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"Production Workshop Minutes"

26 january 2003

Present: Rouse, Vanessa, Griska, Immer, Mac, Cari, Gayle, Perlman, Jessie, David, Gabe, Seth, Dov, Maya

Visiting: Ben Asriel, Briel, Catherine Watson

Catherine - and Eileen (Classics Club) would like to have a staged reading of Lisistrata (sorry i can't spell) on March 3 as a peace protest.

Suggestions of possible spaces were: theater department, coffee shops on Wickenden street, AS 220, Barker Playhouse (on Benefit st), Rites and Reasons, Leung, Saloman

March 3 is closing night of pw second slot; possibly it could happen in Bigelow in the afternoon.

Publicity: we would be happy to post the event on our website and email it out to our list.

Jessie = liason

Eileen will apply for a grant.

First meeting, for anyone interested, Monday 4 pm at Ocean's. Ben - is interested in choreographing a kind of improvised, audience-choreographed dance piece, with improvisatory set and light design. He is looking for space (ideally A Week in the Space) and staff (including a producer, someone to inventory what the audience brings, technical people, dancers)
Gabe = liason
Board, Ben would like us to give him feedback on problems we see in his idea. Crave - would like to have a Saturday midnight show.
We need to work something out with the freshmen who live above us. Maybe through their RC? Maya perhaps could get in contact with them - let them know when our shows are, encourage them to come, and encourage them (with signs? RC emails?) to be quiet during our performances.

Also, let's post Quiet Hours (midnight during the week, 2 am on weekends) in the space so we remember.

Crave needs run crew! 2nd slot - Proposing?

  • Karola - no
  • Thesy - yes
  • Yaniv - yes
  • Lucy - yes
  • Sophie - yes
  • Emily - yes

Bottega Lounge, Saturday, February 1st, 9 am
Interviews begin at noon. New Members -

  • Reese
  • Garland
  • Afreen
  • Ryan O'Grady?
  • Ellen Darling?
  • Annabelle?
  • Dan Bassicus?
  • Laurabeth?
  • Biagini?

Truss/Dimmer pack
-Sometime this week, maybe Wednesday. We'll need a few people to assemble and a lot of people to lift.
-And the following day will be Duv Day!

- the form looks great! Thanks David!
-Explain purchase orders a little more. . .
-Grants Subcommittee = David, Jessie, Cari, Dov

Proposal Guidelines -
-Think about a replacement for “What are you most scared of(challenged by)?”
-Immer and Gayle will work on the guidelines and bring them back in for review.

Jobs List Rooms

  • Electrics Room/Dimmer Pack - Griska, Gayle, Dov
  • Shop - Dov, Rouse
  • Costume Shop - Cari, Vanessa
  • Paint - Mac
  • Booth - Griska
  • Box Office - Perlman
  • Archives - Gayle
  • Furniture Room - Jessie
  • Props - Jessie
  • Sound - Griska

Running Theater Jobs

  • Treasurer - Perlman
  • Secretary - Gayle
  • Second Signatory - Dov
  • Space Maintenance/Plant Ops Liason - Dov
  • Web Guy - Cari
  • Dumpster Boy - Gabe
  • Trash Girl - Maya
  • Email Person - Jessie
  • Key Person - Gabe
  • New Members - Perlman, Rouse
  • Calendar - Gabe, Cari, Gayle
  • Publicity/Audition Scheduling - Vanessa
  • Tickets - Perlman, Rouse
  • Scheduling Czarina - Gayle
  • Phone Emperor - Seth
  • First Aid - Maya
  • Show Packet - Immer


  • Liason to MF - Dov
  • Liason to S+B - Immer
  • Liason to Hett - Griska
  • Liason to S on the Green - Immer
  • Liason to Rites and Reasons - Gabe
  • Liason to English Department - Immer

Creative Arts Council - Tabled

Bigelow Show Packet - Immer just emailed it out. Look it over. Give him feedback.

Off-site - Tabled. Be thinking about it.

Two weeks we have at the end of the semester
- Ben's project
- New Directors
We'll think about it and talk about it next week.


Cari -
Green Book: email Cari
Let's put it on Jeff's website as well.

Encourage everyone/anyone to come to meetings!

Jessie -
Tisola needs run crew for Fusion. Immer will put it on the S+B list.

Gabe -
lost his pants.

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Maya Bruhns, Cari Cymanski, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey, Liz Drew (on leave) and Michael Linden (on leave).


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Taken by Gayle, htmlized by garland.

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