set.
  • Tess will let in Slip of the Tongue at 11 pm on Tuesday
  • Susie Abraham will do something the Thursday and Friday of Hedwig tech.
  • Karola doing a show in the middle of finals.
  • Also upcoming: Meg Craven, Art House, Lisa D'Amour.
  • Next PW Meeting: 4/4 @ 11 pm. It's daylight savings�the bad one.


  • Meg Craven: wanted money for 200 color posters for submissions. Drumsta recommended publicizing in other ways. Did they already spend this money on publicity? Drumsta will check, but will still give her the full $200.
  • Emily Pudalov had wanted $40 for nylons, but Tess recommended she spend it on developing pictures and putting together a portfolio instead. Passed grant of $130.
  • Dan Bassichis hasn't applied yet. Mirele Davis will be contacting Drumsta.
  • E-mail Garland to get Emily Pudalov's req, and Meg should e-mail Garland to determine where her reqs are going to.

Home Improvement:

  • Truss: can't suspend it from the ceiling (tiles don't move, drywall underneath). It will look like a box with two cut-out pieces, basically. Griska will finish designing it and schedule times to put it up. The pieces will go back into the elbow at strike.
  • Cable rack: steel coming Monday, Griska will build it in Stuart on Wednesday or Thursday and move it here. Go lend a hand if you're interested!
  • Tables: need 'em for the booths and the green room. The metal pieces Garland pulled from the furniture room are probably too wide for the Upstairs Space booth.
  • Rouse will lead a duv-sewing crew at strike while the pieces are in the air. Strike electrics first, and then take down newly-sewn duv.

Josh Walker (and Joe Winter):

  • Griska will let him into the Space at 3 on Wednesday and hang around the building for an hour in case they need anything.
  • Gayle will come at 8, monitor until 9:30, and then Griska will return to monitor/clean up
  • they'll push benches against the walls, not touch the elbow, use the florescent lights.
  • their check is in the office.
  • Cleanup: they'll sweep, empty the trash, and restore the room to its original condition.
  • The show will end at midnight.

New Applicants Subcommittee: will schedule a meeting right after this one.



  • We should get a PW van, or campaign to restore the theater van. It could be a shitty van. We could paint it!
  • Griska: Mac looked into that at some point. There were insurance issues with the university?
  • Immer: could we scrape together the cash to buy the van plus insurance plus gas?
  • Gayle: Ask new member applicants if they have a van or truck on the app, and if they do they're automatically on the board.
  • Griska: David Myers always rented UHauls for strikes, etc. (Not good for everyday hauling needs, like Benry is doing for Hedwig.)
  • Emily will ask around and see if any other theater groups have vans. WBRU does, but they have corporate sponsorship. (Rouse: “That's exactly what we need. Corporate sponsorhip!”)


  • We're NOT DONE with Bigelow!
  • We don't want the Equus floor, the whiteboard, the old Upspace dimmers.
  • We do want the three long pipes. A group of four will go move them after the meeting.
  • Griska: “You're not officially a PW board member until you're carried something really heavy really far.”
  • SIGN! We have $800, Maya's waiting to be contacted since because of Brown First the we can't price out our own sign.
  • It's okay if the University wants to install it.
  • Make it about 4×8, Courier New, black border, like the logo on the website.
  • Blair and Maya going to the SAO at noon on Monday to talk about rekeying.
  • Rouse needs a new LAD24. Maya is also getting LAD23s for the New Members.


  • Meeting with Dade to draft up constructive proposals for PW improvements. Either one or both of them will present those proposals to us soon.
  • The Upstairs Space booth window key is in the drawer of the box office.
  • Archives and Mac's stuff are in the office. We should decorate the office with Mac's stuff because it makes us laugh. Ross, Gayle, and Blair are doing archives.
  • Garland saw Gabe Kahane on the streets of NYC.
  • Jesse Chan-Norris, the PW board alum who was around this week, is super-cool, and incidentally, on our e-mail list since he set up the server. Hi, Jesse!

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Todd Lipcon, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Jessica Wilson and Reese Smith (on leave).


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