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"Production Workshop Minutes"

8 september 2002

Present: Gayle, Immer, David, Griska, Gabe, Jessie, Perlman, Linden, Seth

Next meetings:
*Wednesday, September 11th: 11 pm - 1 am Bigelow Theater
*Sunday, September 15th: 1 pm PW

Server �
Gayle will talk to Blodgett. It could live with Gayle. It could live in Perkins with Rosie (Immer) or with Julia Ostrov in Young O. Gabe or Griska could host the site on earthlink.

Equus �
Going well. Dov is helping to design the roof. Building is a little behind. Immer is buying screws, new drill bits, etc out of PW budget (not show budget). None of the outlets in the Downstairs Space work. Gabe will call the right people about that. There are only two screw guns and only two batteries. We will all look for the missing (borrowed?) screw guns this week and will reevaluate the situation next week and buy more screw guns and batteries if necessary.

We should put a sign on Theater Bigelow: PW coming soon! Should/could we move our sign?

We should email the list that the website is down.

Momentum wants to apply for a grant.

We need to have a discussion. How much money do we have? Need to set upper limits for money to give to individual projects, to semester-long organizations, etc.

Grants subcommittee = David, Seth, Jessie, Gabe
They will report back next week.

Reserving audition spaces - Griska
Linden talked to Dean Inman about Bigelow. Locks and keys coming soon. Need to set up a meeting soon of technically-inclined board members with Facilities Management and electricians to talk about fire codes, electricity, etc.

Technical Subcommittee = Mac, Dov, Griska
(if you need more people, take Immer and Gayle) Email Linden possible meeting times in the coming week.

What to Bring to Bigelow
We should walk through PW some time and discuss what to throw out, store, bring, etc. We need to take an inventory after Equus strike. Props and costume rooms we could start inventorying now.

physical-space Bigelow meeting will be
Wednesday, September 11th: 11 pm - 1 am.
No alcohol. Be on time.
Emperor of the Equus Strike = Immer + ???
They will create a groundplan of the Downstairs Space, where everything will be stored and paths between it all.

Archiving the Space Subcommittee = Jessie, Linden, David, Griska.
They will photograph walls, show names, rooms, space, etc.

Goodbye to Space Event: Friday, September 27th
Instead of the retreat, we will have a Goodbye to Space event.
Subcommittee = Linden, Cari, ???
Get a liquor license for the party.

We will need vans for moving. When/how do we get them?
Jessie will print out the PW testimonies for the archives.

Linden will ask Jablonski et al about the holes in the ceiling.

Gabe's Workshops:
2 interested playwrights: Thomas Beatty and Karola Kreitmar

Play-Reading Subcommittee = Seth, David
Leeds is still being pursued. Gabe will send Jessie a blurb for the email.

Leeds should not be the Upstairs Space - a nicer theater space than the Bigs.

Remember we have a lot of faculty support: Spencer, John Emigh, Michael McGarty.

Make sure we move the plaques.

Missing plugs and lamps. Gayle will call Barbizon. If we need lamps now for Equus, Gayle and Griska will go get them.

Jessie - Andrew's mom is a costume designer and has a barnfull of costumes she'd like to donate.

Costume Subcommittee = Jessie, Immer, Cari
We need to think about how to store things in the Downstairs Space.
Target: buildable wardrobes, rolling plastic racks, etc for costumes. We need to think about possibilities and square footage. A rack for lights?

Linden - we could ask for a little money from Inman for storage.

There will probably be a midnight show Saturday. There is a design run Monday (9/9) at 7 pm.
Production Managers are responsible for bring the cast/crew reserve list. House Managers are responsible for bringing the online reserves. (If the server is still not working and we can't do online ticketing, we will reserve tickets at the Blue Room in the old school method.
Capacity for Equus: 80 + 20ish if audience sits on the edge of platforms.
Perlman will usher every night to explain seating, etc.

Second Slot:
Griska, Immer, and Jessie will poster on Monday.

Gabe (2nd slot mentor) - 3 proposals: Immer with “Endgame”, David with plays of Myers and Beckett, and Adrienne Jones with a Tennessee Williams play. Gabe will compile a list of staff needed.

Second slot decision meeting - Saturday September 21st. A time has not yet been set. 10 am?

Linden will make a New Members poster and bring it to next week's meeting.
Everyone needs to think about storage needs and possibilities for their rooms.

Perlman - office
Jessie - props + furniture
Griska - electrics, sound
Seth - props + furniture, Upspace
Gabe - Upspace, office
David - hot room, costumes
Immer - shop
Dov - shop
Cari - costumes
Gayle - electrics, inner office
Mac - ??? Paint? Girl's dressing room?

We need to have an off-site meeting. What does off-site mean? What would its budget be?

Off-site decision meeting = Sunday, September 29th.
(Passed show people will come to the Oct. 6th meeting.)

Agenda for 9/11:
Storage (racks, groundplan)
What to bring
Floor, electricity
What to buy/rent (dimmer packs)

Agenda for 9/15:
Second slot
New Members (poster)
Schedule Off-site meeting (budget, etc)
Who's in charge of paint room and girl's dressing room?
Access to Bigelow?
Vans? Actual moving
Technical (Bigs)
Costumes (Andrew's mom)
Emperor of Strike
Archiving the Space
Goodbye Event
Gabe's Workshops

PW is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Cari Cymanski, Liz Drew, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Michael Linden, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse and Mac Vaughey.


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