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"Production Workshop Minutes"

9 march 2003

Present: cari, michael, maya, seth, blair, david, mac, gabe, dov, garland, gayle

Visiting: joe, lisa, ben, laurabeth, ariel, meg, laura, deb, liz

Business: Cari, mac,

3rd slot : joe, ben,

show packets ben.

Joe: what is the capacity of Bigelow? Publicity? Does PW have tools?

Board: Yes.

Joe: Do you all have old set shit?

Board: Yes.

Ben: I need people. I need a TD. I need a propsmaster. Minimal Job. I don't have time to do this. Do you have any suggestions?

Ariel: Hardware and screws for Drood. Paid for herself. Would the board like to pay for platforms?

Dov: Yes.

Gayle: WITS. Met with Melissa. Couple things: 1. Most of the staff don't actually exist. She said she would like to find an LD, someone to help her figure out space. Would it be worth thinking about minimizing space setup changes because of all the quick shows�

MAC: Best configurationg is to set it up like a dance hall. All the seats on one side.

Gabe: New directors was going to be in the round. What about three quarters?

Garland: Three quarters is hot.

Gayle: Harder to light. Also concerned about having the same light designer/plot for a long time.

Mac: I'll figure out the configuration of the 3/4�

Dov: WE could just use the same light plot with different specials.

Seth: New directors needs a light designer.

Mac; I would help with WITS.

Gayle: PM sounds like a friend who said she would produce but hasn't followed through� The fact that they are friends is problematic. Possibly find a new PM.
We need to ask her to perform all four nights, although she doesn't want to.

Mac: She needs scenic guidance. I would be glad to do it.

Seth: I said I would help her with dramaturgy. I would also be happy to talk to her about space, though I haven't heard back from her.

Maya; Does she have performers?

Mac: Negotiating the line between pushing her too hard rather than not enough is tough. We should push her harder rather than not enough.

Gayle: I suggested that she should have meetings, calender, etc�

Mac: In terms of logistics, we should push her.

Seth: encourage her to have a meeting.

Gabe: She should come with her PM to next week's meeting.

Cari: Staff has not progressed for New Directors� Who do you ask to reserve classrooms?

Mac: Mary Sullivan in alumni relations.

Gabe: WE still need a production manager, lighting designer, stage manager, and scenic consultant.

Dov: I would be glad to LD.

Michael: I could possibly be PM.

Cari: LD will be like this: each director will have a meeting with Dov about rep plot�

Gayle: Meeting with three lighting designers.

Dov: Applicants should go through gabe, so that we can keep track of everyone who is applying.

Dov: New directors should be called Nude Erectors.

Commencement slot!!

Gayle: Immer, Seth, and I went to talk to spencer, and he suggested that PW take leeds for commencement.

Mac: Do we have to use all ouur lights?

Gayle: Yes, indeedy.

Seth: Spencer said he doesn't want to strain our resources.

Gayle: Spencer said that we were amazing during West Side.

David: If we do our commencement slot in leeds, it should kick ass.

Mac: Where are we at with renovations? Should we take apart bigs?

Michael: I want to talk to Jablonski about keeping bigelow for the fall so that we have time to move in and make old pdubs our own again, and have a place for first slot no matter what.

Grant subcommittee

Cari: what is the status of maythinee's proposal?

Mac: It seems clear that it is perishable's project.

Seth: I think it's unclear. In spirit, it seems like it's her project.

Mac: How much money does she want?

Dov: Just under a hunder dollars.

Seth: She's going to take the girls that she's working with to NY. She needs writing supplies.

Mac: Give her the money.

Seth: precedent is important.

Mac: The precedent that is being set is that the grants subcommittee has the prerogative to decide what is a student driven project and what is not.

Seth: Okay, we think it is student driven.

Gayle: I think we are over grant money that has been allocated.

Cari: Business
I apologize for not attending the meeting yesterday. I've overextended myself with MCM, and thought I would take permanent leave, but after my mental health day yesterday, I feel like I can stay on the board. Thanks for understanding.

Mac: Leave taking. What does it mean? How does it work? It seems like there's a difference between “I'm going on leave” and “I'm very busy and can't go to a couple meetings.” It makes it hard to figure out who is going to be available to take care of things and be responsible. Different than saying, “Oh fuck, Six Characters is going to take all of my time.” If you go on leave, you shouldn't be able to come back until the end of the semester.

David: With the move to bigelow, everything became very intense and production heavy. PW should slow down.

Gabe: We need to be respectful of each other's thresholds for Pdubs responsibilities. As long as we are honest with each other, we should be able to be fine.

For email: propsperson, td,

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Maya Bruhns, Cari Cymanski, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle MacDonald, Garland McQuinn, David Myers, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey, Liz Drew (on leave), and Michael Linden (on leave).


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