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"Production Workshop Minutes"

20 april 2003

Present: David, Blair, Maya, Garland, Perlman, Rouse, Gayle, Cari, Mac, Seth, Jessie, Dov

Visiting: Matt Biagini, Emily Drumsta, Dade Veron, Gloria, Annabel Topham, Krista Knight, Alex

“How to Love An Asian Woman” Usher List:

  • Friday, April 25 8 pm - HM Cari, Gabe, Garland
  • Saturday, April 26 8 pm - HM Rouse, Dov
  • Sunday, April 27 8 pm - HM Blair, Maya
  • Monday, April 28 8 pm - HM Jessie, Perlman, David

Postering = Gayle (she will delegate or do it herself)

Gloria - came to us with a grants proposal for making a film over the summer. Grants subcommittee should meet as soon as they can, preferably before next week's meeting.

Dance-O-Matic Strike Monday, April 21st at 9:30 pm. Rehang some duv, rehang some lights, possibly reconfigure seating platforms (fire marshall issues: maybe just remove some chairs?) . . .

Life Is A Dream - Congratulations Seth! Auditions = Tues 8 - 11:30, Wed 7 - 10
Posters: Blair made posters. Gayle will poster today. Dov and Rouse will poster tomorrow (Monday).
Want Commencement housing: tell Blair your SISD number and room number
Looking for a props designer and ME. (Dov might ME)
Rights - Seth talked with translator Honig. Will let us know.

ADOCH - Tuesday, April 22 11 pm Workshop led by Jessie and Gabe
Wednesday, April 23 11:30 am Maya, Gabe; Noon - 1:30 Gayle, Cari, Griska
Gabe will make copies of “what is pw” and “come to A Day in the Space” (Gayle will make a map)
A Day in the Space:
1:30 - 4 pm Cari
2:30 -4 Maya
3 - 4 Rouse
Gabe, Seth and Griska are in charge of pizza and whiskey (no barbeque)
Everyone, stop by when you have time. . .

Board BBQ = David. Let's think about a time. David, delegation's allowed too.

New Directors -
Need stage managers!!!! Try TA 3 and TA 25

1st slot -
Moved the decision meeting and proposal due dates back:

Proposals due to mentor: Saturday, April 26
Proposals Due: Monday, April 28
Decision meeting: Wednesday, April 30th 9 am

Grad student Paige McGinley proposing Naomi Iizuka's play “Skin” (is it really a modern adaptation of Woyzcek?)
TALK UP PROPOSING TO FIRST SLOT! Calendar - we unanimously voted in favor of Calendar 4:

  • Sept 19th-22nd 1st Slot in Bigelow
  • Sept 6th 2nd Slot Decision Meeting
  • October 4th 3rd Slot Decision Meeting
  • October 10th-13th 2nd Slot in TF Green (Rehearsals beginning Sept. 15th in TF Green) ) (No Mandatory Design Week for this slot)
  • October 17th-20th 3 Chairs 2 Cubes/New Directors (Parents� Weekend)
  • November 14th-17th - 3rd Slot in TF Green
  • Dec 5th-8th Musical Forum in TF Green

What exactly the one week-long event will be is TABLED. Think about it. . .


* Rouse - Saturday, April 26th 9 am in Leeds there will be a workshop performance of “Transforming Jimmy Dalton”. Come!

* Cari - Roofer's union protest outside TF Green.

* Perlman - Dean J is mad at him.

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Maya Bruhns, Cari Cymanski, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Gayle MacDonald, Garland McQuinn, David Myers, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey, Liz Drew (on leave), and Michael Linden (on leave).


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Taken by Gayle, htmlized by garland.

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