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"Production Workshop Minutes"

29 february 2004


Happy Leap Year, everyone.

PW Board: Griska, Garland, Dov, Immer, Jess, Gayle, Tess, Mikey P, Vanessa, Emily, Rouse, Blair.

Visiting: Brian Christian, Dade Veron, Caroline (from RISD), Jillian Tucker (UpSpace show), James Egelhofer (2nd slot PM), Dan Bassicus (grant), Ross Cowan, Rouse's Dad (ever so briefly).


  • Performing an adaptation of Mark Twain's “The Diary of Adam and Eve” this weekend in the Upstairs Space.
  • Gayle is helping Shauna Edson (lighting designer) with lights.
  • Griska will set up a tape player with speakers.

Dan Bassicus:

  • Is going to request a grant for (something like) Wham, Bam, Trans at the Dirt Palace in Olneyville. Transgender (etc) arts fest.
  • Asking the deans and UFB for money is not looking good.
  • Their costs will primarily come from the artists' travel, food, and publicity.
  • We can provide money for something we can pay for with a purchase order, like publicity or food.
  • Immer, Dov, and Emily are on the grants subcommittee.
  • Dan will fill out the grant application form from the website.

BBME/2nd slot:

  • HELP JES BUILD! Come lend a hand, and show Board support for the building of this show.
  • There's a design run on Tuesday at 9 pm and building at 11 pm, and we're all invited!
  • They'll need two rolling beds of the same height. Either we'll use the one from the Upstairs Space after “A Separate Peace” strike, or Emily has two extra beds, or Facilities Management might be excited about loaning two dorm beds for art.
  • We may be asked to loan the show props, since all props are things that Brown students use and there's a good chance we'd have those.

3rd slot:

  • Tess knows of the same people as last week. Get on them to propose! Call them up!
  • Tess will offer to read their proposals in advance on Tuesday, give feedback on Wednesday, and take submissions on Thursday.
  • Talk with Caroline from RISD about cool stuff like 3D painting in space!

-GREAT turnout at auditions thanks to media blitz. Go team. Nothing else needed right now.

New Members:

  • Gayle is the unofficial new members mentor since she loves talking with people about PW.
  • Maya will order the pizza for our 11 pm meeting/meet new members applicants on Sunday.

Show Packets:
There were no philosophical problems with the changes to the UpSpace policy, our relation with our neighbors in the building, and the “we must be invited to help” sections. Tell Immer any specifics that need to be changed, like spelling errors.

Tabled for this week.


  • Jillian Tucker's show and MF Night of Scenes this weekend.
    • 5 on Monday - Griska let-in.
    • 7 on Tuesday - Rouse let-in.
    • 5 on Wednesday - Garland let-in.
    • 6 on Thursday - Jess let in. 7:15 Immer will monitor.
    • 6 on Friday - Tess let in. 7:15 Gayle monitor. Immer will strike.
  • Michael is taking care of the Musical Forum show.
  • Josh Walker (of Animal Collective, the acoustic wall of noise) won't meet with Immer.
  • Emily, Immer, and Blair are meeting this week to discuss the band/concerts policy.
  • All our Saturday nights are now gone, so there won't be more concerts.
  • Griska says: “Josh Walker is a together guy.”


  • We heard from Dan B already.
  • We'll probably help with publicity since that's under $100. The idea is Brown-generated even though the artists are non-Brown.
  • Remember when Maythinee asked for a grant? We denied it because it was a Perishable project, while this one is still a Brown project.


  • Maya will schedule prop-sorting parties for this week.
  • All the props are in 117 or 116. Griska's wondering if we have enough shelving or if we should look into getting some more wire frame shelving.



  • The little curtains for the “Performance” signs are set to go up.
  • Rouse says: “My dad thinks those Performance signs are gross.”


  • Has the John Emigh and John Lucas plaques, and will get those up.
  • Dov will pick up the req for the tape tomorrow, since it's already all ordered from Treehouse. PLEASE be sparing with it. One roll of gaff will live in the booth, and the rest in the box office.
  • Will check up on the Coke machine.

PW is hot like frogs with a “z”. (Hi, Sam.)

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Jessica Wilson and Reese Smith (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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