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"Production Workshop Minutes"

22 september 2003

Present: Gabe, Perlman, Griska, Jessie, Mac, Immer, Cari, Gayle, Seth, Dov, David, Linden

Visiting: Ben Clarendon (applying as a new member), Ollie Rasini (costumes 2nd slot), James Egelhofer (MF), Carter (TD 2nd slot), Sam (Sound 2nd slot), Nick Risteen (set 2nd slot), Zina Miller, Matt (Cobab)

2nd slot:
Budget - David would like to request more than $500 because of
- reel-to-reel tape recorder
- muscle suit
- possibly more for set
He will put together and bring an itemized budget proposal to next week's meeting.

Wants help finding a stage manager, props person and ASM's. We'll put it in our email.

Auditions: In the Downstairs Space.
The board will help run auditions.
Wednesday 7-10:30 Perlman, Jessie
Thursday 7-10:30 Cari, Gayle
Friday Callbacks Time TBA Dov, Cari

Equus Strike: Monday 10:45 pm
Run Strike - Immer
Floor - Gabe, Linden
Costumes - Cari
Furniture - Jessie, Seth
Upspace - Seth
Electrics - Griska (upstairs), Gayle (downstairs)
Shop (and Inner Shop) - Dov
Box office, Dressing rooms - Perlman
Hot Room - David

Oct 7th - 3rd slot proposals due to mentor
Oct 10th - 3rd slot proposals due
Oct 12th - 3rd slot decision meeting
Oct 15 - 18 - 3rd slot performs
Nov 18th - Dec 9th - MF

Off-site cancelled! Unanimous.

Workshops - 12 plays to read. We'll choose 2 or 3. We'll perform in the Upspace.

Script-readiing subcommittee: Gabe, Seth, Cari, Gayle, Immer

Set Design Workshop: (Nov 24th?)
Think about encouraging/requiring apprentices on shows.
Subcommittee: Perlman, Cari, Jessie, Dov, Gayle, Griska

3rd slot mentors: Gayle and Cari
Let's design a feedback form about the proposing/mentoring process.

New Members: If they want to read old accepted applications, let them. They should send rough drafts to David. They need to come with their applications to next week's board meeting. Sunday, 1 pm.

Upspace: Email Gabe.
Thesy can have November 1-3.

Board not obligated to do lights and clean. Monitoring can become taxing.

David - it's their job not to expect anything and our job to do everything.

Linden - Do we restructure the way we use the Upspace? He thinks no.

Perlman - PM's of US shows come to board meetings? General dissent.

Immer - We just need to very concretely lay out our expectations.

Gabe - We should let it be: “for people who really want to do something, we have a space; not advertise the space.”

Dov - We can't make this decision now.

Cari - We need to encourage people, so we don't just get the same people.

Gabe - we should get people who have seen stuff in the Upspace.

Linden - It doesn't matter why people want to do stuff; the Upspace is open to anyone. If we limit it, it will add to the perception that PW is a closed community. We should advertise so we can't be called elitist.

Seth - We could impose control to encourage diversity.

Dov - Create a color-coded calendar!

David - philosophically, it is an open space. Practically, this would mean trying to define other people's schedules.

Gabe will email out the Miranda rights and we will discuss them next week.
Upspace discussion tabled for next week. Retreat - 8 pm - Midnight Friday September 27th
Cari and Gayle will organize.


Jessie - Momentum: board-sponsored
A couple weekends a semester. Some master classes. Wants some money: maybe $500 a semester. She will talk to the lecture board - tabled until next week.

Let's make 2 calendars for next semester: a T.F. Green calendar and a T. Bigs calendar.

Cobab - PM's will email Gabe about any rehearsal/performance not 7 - 11. Cobab will tell us about all concerts.

Cari - Server. Fixing would cost $400 ish - about the price of the server. She will do research.
Should we buy a nicer new server? Ask other boards for money.
We can put it in McGarty's studio. Gayle and Dov will talk to him.

Temporary website - on Gabe's Earthlink or where Jeff has the DUG site or where ARRR has their site. Ask Sam (about server and creating a link)

Dov - Wants to give money and space to Norm to have a weekly fight class. We could do it in T. Bigs or the Upspace. Dov will apply for a grant.

Perlman -
Initiation has been changed to October 9th, midnight.

David - he will get back to us next week about the possibility of buying his monitor.

Contact sheets - I will bring physical copies for everyone next week.

Postering for 2nd slot auditions: Griska, Cari, Immer

We can sign out keys to T. Bigs from South Wayland. In three weeks, we will be given keys.

MF can rehearse in T. Bigs. (objections?)

Grants - Seth: We have funds. Come to us with special requests. How much? Should we advertise in our email? How should we label them?

Zina gives us her love. . .

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Cari Cymanski, Liz Drew, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Michael Linden, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse and Mac Vaughey.


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