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"Production Workshop Minutes"

23 november 2003

attendence: blair, matt, tess, emily, rebecca, garland, jess, dov, reese, maya

visiting: erica, JB, celina, annie, patrick

next week meeting: sunday 11pm

going well, the set is coming along.
general lack of pw nuts and bolts
dov will take care of stock hardware (nuts, bolts, angle irons, screws–even though screws, contrary to popular belief, are not reusable)
STRIKE: continue moving out of Bigelow, truss, etc. Dec. 8th, use the theatre van to bring that stuff to the downstairs space

great cast, still looking for co-TD (immer might do it) and ASMS
script cuts are on their way, the set design is on the way
erica will get a list of people coming back early and take care of that with the university

erica: can we have the grant money from last year we didn't use up?
dov: our money goes away every year–just reapply
erica will email emily an app

lauren edgar load in Dec 9th
must be billed as a study break, dov will talk to her about that
c.o.b.a.b. benefit is Dec. 13th
matt needs help with the upspace for next semester–the board is happy to be delegated to


  • option 1: have proposals online, open question generation and interviews and discreet amount of discussion (like 1 hour) and then a closed meeting
  • option 2: have one hour when anyone can come and give us their thoughts
  • option 3: an s&B email-style opinion poll that we could take a look at
  • option 4: interviews and 1 hour of discussion open but keep question generation and actual decision closed
  • option 5: have proposals online and anyone can submit their thoughts in writing via email to our website

New Members idea: have an open vision of pw/ vision of theatre on campus meeting (before the decision meeting) that anyone can come to and new applicants are specifically encouraged/required to attend

think on these ideas–we will discuss at a meeting when everyone is here

Can they use our costumes provided they pay a deposit? Of course. But take a look at them..they might not be what you're hoping for–talk to Vanessa
We'd love to have a screening of the film in the UpSpace when it's done

retroactive grant proposal will be considered by grants subcommittee (Emily, Dov, Adam, anyone else?”)


Blair: 4 doors on Lad22 aren't PW's. She will talk to Phil O Hara.

Maya: the deal was no one would be able to get into our rooms. It's absurd we should have to pay 1.000 dollars to re-key our locks. Also, it will be about one more week till the office keys arrive. Call Maya if you need to get in

Blair: sound closet. Let other groups use it as long as they've had training–pw is the caretaker of that sound equipment

Garland: 10 ft aluminum ladder was lost by the university during the move. $150-200 for a new one. Dov will call Dave LaPlant

Maya: Plaques? Under Dov's bed. Let's put them up! Pronto! Retreat? Maya will schedule it

Emily: What is a retreat? I feel like college is a retreat…

Dov: house in berkshires for a retreat next semester?

Maya: Soda machine. Can it come back? Can it go in upstairs lobby space? Dov will ask

Emily: “Miscillaneous Signage.”� Ew. She will go back to Phil about this. Empasize this is re-imbursement. They pay for what they destroyed.

Dov will be the winter break handy-man at PDubs

PWAM: Emily had a bunch of addresses then her computer crashed. Talk to Brian Herrera–he was a board member way back when

Palimpsest! Momentum! Where are you!? Come back! Perhaps next semester…

a final quote:
“I'll weigh in on this, because I'm already talking anyway” -Dov

pw is: a rockstar like nobodys mama

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Tess Lantos, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Reese Smith, Jessica Wilson and Adam Immerwahr (on leave).


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Taken by Rebecca, htmlized by garland.

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