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"Production Workshop Minutes"

14 September 2004

PW minutes 9-14-03

Present: Blair, Emily, Matt, Garland, Michael, Maya, Rebecca, Vanessa, Dov

Visiting: Lauren (skriker PM), Leah (No Returns director), Ben (No Returns Set Designer), Tess (No Returns costumes)


  1. House Managing/Ushering: (Griska, what night looks good?)

Friday: Matt/Garland, Blair

Saturday 8 pm: Rouse/Vanessa, Mikey P\\
Saturday Midnight: Emily/Matt\\
Sunday: Dov/Maya\\
Monday: Garland/Blair\\

- Blue Room:
o Cast/crew reserves 25% of house every night except 1—then they get 50%. Of remaining tickets for each night, half are given out at Blue Room, half at door.
o Cast/crew reserves due by Tuesday to Matt.
o Noon: Blair and Dov will be in Blue Room, passing it off to Matt.
- Skriker is borrowing 2 Musical Forum microphones, which James will look out for, although PW is still technically responsible for them—just be aware.
o Not a “SuperSkrike”. Will leave shop equipment until Maya needs it in TF Green. But everything else—seating platforms, lights, etc—will move.
o Dov in charge in Bigelow, Maya in charge in TF Green (with electrics help—maybe Gayle?).
o Vanessa will reserve theater van.

No Returns:
- Leah wants to do a reading of the show to workshop it. Will get working on that soon.
- Emily will book space for auditions (Dov will put her in contact with Mary Reilly)
- Auditions will be this Thursday and Friday with callbacks on Saturday to not overlap too much with Lowry.
- Emily will also poster for auditions and put an announcement in the Daily Jolt. Garland= web, Blair= e-mail.
- Leah does not currently have a publicity person, though there is a first year who is interested.
- Vanessa has reserved publicity space on the Jolt, etc for the whole semester. The PM of each show should go to her whenever they need banner space, baby ads, etc.
- Budget of $600 passed.
- Still need a costume mentor. Vanessa will send Leah a list of potentially interested people, including Allison Carter, Annie Salzberger (sp)
- Still need a sound designer. Blair will send Leah Gayle’s list of tech-saavy freshmen.
- Rouse knows of an interested board operator, and will give that person Leah’s e-mail.
- Still need an ME.
- It’s okay to post both Leah’s script and proposal on the website.

TF Green:

  1. Blair has two keys that open everything in TF Green.

- Only a few members have card access right now. There’s a 9 am meeting on Tuesday about keys—Bia, Dov, and Maya will go. Then we’ll all have card access.
- Right now we can get into TF Green to sort and move stuff, but not to have large meetings, etc.
-Industrial costume racks? Vanessa will ask Laura, Phillip, Cari
- *TRY TO GET EVERYTHING WE NEED PRICED OUT BY 6 PM ON WEDNESDAY. E-mail prices to Mikey P so he can take them to UFB.
- UCS will take care of the official tour of the space, setting that date, etc.

  1. We’ll have our own PW Prom! Date to be set later.

- Paul Greenamayer requested the weekend of October 26th, but can’t because of New Directors.
- We’re not honoring the list from before.
- We must publicize the UpSpace! Matt—poster. Garland—web. Blair—E-mail.

Dov will ask Dave LePlant about the whereabouts of our PW sign.

New Directors:
- Should we pass a budget? No—costumes, etc will be pulled, and Emily will try to keep publicity costs as low as possible.
- Start publicizing as early as possible. Proposals due October 6th, decision meeting that night with Rouse, Bia, Griska, and Emily. Auditions the 9th and 10th, callbacks the 11th. Panel discussion with directors: tentatively the 7th or 8th.

3rd slot:
- Proposals due the 2nd, Vanessa is the mentor. Possible proposers: Biagini, Spencer Collins w/ Less Than Zero.

New Members:
- Let’s poster as soon as possible! Proposals due October 26th, decision the week that follows.

- Garland will put the server in TF Green and then harass CIS.

Using Bigelow:
- Rouse informed Paula Vogel. Matt spoke to a grad student. Musical Forum’s PM will talk with Vanessa today.
- It’s okay if Musical Forum and Brownbrokers have callbacks in there so long as they’re in charge of moving items out of the way.

- PUBLICIZE! Emily will poster… incl. List, RISD…

- Emily will try to place calls using the SAO phone. Maya will help make calls.
- Create a PW Alumni directory? Yes!
- People on the e-mail list (and on the website) will have the option of signing up to receive PWAM as well.
- Blair will write an article about the year in Bigelow. Gayle will send pix of floor being built to Blair.

- We need a “vision of PW” meeting—what board is ideologically, etc.
- 10:30 pm (after Skriker) on Friday night at Rouse’s.

- What needs to be done for DoUG meeting? Formally present TF Green to boards, using groundplans, etc. Be ready for questions. Everyone is invited to sit in on DoUG!

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse and Adam Immerwahr (on leave)..


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by Blair.

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