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"Production Workshop Minutes"

18 april 2004


  • Monday: strike 8:45
  • Tuesday: Truss 4-7
  • Wednesday: ADOCH fair at noon, BBQ 1-4.

Present: Griska, G-Mac, VGo, Rouse, Dov, Jess, Immer, Bia, Garland, Mikey P, B-lair, B-rye, Drumsta, Odd Todd, Tess, Ross the Boss. (Everyone but Maya Pariah!)
Visiting: Pannill Camp, Mara Cerezo, Jillian Waid, Kyle Shepard, Ben Bright-Fishbein (BBF/Little Ben), Joe Posner (Joe Po)

The Magellan Project (Commencement Slot):

  • Woo-hoo! Congrats to Rouse and crew!
  • Griska is your bozo.
  • Immer gave a speech of welcome and introduction, including topics such as emptying the trash, lock all doors, the board will be as involved as you'd like (and we want to be!). He'll send out a show packet.
  • Rouse: (paraphrased) You're always welcome. We won't have closed-door rehearsals where we explore what our mothers did to us.
  • Auditions will be Wednesday 6-12 and Friday 4-7. Since Friday is so early, there shouldn't be any Spring Weekend conflicts. Pannill will e-mail Blair the locations by Monday at noon for the e-mail, as well as staff requests and a blurb.
  • Still looking for a TD, ASMs, and a Props Assistant (APD?).
  • Rouse will put the proposal in the Becker so auditioners have something to look at.
  • Load-in/Hedwig strike is on May 2 (Jablonski changed Hedwig performances to be Thursday-Sunday because of reading period). Consider this for future shows scheduled during finals. Because of the timing of the show's run, we couldn't just bill the Monday performance of a four-night run as a “study break”.
  • We'll be telling Pannill (PM) if we want to stay for commencement. It'll be $25. He'll send out a reminder with the deadline.
  • Don't forget to give us feedback on the process at the end!


  • Mention new feedback policy to Caroline.
  • Strike at 8:45. MF/Dade wants to do much building–just make sure we get everything struck that we need to first.
  • Blair thinks painting of the white stripe is going to happen after strike. Jesse and Dade are in constant communication about painting, so that's all worked out.
    • Running it: Griska (also sending around a cleaning crew)
    • Electrix in the space: Gayle
    • Electrix in the Electrics Room: Garland
    • Shop: Rouse, Ross
    • Hot Room: Blair
    • Booth/Sound: Brian, Todd.
    • UpSpace (sweep, mop, move benches): Mikey P.
    • Costumes: Emily, Vanessa
    • Paint Room: Rouse (Maya?)
    • Box office/odd jobs: Matt, Immer
  • The Saturday 8 pm show took in $176. Woo!

Musical Forum/Hedwig:

  • Todd will be soddering (sp) cable after strike. Dade's already building stuff in the shop.
  • The board will help with seating platforms.

1st slot:

  • 4-5 people proposing, should get them all Wednesday. Ezra, Rachel Golub, Mikey P, Pannill. What happened to Gloria Huwiler?
  • All materials we receive during decision meetings (renderings, etc) will go in a specific location in the box office so we can return them to people easily.
  • We need TDs! One proposals has Alex S-Y and Jesse Cohen co-TDing, so maybe they'd want to work on all shows?
  • Pannill: Who comes to interviews these days? Answer: director and set designer, plus whoever else you'd like.


  • Shakespeare on the Green rehearsal at 7 pm Tuesday. We'll all let them in since we'll be there for the truss, but because of loud Hedwig rehearsal downstairs, Immer will see if they'd like to cancel.
  • Tuesday 11 pm Slip of the Tongue let-in: Gayle.
  • Susie Abraham cancelled her reservation.


  • Ross and Gayle will run the activities fair–make up a map and advertisement.
  • The fair is Wednesday at noon! Stop by! Blair will make/bring banner.
  • Griska is in charge of the BBQ from 1-4 pm on the front lawn of PW. Dov and Jillian Waid both have gas grills. Get a req for food?
  • Don't advertise putting up the truss, nor the MF build schedule since they have their own list.

TF Green Update:

  • The locks on 208 and 203 will be changed soon. Blair will keep pestering.
  • Dov will fix the futon for real on Tuesday night.


  • Joe Posner wants to film a documentary about a band called The Preceptionists. He'll tour with them for the summer, film them recording, etc. He's getting support from many places, but is asking us for $70 for 15 DV tapes (roughly 15 hours of film) since that's equipment that can't be borrowed from other sources.
  • We want to see the film when it's done! Yea!
  • The grants subcommittee will meet Wednesday at noon at TF Green.
  • Other grants: Garland hasn't been contacted by the other people to pick up their money. She'll e-mail them with a “You have one week to contact me or your money goes away” deadline.


  • Mikey wants feedback: is the new system working? Why yes, it is! Ross is going to take over for Commencement.
  • Immer will e-mail out again the board password since we keep forgetting archaic English words and he has a proclivity for them.


  • The PM should let the treasurer know when they're going to be busy to prevent significant conflicts.
  • Remind the PMs that the treasurer needs at least 24 hours notice on a req.
  • Going to the second signatory is NOT a problem. We'll put it in the show packet that going to the second sig is okay, since this was not communicated effectively during “The Trial”.
  • Now, Garland is treasurer and Dov is second sig. Fall 2004: Tess is treasurer, Mikey P is second sig as mentor. Spring 2005: Tess is treasurer, an apprentice is second sig.


  • Brian (if he's not abroad) and Bia would like to take over the website while Garland's abroad in the fall.

Dade continued:

  • If we required a deposit for keys, wouldn't the administration let us have more keys? NO, both because they probably wouldn't let us and because we don't want more keys in circulation.
  • Should we have a separate listserv for building/hanging crews? Like, they sign up and all build and hanging calls are sent out to them in the hopes they'll come?
  • Gayle/Griska: even if you have a personal list, that never actually works.
  • Todd: What harm could it do?
  • Ross: Psychological harm if people don't come.
  • Immer: Could people sign up for it on the website, like a listserv you could subscribe and unsubscribe to at will? Garland will look into it.
  • Gayle:

Dade continued:

  • Outreach: We need to include more non-board in board projects.
  • We will include the truss in the weekly e-mail, after all.

Wish list: tabled.
Sign-out key: tabled.
Board BBQ: tabled.

3 Chairs, 2 Cubes: Immer and Brian will be in charge next year.


the minidisc recorder wasn't making a clear recording. Griska: the CD player is on back order. Todd, Griska and Brian will look into the problem after the meeting. Garland:
the Student Council on Creative Arts wants us to be involved in their Fall Arts Fair, which happens during 1st slot. Emily will be in charge of it. Think inflatable cowboy lassoing a bear… Immer:
Upstairs Space reservations now open. Blair will include it in the e-mail. Garland is working on the Upstairs Space light board monitor, since there's either a problem with the connector or the board. We can bring in the big board now and solve this later, perhaps buy a new board with UFB's help. Maybe Tim will give away the one from Leeds? We want it if so! Blair:
talk to me soon if you want the SAO job next semester while I'm abroad. Matt:
Yes, we want banner space for The Magellan Project over commencement. Dov:
we can use the SAO credit card to phone in Home Depot orders, plus we have the gift cards, so quick Home Depot orders just got easier. We can also get reqs to Kinko's on the weekends. Next year: include a new board job that is getting space for auditions. Dov had to special order the screws, but the plaques are going up on Tuesday night!

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Todd Lipcon, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Jessica Wilson and Reese Smith (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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