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"Production Workshop Minutes"

5 september 2002

Future of Bigelow Meeting

Present: Perlman, Linden, Griska, Seth, Dov, Jessie, Gabe, David, Gayle, Immer.

Next meeting: Sunday, September 8, Noon
Day in the Space 2 - 6

Seth is coming off leave. =)

Design Workshops (Perlman)
Students teaching. An email would be sent out: interested students would be asked to read a certain play. Actors could be found from TA 3 or TA 23. It could happen perhaps the first Sunday of every month.

Dov - We would need interest.

Jessie - Design workshops could be a part of Momentum. She would like to apply for a grant for Momentum: have master classes, student workshops and a calendar for the whole year.

Linden - We should encourage (or require) apprenticeship on shows. Make it a part of the proposal.

From Page to Stage (Perlman)
Staged reading October-ish, workshop production February-ish, full production May-ish

Staged Readings (Perlman)
3 - day slots: audition day 1, rehearsal day 2, run-thru and performance day 3
Not memorized. Expose people to new work and let students direct.

Calendar: (Linden)
We will do two “regular” slots in Bigelow. Also a fully-produced “off-site” PW show. Our final slot will first be offered to Musical Forum, but if they choose not to take it (deadline October 15th) we will put something fun in there. We will also do Grants, probably do Gabe's workshop thing, Momentum, Palimpsest, etc.

Sept 17 - 2nd Slot Proposals to Mentor (Gabe)
Sept 19 - 2nd Slot Proposals Due
Sept 21 - 2nd Slot Decision Meeting
Sept 27 - PW Retreat
Sept 24 - Off-Site Slot Proposals Due to Mentor (Did not decide - have to Sunday)
Sept 26 or 27 - Off Site Slot Proposals Due
Sept 28 or 29 - Off-Site Slot Decision Meeting
Sept 29 - New Member Applications Due
Oct 1 - In Bigelow Theatre
Oct 6 - New Members Decision Meeting
Oct 10 - New Member Initiation
Oct 14 - 3rd Slot Proposals to Mentor (Did not decide)
Oct 15 - MF Deadline for Reserving Final Slot
Oct 17 - 3rd Slot Proposals Due
Oct 19 - 3rd Slot Decision Meeting
Oct 25-28 - 2nd Slot
Nov 1-4 - Off-Site Slot
Nov 22-25 - 3rd Slot
Dec 6-9 - Final Slot - Currently Reserved for MF

New Directors (Gayle)

Work in Progress (Gayle)

No due dates. We must know 10 days prior. Grants due on Sundays. We won't give money to other organizations and we don't have to give to non-theater things. We need to know that the money was spent on what they said they would spend it on. We need to write up a policy, like the Miranda Policy for the Upstairs Space, for grants. Need mentors.
Be able to give people phone numbers and ideas for places for their shows.

Grants will take the place of the Upstairs Space.

Providence Youth Playwrighting Festival (“Play!”) (Jessie)

Will talk with Michael McGarty more. Will try to get Leeds. Will talk to talented playwrights to generate interest. Hopefully sometime in October.

The Grad Playwrighting Theater is having an undergraduate slot in the New Plays Festival. Maybe we could feed into that.

Need to decide what to bring to Bigelow and make physical set-up decisions.
(i.e. floor, grid, power)
(Play the game: “I�m going to Bigelow and I will bring. . .”)

Site-Specific (Jessie)
We should do a site-specific event. Choose a place, select maybe three proposals (completely different, short, back-to-back) when the weather is good.

David - The board's job is not to create but to allow and enable theater to happen.

Gabe - People will be skeptical about the viability of Bigelow as a theater.

Linden - We need to show that PW is still alive and that Bigelow is a viable theater space. We will take proposals for 2nd slot; if we don't get any, we do a board show (“The Cherry Orchard”…)

Mentoring - umbrella and individual mentors generates best proposals.

PW is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Cari Cymanski, Liz Drew, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Michael Linden, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse and Mac Vaughey.


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