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"Production Workshop Minutes"

9 february 2003

Present: Gayle, Cari, Gabe, Seth, Immer, Vanessa, Perlman, Mac, Griska, Jessie, Dov

Visiting: Briel, Laurabeth, Laura, Sophie, Dade, Catherine Monday (tomorrow) 9 pm Strike Wednesday Midnight (we should come sooner) Initiation next Tuesday 11 pm PW meeting Strike List:

  • Mac = run strike
  • Cari + Jessie = costume room (Perlman = office)
  • Gayle = bathroom
  • Griska = misc. alcove
  • Maya = shop alcove
  • Seth = dumpster boy
  • Gabe = on the floor

Gabe will bring a shovel.

Strike is Monday (tomorrow) at 9 pm!!!

Laurabeth and Laura -
want to put on a queer theater event in April. They are looking for space. Week in the Space, the Underground, etc. . .
Jessie = liason

2nd slot - Show has been cast. Jason Siegal might drop out.
Maya = bozo
They have show packets.
Key: James's key will be split by Ezra and Ben.
Ben Clarendon wants to build over Long Weekend. 1st slot - HM's, remember to close and lock doors.

Off-site - David is making a poster, etc. Let us know, David, if you need help copying, postering, etc.

Week in the Space = April 21 - 28
Decision Meeting = March 5th (and 6th) 11 pm - 1 am
Proposals due February 27th
Ben Asriel is looking for a PM.
Vanessa will make a poster.
Cari = mentor.

New Directors = May 2 - 5
Let potential directors start looking for a script.
We will publicize and set due dates and decision dates later.

3rd slot -
Dov = mentor

Grants -
Immer made a poster.
Vanessa will make copies.

Let's make a sandwich board (or two!). Mac and Griska will do that.


Mac -
fixed the dimmers. =)

Cable: let's buy new cable. (Cari has prices.) Buy ten (or so) 50 foot (or so) pieces and run them (and speaker wire) and tie to the top of the truss, so that pigtails hang at crosspieces. Let's number the connectors.

Challenges of Lighting in Bigelow. (let's put in the show packet)

Dov -

MF: Claire = archivist
We could archive at the Hay.
Gayle and Claire will talk.

We need screw gun batteries.

Mac will be on top of getting new batteries.

We can't use recs at Benny's any more. Dov is trying to work out a deal with Adlers and Diane.

Immer -
there's a nice old man who will be coming to our shows.

Catherine -
brought us her grant form. The grants subcommittee will meet this week and Jessie will email Catherine before Long Weekend.

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 18th 11 pm

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Maya Bruhns, Cari Cymanski, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey, Liz Drew (on leave), and Michael Linden (on leave).


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Taken by Gayle, htmlized by garland.

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