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"Production Workshop Minutes"

19 october 2003

Present: Matt, Michael, Maya, Garland, Adam, Blair, Emily, Gayle, Vanessa

Visiting: Luke, Karola

No Returns -
Maya will get the screw guns before Strike.
Vanessa and Gayle will get the van.
From Bigelow we need:
- trash cans
- stools
- shelves
- props (boxed up)
- table (folding table for an US booth table)
- dimmer pack
- booms
- sound equipment (speakers etc)
- benches
( - couches)
( - 4 x 8's)

Costume racks? Will be delivered to Mainstage.

STRIKE - Monday 10 pm
Run Strike = Adam
Van = Vanessa
Booth = Blair
Box Office = Michael
Costumes = Emily
Upspace = Matt
Props = Maya
Shop = Dov, Rouse (needs major work!!!)
Furniture = Garland
Electrics = Gayle

The Trial -
Rights = $100
Petitioned for an extra $100. Original budget = $600
We passed a budget of $650. They can come petition again if they need more.
Card access = Karola, Jannine, TD's

Garland will go copy the key Monday afternoon.

TD situation is all set.

Want to keep the platform from “No Returns.” Maya will talk to Mainstage.

Karola wants to use the truss around Dec. 1st for an installation. She will talk to “Into the Woods” about times and days. Truss should be up by then.

New Directors -
Shauna Edson = SM
Delanie (sp.?) = co-SM
Jill lost two actors so she changed her play from “Labor Day” to “Words Words Words”. (SOTG is performing “Words Words Words” the following weekend.)

We'll set up ND Monday night after Strike. Dov will continue set up Tuesday night at 10:30 (and will let us know if he needs help)
Tech = Wednesday 10 pm
Maya will get card access for new directors, stage managers, etc.

Program = one of the stage managers
Emily will design a poster.

Adam - it looks good. Possibly we'll need a few more corner pieces. But it won't be up for New Directors.

Upspace -
Nov. 19-20 are open. Let's get art installations, etc! Poster in List.

Calendar =
1st slot = Feb 13-16
2nd slot = (begins rehearsal Feb 9) Mar 12-15
3C2C = Mar 19-22
3rd slot = Apr 16-19
MF = Apr 30 - May 3


3C2C -
Start talking it up.

Ribboncutting = Thursday 4 - 5:30 pm

PW Prom - Emily = poster
we have banner materials, but let's not do a banner.
Party management training = Garland, Maya, Blair (Vanessa and Adam already had it)
Come after ND (9:30 pm Saturday) to set up
Adam = alcohol (beer and boxed wine - $200)
Blair = food ($50)
Gayle (+ Erica Saleh) = decorations (Michael's in Cranston: Party City, get a req) ($20)
Time = 10:30 pm - 2am

We'll clean up after the Sunday meeting

1st slot -
Proposers: Ezra Flam, Lauren Edgar, Dov?, Matt?

New Members -
Applicants: Christie Gibson, Luke, Patrick Sheehan, Seth Perlow, etc

They should come to the meeting on the 26th. Apps due the 29th

Grants -
No non-Brown/RISD students. But a Brown student can sponsor anyone for, say, the Upspace.

Garland - the monitor in the Office sucks. There might be another monitor in the furniture room.

Archives - should be put in the file cabinets in the Box Office.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse and Adam Immerwahr (on leave).


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