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"Production Workshop Minutes"

24 feb 2004

Present: Mikey P, VGo, Immer, Garland, Gayle, Griska, Tess, Jess, Drumsta, Maya, Blair.

Visiting: James (Rutherford), Todd Lipcon, Stephanie (?).


Best Brown Musical Ever: The Musical:

  • The next production meeting is Thursday at 11. Tess and Michael (the bozos) will go.
  • We think it's going well, but where's their PM? Remind him to come to meetings.


  • 3C2C-Vanessa, Emily, Tess, Maya.
  • Maya will copy 3rd slot posters tomorrow. They'll be ready by Thursday. Vanessa and Tess will poster.

3rd slot:

  • Tess (mentor) has heard a few rumors. TALK IT UP, BOARD!
  • Katherine Peter Kovner-Reckless. Gracie (?) inquired about the process. Wade-2 one acts?

Three Chairs, 2 Cues:
Three Chairs, 2 Cubans:
Three Chairs, Two Cubes:

  • The directors decision meeting is Wednesday night.
  • Wednesday: Jess will be in the box office 6:30-8:30, Garland from 8:30-11 (this may be reversed?) so directors can read scripts.
  • Scripts in the Becker on Thursday for auditions.
  • Auditions are Saturday from 2-6 in the Crystal Room. Casting is Sunday night.
  • TABLESLIPS! Maya will photocopy the poster by Thursday.
    • Th Lunch Ratty-Garland
    • Th Lunch VDub-Immer
    • Th Dinner Ratty-Immer
    • Th Dinner VDub-Tess
    • Fri Lunch Ratty-Vanessa
    • Fri Lunch VDub-Gayle
    • Fri Dinner Ratty-Maya
    • Fri Dinner VDub-Tess

New Members:

  • Talk it up! Recruit recruit recruit! Gayle wants to talk with applicants-send them her name!
  • The meeting is March 13 at 9 am, breaking at 3 pm and reconvening on Sunday if necessary.
  • What about the pizza social we discussed before?
    • Do we want to spend our money on pizza or on other things?
    • Do we have social funds we can spend on this? If not, is pizza REALLY that expensive?
    • We want this to be casual, not formal and interview-y. Should we do it on Sunday?
  • Resolved: We'll hold the pizza social to chat with New Members applicants on Sunday (the 14th) at 11 pm.

Upstairs Space: This week: Katherine Peter Kovner directing “A Separate Peace” by Tom Stoppard.
Th 6:30 unlock doors: Gayle
Fri 6:30 unlock doors and stay to monitor: Maya
Sat 6:30 unlock doors: Jess. Monitor: Immer
Sun 6:30 unlock doors: Emily. Monitor: Garland. Strike: Jess.

  • We'll be determining monitors for the UpSpace every week from now on since there's an event every weekend.
  • We want to promote the “brand name” of the Upstairs Space in the Brown Daily Herald. We'll use our allotted ads to publish the Upstairs calendar for this semester and encourage people to reserve more time.
  • Garland says: Let the Downstairs Space know they shouldn't plan to rehearse during the upcoming acoustic show (March 24-first week of 3rd slot) because of noise issues.
  • Is there any potential for better soundproofing?
    • We can't cover the double doors.
    • Could we ask the university to build another wall at the start of the elbow, with high double doors like the shop doors?
    • Maya will look into this. It's okay if it's a long-term project, like over the summer.

PW Home Improvement:

  • Shop and electrics room are gorgeous. Check out the new electrics rack! Garland and Griska are rock stars! It will stand for 30 years, if not 50!
  • Maya will call about the nonfunctional outlet in the shop behind the panel saw.
  • After the pegboard for the tools goes up, Griska will work on sound/speaker stuff and the Upstairs Space booth.
  • Immer says: “Truss me up, baby!” (Rather, let's get the truss up in the UpSpace.) Griska is working on it.
  • Maya will look into opening up the Upstairs Booth window instead of Dov.
  • We'll replace hardware on a show-by-show basis until the shop is ready to hold a stock of consumable hardware.
  • There are little non-buildy tasks to do in the shop, like labeling things, so if you want to help, Immer and Griska can give you jobs.

Garland is meeting with the UFB rep tomorrow, and going in to their meeting on Thursday. The proposal is online.

T.Biggs and Props:

  • Maya submitted the report. The wheels should be a-turnin'.
  • Props are coming tomorrow! She'll tell them to store our sea of boxes first in the MF cage (since they're MF and PW props together), then 208 (library/craft shop), then 116 (props room).


  • Paul Moser (sp) invented the term Bozo. More and more we like that he's the alum of the month.
  • There'll be a blurb about 3rd slot and a link to the pictures of TF Green that Garland took. It'll be sent before the end of the month.


  • Dan Bassicus and the LGBTA wants to do an off-campus thing with films, monologues.
  • Maythinee Washington wants to do a solo show.
  • Meg Craven (music show?) will contact Emily.



  • There are major revisions to the show packet, so everyone should read it and bring in comments to next week's meeting. Some major revisions:
  • We want to be involved in the DownSpace shows, but we'll wait to be invited to rehearsals, etc.
  • New Upstairs Space section it relationship to the DownSpace and the other groups in the building.
  • Midnight shows:
    • Forbidding drunken shows could be square, but they're a pain. Would we want to allow unadvertised drunk shows still? If there's an audience, should it not be drunk?
    • Gayle says: The wording empowers the board and the director to do something if there's a problem, but drunk shows are okay if there's no advertising. More discussion next week!
  • Gaff tape and spike tape? Did Dov order it and not pick it up? Griska will check it out, and check into the soda machine.
  • Best Brown Musical Ever: People have been saying the board is not jazzed about this show. Untrue! Uncool! Don't let that happen! We need to support the DownSpace show. General note: be careful about disclosing details from decision meetings. Maya says: Word.

Many conflicts are coming up for her during official meetings, but she'll be around PW in all the interstices to sort props. So, come help her!

He needs to work all Sunday matinees because of the box office job, so he'll leave all meetings at around 1:20.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Jessica Wilson and Reese Smith (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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