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"Production Workshop Minutes"

21 september 2003

Monday, (tomorrow) - Skrike 9:30 pm
Some day this week (TBA by email) (?) - Move/organize stuff in space
Sunday, (next week) - 1 pm board meeting in “PW” =)

Present: Gayle, Blair, Vanessa, Michael, Maya, Garland, Matt, Dov

Visiting: Jess, Patrick

Jess - 5th year senior, thinking of applying to the PW board
Patrick - also thinking of applying to the PW board
SKRIKE V will get the van. Dov = Run Strike at Bigs Maya = Run Strike at TF Green Gayle = Run electrics at TF Green Everyone else in Bigelow: Garland = electrics/etc in Bigs Emily = costumes in Bigs Blair = costumes/props?/etc in Bigs

Callbacks for musical in Bigs this week. (so leave some space on the floor)

No Returns -
Blair - very low audition turnout, but exciting cast! (know one knew you could audition for No Returns and the musicals)
Looking for a costume mentor.

Third Slot -
Spencer Collins
Annie Lewis(?)
(Greg Shilling)

Posters: Gayle = Pembroke
Emily = Keeney + Wriston
Maya = Perkins
Garland = Main Green
Matt = New Dorm

Emily and Matt made Upspace posters. . . hot! =)

New Directors -
Emily will copy posters and put them in the sao for us. Put it in the email. There's been some interest expressed already. Maybe ask Rouse for suggestions of plays. Becker also. Anyone who knows some good one acts, pass them along.

New Members -

Upspace -
Paul Greenamyer wants the first weekend of November. Make sure his performance is safe. . .
October 31st - BSR concert, Lealah Pollock

Maya - is going to use the upspace door in No Returns

Show Packet - Read and email suggestions/changes to Garland.

Miranda Policy - keep it. We'll revise it when neccessary/appropriate (about the lighting equipment etc)

Vision of PW meeting -
all meet together and talk
then wake up the space
let's wait for adam (probably at least a week)

Bigelow -
rehearsal space for MF
and/or play readings
use for Upspace rehearsals? we'll figure that out when we get so far. . .

Grants - Emily made a poster, let's put them up (RISD, List, etc). Emily will email us.

PWAM - Emily met with Seth. Mission statement: past board members, family-like, a network and a newsletter: give them a short sweet funny sexy appealing weird voice

  1. keep connected,
  2. connect recent alums and old alums, and
  3. remember where we've come from

longer-term goal: workshops - bring people in

We should choose a date and time for the real PW “homecoming” party separte from the UCS event (Rouse - are you in contact with them?) and tours

also, in PWAM, links to parts of the PW page
“Our Year in Bigelow” - Blair is writing
“Battle over TF Green” - someone should write

Server - Garland, progress! yay! =)

Maya - it would be nice to have more involvement between us and the high-ups. Dov is doing a great job, but Maya and Matt would like to become more involved in those meetings/relationships/etc.

Card access - if you don't have it yet, email Maya.

Emily and Matt - we need to fling ourselves whole-heartedly into PW and the new space as a board. We need to remember why we love theater and PW and what we're doing here. Let's inspire each other.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse and Adam Immerwahr (on leave).


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Taken by Gayle, htmlized by garland.

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