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"Production Workshop Minutes"

4 april 2004

This Week:
A lot of Upspace let-ins and monitoring
Next meeting: Sunday, April 11 1 pm

Present: Todd, Gayle, Adam, Emily, Immer, Maya, Ross, Garland, Dov, Vanessa, Art House (Sophie and others), Paige McGinley, Pannill Camp

Upspace Paige - from the RISD-Brown Performance Art Series

  • This Saturday at 7 pm in the Upspace Lisa d'Amour will be performing. (She will also perform at 3 pm in the Cave and 9:30 pm in List)
  • Thursday 12:30 ish let-in = Adam (Paige will call him.)
  • Saturday 4:30 pm let-in = Garland
  • Saturday 6:30 pm onwards monitor = Immer
  • Paige and Art House should email with advertising blurbs about their events for the weekly PW email

Art House - silkscreening workshop is Friday 6 - 10 pm.

  • Contact = Sophie
  • Set-up 4:30 pm = Vanessa
  • Monitor 6-10 pm = Gayle (unless Maya or someone else would like to)

Other Upspace Events this Week

  • Wednesday 7-11 Ezra rehearsing

7 pm let-in = Ross

  • Thursday Meg Craven

4 pm let-in = Immer
8 pm monitor = Garland

All Upspace deposit checks will be in the office.

Immer will talk with Susie about doing a latenight show April 21-23

Karola has moved her date to May.

Ellen Darling is doing a video installation in May.

Prod Garland about the monitor for the Upspace light board. (Garland, call Adam to drive to the Salvation Army if you want)

We're keeping the screens! Yay!!!! =) (subjective cheering from the screens' designer) 3rd Slot

  • Garland = bozo

going well. . .

  • RISD students can reserve on the Blue Room as well as Brown students.

No RISD students can get cast/crew reserves.

  • Michael will email out his new ticket plan tomorrow. Email him ASAP if it needs changes. Hopefully it will be in place for “Balloon.”
  • Ross will shadow Perlman as Ticket Man.
  • “Balloon” will be exactly 36 minutes long.

Commencement Slot

  • Rouse and Kyle - danceish piece
  • Dov - “him”
  • Katherine Kovner - “Reckless”
  • Karola - her own work

1st Slot

  • Tess = mentor
  • When does it perform?
  • Pannill is proposing “The Father” by Strindberg

Emily will offer COBAB their choice of a weekend in the fall. Then Immer will open up the Upspace calendar.


  • Adam is a little frustrated but the plan is developing
  • He will call Todd (and/or Immer and Maya) mid-week to make a plan

Sign-Out Key Plan:
Dov will email us his proposal.

Dade's Ideas

  • We will work our way through a few each meeting so that we have time to discuss.
  • Have a $5 Metcalf req waiting on Monday morning for the just-passed show for audition posters. Unanimously in favor.
  • Can we buy pizza with reqs?
    • Dov - yes
    • Adam - the reason for reqs rather than cash reimbursements is the added level of fiscal responsibility
    • We are not talking about any reimbursement: we are only talking about reimbursements known about beforehand in situations where reqs are not possible
    • Pizza is not the issue.
    • Immer - TDs etc are often in a bind about how to pay for something.
    • Add wording to the show packet: “in extraordinary circumstances, ask your PM to talk to the treasurer/board” or “arrangements can be made”
    • Have the PM call the treasurer. If in doubt, the treasurer can email the board for approval.
  • Lobbying the SAO with other category 3 groups for change in how funding works
    • Immer suggested Dave speak to UFB (not on PW's behalf) himself
    • Jess - Dade has a point. it would be really helpful for students if the system were revamped. PW going with other groups would have more effect than Dade going on his own.
    • Dov - would be happy to put Dade in contact with UCS and have UCS talk to UFB.
    • Todd - let's buy some Home Depot gift cards (with a check) and have them lying around in case a show needs them. Home Depot doesn't deliver, but are often useful for last minute neccessary things. Garland and Adam will get on it: find out if such gift cards expire and buy $100 worth.


Adam -

  • Screens are being lent on April 9-10 to Grant Recital Hall. Adam will be in charge of looking after them.
  • Piano coming Monday (tomorrow) from Leeds at 10 am. Adam will be there to show them where to go. We're putting it in the Upspace.
  • Immer suggested we try to trade the baby grande for an upright. General disapproval. Immer was won over
  • Need to get it tuned. MF owes us a tuning. (Dov will get on that.)
  • Since we no longer get $400 from MF, what about asking them to tune the piano once a semester? (They can request additional funding from UFB)

Emily -
Met with Alex Provan - the King of Louis - and is enjoying being the COBAB liason.

Michael -
wants to apologize. Book of Days is taking over his life and he will not be at the next two Sunday meetings or the Commencement slot decision meeting.

Garland -

  • UCS Student Activities Committee meeting Monday (tomorrow) at 9 pm

She and Emily will attend.

  • Creative Arts Council = ???? what's their deal? Pannill said “not much.” We'll see.
  • Put Jobs on the agenda for next week. Think about them this week.

Dov -

  • will bring plaques next week.
  • He will miss next week's meeting for tech.

is in the process of creating a web-friendly show packet. Cool? Yes.

Gayle -

  • the Activities Fair is still a little ways away (April 20th) but she and Ross will be on that.
  • Archiving - soonish she will get to sorting and archiving. Anyone interested (Blair? Tess? Brian?) should let her know. Garland is interested in digitalizing our archives.

Jess -
Blair should email Jess the poster for commencement slot. Then Jess will email us and ask us to poster.

Maya -
What should we do with extra LAD 22's? Keep one in the office. Throw the rest away.

Todd -
Bring shopping list to the next meeting. Think about your Wish List.

Dov -
New Plays Festival desparately seeking a stage manager. Paid! If interested email James.

Immer -
will bring in comments/feedback to 3C2C next meeting

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Todd Lipcon, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Jessica Wilson and Reese Smith (on leave).


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Taken by Gayle, htmlized by garland.

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