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"Production Workshop Minutes"

7 march 2004

PW Board: Jess, Garland, Immer, Vanessa, Michael, Griska, Gayle, Emily, Maya, Rouse, Tess, Blair

Visiting (deep breath): Caroline, Sarah, Marcus, Stephanie, Graham, Kevin (all from 3rd slot-Balloon!), Meg Craven and Laura Wood (grants), Ben Bright-Fishbein, Todd Lipcon, Ross Cowan, James Rutherford, Brian Christian, Rachel Golub, Dade Veron (New Members applicants), Erica Rotstein (2nd slot PM), Gloria Huweiler.

Meg Craven:

  • Bringing a San Francisco-based spoken word artist to campus to run a workshop and performance open to Brown and the Providence community.
  • Applied to Creative Arts Council and UFB, but the plans for the whole month of April will still need around $7000.
  • She'll fill out the application form and send it to Emily. They'll probably ask for money to cover publicity and/or food. (Probably asking for $200?)

Best Brown Musical Ever: The Musical:

  • Tech was FAST. We like 'em fast.
  • Board is putting up seating platforms at 11 pm tomorrow (Monday) night.
  • We'll tidy up the pipes tomorrow night, although moving them is probably not an option.
  • Reserves are getting sent to Garland as we speak so she can take care of webtix.
  • USHERING! (HM is listed first)
    • Friday: Maya, Tess, Garland
    • Saturday 8: Immer, Emily, Rouse
    • Saturday Mid: Mikey P, VGo
    • Sunday: Blair, Immer
    • Monday: Garland, Griska

3rd slot-BALLOON!

  • Will possibly hold auditions with Hedwig-meaning preference cards.
  • Everyone got the show packet just fine.
  • Blair is meeting with Caroline at 1 pm tomorrow to talk auditions and more.
  • Maya will work on getting the RISD people card access.

3 Chairs, 2 Cubes:
Everything's going well. Runs will be seen on Monday and Wednesday, and there'll be plenty to discuss next week.

New Members!:

  • Hard copies of the applications were turned in to Maya.
  • Rouse tosses off this idea: Should Board members reapply to the Board, like renewing your wedding vows? No one hears since it wasn't supposed to be discussed, but Blair thinks it is funny.
  • Decision meeting is Saturday at 9 am, and applicants will find out sometime Monday.
  • Maya will mail out the letters.
  • A commentary on our current board: “It's all girls except Griska!”

Upstairs Space:

  • Should UpSpace people come to the Sunday meeting beforehand? It seems like we don't do anything with them at meetings.
  • Response: We want to know who's in our space, who we're letting into the building and the booth and beyond. Yes, it's still important for UpSpace users to come to meetings.
  • Vanessa asks: “Why am I crazy tonight?”
  • Emily, Immer, and Blair met to discuss our COBAB/concert policy. DECIDED: After setting our calendar each semester, we pick several Saturdays (near the beginning of rehearsal periods, whenever's good for our DownSpace people) and let COBAB select one for a big concert before we open up the Upstairs Space for reservations.
  • We'll include altered language in the Miranda policy to reflect the special conditions that may be required of these concerts, such as a cleanup crew and monitors, similar to party managers. There will be one concert manager who is the contact person throughout the whole process.
  • Emily is going to COBAB to present this idea, bearing in mind that we're all coming from the same place ideologically, and that no one likes getting fucked over.
  • Emily channels David Myers for a spell.
    • Wednesday 2 pm-Gayle
    • Friday 4 pm-Garland
    • Saturday 11 am-we're all here meeting-we'll all do it!
  • Truss? To be discussed after BBME.


  • Anyone want to join? Rouse takes Immer's place, Tess joins subcommittee.
  • “Spring is the time for money,” says Drumsta.
  • Dan B. still needs to send in his grant app. Are grants given on a first-come, first-served basis? Yes, to an extent-bear in mind if someone's already asked and is going to follow through on a grant, and bear in mind how much time remains in the semester for more applicants to come to us.

Commencement slot:

  • Jess is the mentor!
  • Let's publicize it REALLY EARLY this time. Let's alter the 3rd slot posters!
  • Should we do it in Leeds, as the Department has offered?
  • Immer: We should not be competing with our own show. We don't just hand out money to make theater-we produce theater. Rehearsals for both shows will happen during finals. A lot of the board takes off for various reasons over commencement process and strike, so strike would be long and hard. We should not do two shows at once, and we should not do a show in Leeds.
  • Griska: We shouldn't abandon our new space now that we're busy reestablishing ourselves on this part of the campus. There's a lot of work to be done here.
  • Vanessa: Should we run a staged reading/simpler/smaller production in the Leeds space along with a PW show? We aren't clear on the terms of the agreement-would we get to use Mainstage equipment? Maybe the shows won't compete if the 2nd event is small.
  • Emily: Was excited about 2 shows at first, but now recants. A simpler show might not do justice to the offer extended by the Department. She votes no Leeds.
  • Gayle: Is a senior and won't work on Commencement slot. Two shows would stretch the Board too much, or even one in Leeds. We don't need to be the producing body that uses this space. Maybe Musical Forum would be excited to do something with it?
  • Immer: Do we want to attach our name to a smaller show? It's not good for the Brown community if we do that and use the space when someone else might use it better. Musical Forum could work out the details of lights, etc.
  • Rouse: What if we did a Works in Progress if the Department doesn't find anything else?
  • That's a pain for a handful of people already stretched tight by our show. Mainstage has time to find something for its space, surely. All its electrics will probably be at the dance show.
  • DECIDED: We will decline Mainstage's offer very politely and respectfully, and suggest that they offer it to another group. Vanessa will speak with Spencer Golub about this.

tabled/nothing new.

TF Green Update:

  • All our fears about keeping LAD22 have been actualized. On Saturday we found the two PW brooms, the mop, and the bucket all locked in the Tang Soo Do cage in room 216, and this is alarming since those items are kept in locked rooms. This is especially alarming since our $300 mixer has recently walked off as well, and because we tonight confiscated an illegal copy of LAD22. Other groups have proven that they know that their keys work our doors, that they have incentive to go into those rooms, and that they have taken PW property.
  • The wait on changing the non-PW LAD22 locks has been ridiculously long. The request was filed late last November and has not been completed to date, and furthermore, is now a useless measure.
  • Blair is seeing Phil O'Hara at 11 am on Monday to ask that all of PW's spaces be rekeyed, and to formulate a plan of action for the specific Tang Soo Do case.
  • The Coke machine is on its way-only it will only contain fruit juice and water until Blair sends an e-mail trying to get caffeine in that machine.
  • Maya is working on getting the key to the window in the Upstairs Space booth.


  • The House Manager for a show should be responsible for printing off the web reserves-although that's not necessary now that there's a spiffy computer in the box office!
  • The Friday night House Manager should make a list of announcements and pin it to the bulletin board for other managers to use.
  • This will be Maya for BBME.



  • There are 2 broken windows-it looks like people were throwing rocks at them. He got a nasty shock from the outlet in the Downstairs Space (under the booth window) that was never really put into the wall correctly. Maya will call in the repairs.
  • Gave the quote for the ladders to Garland. We might have to rent the Home Depot truck to get them to PW.
  • PW is not subject to sales tax.
  • The shelves are for the Upstairs Space booth and the electrics room.
  • We might have to replace the small mixer if it doesn't turn up (roughly $300).
  • Should we file a police report about it? Not until we're absolutely sure it's been stolen�
  • Griska will price out a mixer and more sound cable. Garland's finance report is HOT.


  • A thank you note came to her from the university planning event where Emily posed as Garland. There's another one on Tuesday at 8-Blair will go.
  • There's $1400 left for the semester, so bring in your wish list next week and we'll talk about space improvements (ex tables for the craft room).
  • We no longer get $400 from Musical Forum, but should we need more money because MF is in our space, we can apply to UFB for it.
  • A new MF policy needs to be drafted. Should we split their door money or get reqs from them? Michael will bring it up at the MF meeting on Wednesday.


  • Bought Band-aids for the kit (that's currently in the space).
  • At strike, the kit will get mounted in the shop.
  • Curtains are going up after the meeting!


  • Dov has been retaining his position as Facilities Management coordinator. Maya wishes to take this over from him.
  • Board decides that Maya is new FacMan person. Call her for repairs.


  • More reserves stuff. If a show has a high number of reserves, we should put fewer tickets online and give out more at the door.
  • Get hardass about not reserving tickets for students! Be strict about our policy!
  • Get all the reserves to the Board by the Tuesday before a show, and have the PM e-mail any last-minute changes. This should cut down on the number of students getting cast/crew reserves.
  • If necessary, a revision will be made to the show packet, and Michael will e-mail that to Immer.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Jessica Wilson and Reese Smith (on leave).


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