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"Production Workshop Minutes"

12 December 2004

In attendance: MP, MB, RC, RS, JS, AS (cannibal), HL, Im, Bi, TL, TL

Cannibal: The Musical
They have a delicious cast. There are two women in the show. 14 men. Chew on that for a while. Aaron has a deadline for two days ago for recs. He's gotten one for the set. If he doesn't get the rest soon, he'll bite someone. They are also talking about rights. There was a little trouble ordering duv. Tess is going back to the SAO on Monday and Tuesday. We also have some home depot gift cards. The truth comes out: We have too much cash. There is a possibility of reimbursement next semester. NO reimbursements unless you check first, though. Yummy… (Tip for later: “Soylent green is people.”).

2nd Slot

  • BIA is MIA.
  • We don't know. This stinks.
  • We think Reese, Shortsleeves, and Caitlin are proposing.
  • Okay, Bia just got here. Phew. Calm down, everyone. Crisis narrowly averted.
  • Bia has no new information.
  • Deadline is Saturday after classes begin. Jen Silverman is interested in finding a director. She has a tea date with Immer, and he'll drop some names. “Eustis, Wing-Davey, Taccone, Trejniak, Stro, etc…”) Later, the Tealuxe dudes will clean up: “Hey Fred! I found something on the floor. Looks like a name! Peter Brook? Someone must have dropped this!”

3rd Slot -Um, yeah.

Upstairs Space

  • Sunday 6:00 - Reese
  • Sunday MONITOR (and strike) - Justin
  • Liason for Darren Ranahan's music performance. The Saturday before classes start. Maya will liason.
  • Last night's Susie show was great. Audience of two. But they loved it. It is quality, not quantity.

Empty Space
Ross talked to Phil. They are going to wait until second semester to talk about installing stuff. There are some artist independent studies are looking for a place to paint. Maya says: “let us let them paint in the stairway” and Ross advocates stealing their paintings. I'm really not kidding…

Tape -We give Reese the go-ahead… Go ahead, Reese. $70. She'll e-mail the Tess…

Space Maintenance
Facilities is instituting a new program where a building checker checks all the buildings on a regular basis. He was complaining about the alcohol bottles full of water. He was upset that the carpets that we used to mop up the flood had allegedly caused the flood. The flood was caused by leaves. Trust me. I was there. Being a hero. He wants us to put up a bulletin board. Maya is going to meet with him and straighten things out.

Proposal Committee
Nothing yet. Mikey will send an e-mail out about meeting before break.

Test - This is a test. Sam (and other alumni): are you reading these minutes? If so, respond via e-mail. I'm curious who is haunting our listserv…

Summer Programming
We received a counter-proposal from the summer folks. They don't have the budget to cover the 3,000 deposit and the 1,000 fee. We agreed that instead of the deposit, we would have a separate contract with the SAO saying that any damage that happens in the building over the summer will be covered by the SAO. They would plan to replace all inventory. So we're reproposing that they pay $500 in fee. There is a lot of lack of clarity about the student manager's actual job. We're asking for a delineated description of the work day. Just so we know what we're looking for. They also want them to be in the space every day from 10-4. They will also get the one person housing. Immer vents his feelings, nobody cares. We're letting grown-ups take over our space, and this is bad. Shades of Kusnetz, only with less rhythm.

Faunce Board of Governors and SCAC

  • SCAC had a party. it was fun. Emily learned to schmooze.
  • They are having a big festival april 16th. Immer is in charge of finding workshop-leaders, which he does not plan on doing. Emily wants to have a naked sex workshop. We don't understand. Awkward silence. Giggles. Moving on.


Drumsta - The grant subcommittee met and it was a while back and they passed a retroactive grant of some vague amount of money. That doesn't include paying for bagels.

Upstairs space shows - If they want to borrow , we can usually accommodate. Tess will write up the guidelines.

Justin - Not that it matters, but did we figure out if they're refilling the soda machine regularly? Justin doesn't care, but wants to know… It was just a thought. He didn't mean to imply he liked soda. He doesn't even drink it. He was just curious.

Drumsta - She is sorry she was late. We forgive you Drumsta… But you're on probation for the upcoming semester. Oh crap, you won't be here! Well, nevermind then…

Immer - Drumsta's jobs? Grants, costume room, electrics room, COBAB liason, dumpster boy… We'll redistribute at the first meeting next semester.

Immer - First meeting will be on the 23rd.

Have a nice break! I'll be in my carrel #57 (3rd floor) in the Rock if anyone wants to visit.

Nobody is leaving.
The meeting is over, really.
Go home!
Stop reading these minutes.
I'm done.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, Brian Christian (on leave), Garland McQuinn (on leave), and Blair Nelsen (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by todd.

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