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"Production Workshop Minutes"

29 september 2002

Present: Gayle, Griska, Immer, Jessie, Cari, Mac, Dov, Linden, Gabe, David, Perlman.

Visiting: Nina Mamikunian, Erica Saleh, Allison Carter (grant for magazine), Carter (TD), Nick Risteen (SD), James Egelhofer (MF)
Visiting New Member Applicants: Maya Bruhns, Erica Saleh, Emily Young, Matt Biagini, Briel Steinberg, Maura Finagan, Caitlin Marshall

New Members: Introductions. . . they gave us their applications. Nina & Erica & Allison: Are making a magazine: “Slip of the Tongue.” Workshop to publication. Would like to apply for a grant. Want money and the Upspace.

Mac - Yes, this is just the sort of thing students should apply for grants for.

David - they should write up a formal application and give it to us. Then we will decide whether to give them some, all or none of what they are asking for. 2nd Slot Budget: Budget requested by Immer:
$75 Props
$50 Costumes
$500 Set
$60 Publicity
$20 Misc.
$700 Total

Set: plywood, luon, sod/grass, hinges
Reusable part of set: plywood, hinges

Mac - there�s a reel-to-reel in the Cave and tapes in Orwig.

David - the set is artistically necessary.

Linden - PW is about working within constraints.

Mac - what bothers him about the budget is that they didn't try to trim it down.

Cari - It looks like they just ignored the constraints.

Maya - Look for scrap stuff in PW.

Carter - the boxes are expensive

General discussion about the fact that this show does not need to pay for rights, the insanity of the Beckett rights people, references to Equus's $750 budget. Reaffirmation that we decide these things on a case by case basis.

Dov - doesn't feel like they're bending to the 5 lb bag. Wants to see them struggle to get creative.

Perlman - 2 debates: 1. Artistic debate. 2. Value of working within constraints.

Gabe - they are one week behind; we need to pass a budget now.

Hinges will be paid for by PW because we can use them again.

$600 Budget passed unanimously. (11) Linden - meeting with Laplant and Dean J - they discussed electrical outlets and utility lighting and casually it was mentioned that they would like to start “abating” in mid-November. Construction would begin in mid-December. They will begin right after third slot so they can be finished in August.

Deadlines = moving targets

Mac - saying no gets us nowhere.

Linden - we have a commitment to Musical Forum

Gabe - practical concerns; we need to prepare T. Bigs

Linden - also, they said we may not be able to use the Downstairs Space for storage.

Matt Biagini - would love PW to be ready for next year

James - Will it (letting them in a month early) really help? MF will be asking for a lot of help: borrowing lights, using our shop equipment, etc

Mac - if we say no, PW definitely won't be ready for next Sept. If we say yes, it might.

Perlman - next fall we could be performing in T. Bigs. MF should have PW for this slot.

Jessie - thinks the administration is negotiable.

Dov - thinks it's worth it to let them in.

Emily - We need to imbue the space of T. Bigs with the same glory as PW. Moving could cause breaks in the momentum; we need to strive for it to be a continuation. We should give MF PW.

Mac - doesn't think T. Bigs could be ready for MF. The deadlines are not arbitrary.

Proposal: if you can get MF in Leeds/anywhere, then go!

David - we need to maintain a strong connection to MF. People love musicals; let's start T. Bigs with a musical. How much can actually get done?

Immer - I think we can make it a theater. Moving during finals = BAD! Let's start now. Let's say yes and ask them for help: storing our stuff, etc.

Gabe - echoes Immer. It's not our place to speculate on when they'll finish. Goal: to have T.F. Green online in September. Let's get T. Bigs up right now. We should guarantee MF a space today.

Linden - Motion: we move to T. Bigs now. We promise MF T. Bigs.

Mac - Ask for more help from Dean J.

James - MF would take Leeds over T. Bigs.

Dov - Motion: Come into T. Bigs after 3rd slot. We need help. Let's get MF set up in a space.

Perlman - this would mean making MF the guinea pig for T. Bigs. Proposers did not propose for T. Bigs. Plan A. MF gets Leeds. Say yes. Plan B. MF doesn't get Leeds. Say no.

Straw Vote: 9 say MF in T. Bigs, 2 say MF in T.F. Green

Jessie - Relationship to MF needs to change. We need to give them a lot of help.

Mac - doesn't think we have the ability to put MF in T. Bigs. The only option = MF in Leeds.

Linden - T. Bigs is all we have.

Dov - Have in mind: T. Bigs or Leeds.

Cari - Let's get MF Leeds or give them TF Green. Could T. Bigs be viable?

Griska - Vote on options:
1. MF in TF Green (O votes)
2. If MF doesn't get Leeds/some other space, then MF in TF Green. (5 votes)
3. If MF doesn't get Leeds/some other space, then MF in T Bigs. (5 votes)

Dov - It's more important not to fuck MF over than to be back in TF Green in September.

Perlman - We have the right to question their timing.

Dov - We need commitment from the administration.

James - is concerned that the theater (T. Bigs) won't be viable.

Linden - We need help from the administration: electricity, etc.

Proposal: Dean J etc, we want you to get into TF Green in mid-November and we have a commitment to Musical Forum. Put pressure on Spencer and ask for electrical specs, etc by certain deadlines. We should make a list of what we need and when.

David - We define “viable theater space.” Finals is a hard time to rally troops to move.

Mac - We promised MF
a. a floor to nail into
b. 85 dimmers
c. a grid

Gabe - we're all being cynical. This is a double standard of us not trusting grown-ups. (Sam's memory is with us. . . =))

Linden - Proposal:
Deadlines for administration for T. Bigs
Pressure on Spencer.
Get out of TF Green

Perlman -
Tomorrow, depending on what Spencer says, we:
- “yes” - we move out of TF Green
- “no” - pressure or we give MF TF Green
- “maybe” - Linden proposal

Emily - If we strongarm Spencer, he will strongarm us back.

Motion: Spencer says no, we put T Bigs online (3 in favor)

Motion: Spencer says no, we ask Dean J for a written guarantee that she will provide the help we need in order to put T. Bigs online by November 18th. If she won't give us a guarantee, then we give MF TF Green. (9 in favor: PASSED)

Motion: If Spencer says no, we will not pursue Leeds. (8 in favor; PASSED)

Mac - what would we be sacrificing if we said no? Maybe 2 slots.

Motion: Spencer says no, and Dean J meets conditions, then we give MF T Bigs. (7 in favor: PASSED)

Spencer says maybe = Spencer says no.

Meeting about moving - Wednesday Midnight

Electricity - Dov, Mac, etc are on top of it.

New Members meeting is next Monday at 11:30 pm.

Party - Cari and Linden in charge. Party managers should go be trained.

3rd slot proposal posters need to be hung up; Cari will make a poster and get copies in the SAO by noon tomorrow. POSTER!

Upstairs Update:
BSR concert October 31st, 10 pm. We'll need monitors.

Server - Cari needs to talk to Andrew. We can't just buy a new server. She should ask about data recovery. She would like other places to go besides the bookstore for fixing. Suggestions?

We should paint the floor black. Mac will get the paint.

Mac wants to buy paint supplies. Fine. He will become the Paint Nazi.

Let's buy David's monitor for $50.

Archiving, Upspace conversation, Gabe's workshops, Momentum, and Grants are all TABLED.

A “what is a viable space” meeting tomorrow (Monday) night at 11 pm in the Upspace. All PW and MF board members welcome. Not mandatory.

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Cari Cymanski, Liz Drew, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Michael Linden, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse and Mac Vaughey.


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