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"Production Workshop Minutes"

2 november 2003

Present: Gayle, Dov, Rebecca, Maya, Matt, Emily, Michael, Vanessa, Blair, Garland, Adam

Visiting: Dade, Dora, Jean

Dora and Jean - are playwrights who want to propose for first slot who are looking for a director.
They will have a reading on Saturday at 4 pm in Bigelow. They'll put copies of their plays in the Becker. They'll make a poster. They'll invite people. We'll put it in our email.

The Trial -
* Missing pieces of the radial arm saw. Need to reorder.
* Safety goggles.
* Soap
* Misc. electrics hardware is still in Bigelow
* Our duv sucks.
* Get a student directory and put it by the phone.
* Banner for the Trial will hang over Leung Monday to Monday
* The show will run 1:50. Act 1: 50 minutes, Intermission: 10 minutes, Act 2: 50 minutes
* Job Box is a big mess.
(When we throw out the batteries that don�t work (the ones with the pink dots), we should bring them to Battery Recycling at Home Depot)
* Trim saw?
* Lock main doors to Downstairs Space always.
* Banner painters? A few suggestions were throw out.
* House will hold 80.
* Noise conflicts with Upspace (both ways), for example not being able to build during the Upspace performance.

Upspace -
BSR concert went well. Noise conflicts will be dealt with. Next time make a “no drinking” announcement at the beginning.
SOTG went well.
Karola is still thinking of doing something in the Upspace.

Dov - there should be an Upspace electrician coming in. He will check up on him Tuesday.
- We should talk about supporting the Downstairs Space show more.

1st slot -
Ezra Flam - “The Illusion” adapted by Tony Kushner
Lauren Edgar - “Baby in the Bathwater” by Christopher Durang
Dora Ruiz and Jean Coleman - “un momento de Esperanza” and “We Are All Going to Ascend into Heaven Free of Sin and You Are Going to Watch”

Let's put the old costume rack in the dressing room.
Electrics rack - Garland and Gayle and Adam will get on that.
Shop = Maya, Dov and Rouse. Maya and Rouse will make a plan and it will be implemented at Strike.

We'll bring everything (except truss and floor) from Bigs to PW at the Trial strike.
We'll take care of the truss and floor towards the end of the semester.
Plywood - find out what MF wants and what they want it for, but we will give it to them (if they�re cutting it up, perhaps we would charge them something)

Managing the Space -
Global card access 7 am - 11 pm
What about letting COBAB people etc rehearse during Downstairs Space performances? Let's think about it. Make it a general “no” for now, but consider exceptions and consider the possibility.
If we say “yes”, bozos should make sure PM's, SM's, directors etc know that they can say no if it's important for their production.
Supposedly we need to respect Quiet Hours.

Grants - Tabled.

PWAM - Later.


Matt - Found some headphones from the dance space in the Upspace.

Michael - looking for someone to take over as Treasurer next semester.

Matt - also kind of looking for an Upspace replacement.

Upstairs Policy - Tabled.

Garland - Bozos: let shows know that programs cannot say “PW is” and then list the board. Either: “PW board is” or “PW is . . . . and YOU!”

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle Macdonald, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse and Adam Immerwahr (on leave).


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Taken by Gayle, htmlized by garland.

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