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"Production Workshop Minutes"

4 may 2003

Present: Blair, Garland, Perlman, Vanessa, Emily, Rouse, Cari, Immer, Matt, Gayle, Griska, Jessie, Seth

Visitors: Adam (Emily's friend), Allison Carter (costume designer), Erica Saleh (director), Nina Mamikunian (light designer), Seth Perlow (stage manager), Sasha Kmelnick (props designer)

STRIKE = Tuesday 11 pm

The Skriker - Congratulations! Budget - $650. Passed.
-Wednesday 7 - 10
-Thursday 2 - 4
-Friday Callbacks
in Bigelow

ASMs, sound designer (email), email James Egelhofer New Directors + Chess - Tuesday 11 pm Strike
- we'll strike the electrics
- we'll move source 4's, pars and fresnels (everything but Altmans) to Leeds (Dov will get us the theater van.)

Life Is A Dream - 2 shows on that Saturday, so we'll have all day Sunday for Strike

Set design was approved!

Rights = $155. Get an invoice from Sam French and then you can get a check from the SAO.

How much of the budget could be cash? Perlman and Blair will talk.

Lights - to achieve the effect of a post-apocalyptic bestiary, Mac needs a lot of templates. (break-up and construction templates)
Voted to spend $200 on new templates.

Mac will email us after he researches the relative cost of renting 12 source 4's (probably $250) or renting 12 color scrollers. Perlman will email us how we stand budget-wise, if we have money that needs to be spent. We will discuss via email what we think is appropriate.

Are the mainstage lights still in Leeds? Blair will find out. GABE - let us know what's up with the playwrights! What do they need from us?

Barbeque = May 13th 2 pm until forever, behind 63 Governor
Seth, David and Griska are in charge of planning/obtaining/delegating. . . 40's. . .
After most people are gone, when it's just the PW board die-hards, we'll discuss the Jobs List.



  1. Congratulate Immer on his stage management feat Friday night. His prompt book was thrown away and he called a flawless show. A brick sailed in the window mid-show.
  2. Dress (up) to house manage. No pajamas.
  3. Costume shop: after the play readings, we'll move all of the costumes from Cari's to Bigelow for the summer. In August, they'll move to Rouse's house.
  4. Cari's going to give out evaluations for New Directors.

Mac - Next year, for New Directors and 3 Chairs 2 Cubes, let's have talkbacks!

Michael (or somebody) - Mainstage shows will be opening on Fridays.

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Matt Biagini, Seth Bockley, Maya Bruhns, Cari Cymanski, Emily Drumsta, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle MacDonald, Garland McQuinn, David Myers, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey, Liz Drew (on leave), and Michael Linden (on leave).


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Taken by Gayle, htmlized by garland.

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