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"Production Workshop Minutes"

14 march 2004

This Week:
Monday 10:45 - Strike
Tuesday 11:30 - Be at PW (starts with an I)
Friday - Monday: Usher for 3C2C

(and soon)
Tuesday, March 23 at 11pm at Adam's: Vision of PW

Present: Adam, Emily, Tess, Vanessa, Maya, Dov, Immer, Rouse, Garland, Michael, Gayle

Visiting: Emily Pudalov (grants), Shelli, Shannon


  • replace set with duv
  • don't strike lights or seating platforms
  • add one seating platform
  • clean and reorganize shop, furniture room etc

Run Strike = Adam, Maya
Shop = Rouse (+ Immer)
Furniture Room = Garland (+ Immer)
Upspace = Gayle (+ Tess, Michael)
Sort Costumes = Emily

Let's add a bar high up in the costume shop. (Adam will)
Vanessa will priceout a sewing machine.

Upspace: move truss out ( by size), take apart giant steps, consolidate

STRIKE = MONDAY 10:45 PM Emily Pudalov

  • wants a grant to create a human installation piece (maybe in the Upspace during Reading period)
  • 12 women posed in underwear
  • about body image and our disconnection from the physical side of our sexuality
  • wants to confront these issues (not shock art)
  • how do we see our own bodies?
  • disposable cameras
  • making the models feel comfortable
  • may need help with lighting

Grants Subcommittee meeting Wednesday at 5:15 pm in the Upspace


  • Board will poster.� (Rouse, Gayle and Emily) (Poster for Commencement slot at the same time)
  • Actors (+ Vanessa) will tableslip
  • Immer will write a blurb introducing what 3C2C is.
  • Ushering List:
    • Friday: HM Emly, Immer
    • Saturday: HM Rouse, Tess
    • Sunday: HM Gayle, Garland
    • Monday: HM Vanessa, Adam
  • Find reserve lists on office computer.

Commencement slot:

  • Let's poster now, and again in 2 weeks and again in 3 weeks
  • Immer will make a poster and get it to Maya.


  • Slip of the Tongue - Tuesdays at 11 pm (should be out by midnight)
  • Tess will let them in this week.
  • Wednesday March 24th Animal Collective: 3 pm let in and monitor concert 8 - midnight = Adam


  • Discussed merits of 3C2C, New Directors, and Week in the Space. Voting on favorite 2 out of 3, board was almost unanimously in favor of 3C2C; second place Week in the Space, and last: New Directors.
  • Immer proposed do 3C2C first semester in the Downstairs Space, New Directors second semester in the Upspace, and Week in the Space second semester in the Dowstairs Space.
  • Think about how to attract actors (and directors!) to New Directors. (Change the name?)
  • What worked about New Directors last spring? Ask Cari. . .
  • Voted unanimously in favor of having one week-long event (probably 3C2C) in the fall)
  • Voted unanimously in favor of having 3rd slot before Thanksgiving and MF right before finals (the same weekend as Brownbrokers)
  • Michael will email out the calendar we chose.
  • Would be great to figure out a way so that people in chorus could also be in MF. . . hmmmm
  • Drumsta will talk to Cobab soon and Immer will give them a list of possible weekend concert dates for the fall.


  • we should have a minimum of 120 seats
  • How to encourage new audiences?
  • How to be more accesible to our audience?

Discussed problems with currents reserve system:

  • PM's need to be more vigilant about cast and crew reserves.
  • Are Brown students getting tickets that way? Perhaps require actual names.
  • Unfair to put waitlist from Saturday 8 pm show first on wait list of Saturday midnight show.
  • Should we continue to allow other casts to reserve blocks of tickets for PW shows? Feeding into exclusiviting. . .
  • Community members can't get tickets.
  • Solution proposed by Immer: Let Reserve Person be a semester-long job. Board in favor. Job is Perlman's. He will formulate something over spring break and this will start with Balloon.

Tuesday night, board, be at PW by 11:30 pm. Dress up.

New members subcommittee = Gayle, Tess and Garland


Garland - Jesse Chan-Norris (former PW board member) will be visiting on Thursday and would like to see the space. Dov or Gayle (or someone) will show him around.

Immer - Let's tell ADOCH no, we're not going to have a latenight activity.

Tess - had a long conversation with a security guard about theater. Thinks we should have a non-weekly PW newsletter that just publicizes shows
Next activities fair: 2 lists: our email list and the “I promise I never want to help out but would like to come see theater” list

Let's have a meeting to talk about exclusivity, accessibility, keys, etc.
Tuesday, March 23 at 11 pm at Adam's: Vision of PW

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Jessica Wilson and Reese Smith (on leave).


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Taken by Gayle, htmlized by garland.

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