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"Production Workshop Minutes"

2 september 2002

Present: Immer, David, Perlman, Gabe, Griska, Gayle, Jessie, Linden

Visiting: Anne Martin

Next Meeting: Future of PW in Bigelow
Thursday, September 5th 11pm. Meet at the Upstairs Space.

Next Board Meeting:
Sunday, September 8th Noon Upstairs Space
2 - 6 A Day in the Space

Equus budget: Perlman explained that with $750, $160 would go to rights, $350 could go to set, $75 to costumes and $80 to masks (the rest going for copying, etc). A budget of $750 was passed unanimously by members present. (8/11)

Adam Griska will sound design Equus.

Equus will probably have a midnight show and an invited dress.

Theater Open House - we decided not to step on Mainstage's toes by bringing freshmen back to PW after the meeting.

Gabe proposed an interboard meeting between Sock & Buskin and PW. PW is an independent and student-run organization which does something valuable and different from mainstage. It would be an informal event with representatives from both groups. David Myers would like to be one of the reps. (The DUG meeting will perhaps solve some of these divisions as well.)

Big Meeting about generating ideas about Bigelow and this year: 11 pm, Thursday September 5. We will meet in the Upstairs Space but hopefully have the meeting in Bigelow. Linden will be in touch with Dean J about keys.

New Members:
We need more people. (Gabe)
Take applications before move, accept afterwards. (Linden)
We shouldn't have the board in flux at the same that PW is in flux. (Jessie)
*New Members Applications due: board meeting, Sunday, Sept. 29th
*New Members Decision Meeting: Monday, October 7th, 11pm
*Initiation: Thursday, October 10th, Midnight

David Myers and Michael Perlman are in charge of New Members.

Momentum and Palimpsest will be happening in the Upspace during September.

Palimpsest: Thursday, September 12th, 11:15 pm

Lights can stay in the Upstairs Space. There will be an Electrician's Party, perhaps on Friday. Gayle, Griska, Immer, Dov and whoever else would like to come may.

Immer bought Daily Jolt baby ads for $21.60 per show. PW is also listed in the Events Calendar.

The monitor attached to the light board is David's monitor, so we need to find/buy a new one in the next week.

Griska has the extra show keys. Immer took them to give to Garland.

Workshops and grants tabled for Thursday.

Brainstorming for Thursday's Meeting:

Linden: Movable floor (24 x 24) bulit of stock platforms so we could drill into it. We should do a combo of old and new: some normal slots, additionally or simultaneously do grants and site-specific shows.

David: Site-specific shows! Boundaries inspire creativity. We can do more shows (less money for each). Film! Real community-building. About playwrighting workshops, he has doubts because of the lack of playwrights and good plays on campus.

Immer: Bigelow would be a fantastic rehearsal space. Having a designated rehearsal space could facilitate site-specific shows. We could also build in Bigelow. Also, it is great that PW produces fully-developed theater (technically). Bigelow could be a Really Nice Theater.

Griska: Especially in winter, it would be better for Bigelow to not just be a rehearsal space, but rather a performance space. Will we have access to the Downstairs Space? Will we be given temporary off-site storage? What we bring with us will define what we will be able to do. A movable floor will probably not be adequate; we will also need to lay down a sub-floor. We should take advantage of the move to take an inventory.

Gayle: This year could be a combination of normal slots, PW-sponsored events (workshops, New Directors, etc), grants for site-specifc shows, and Upstairs Space very short slots. We need to be thinking about and organizing our move to Bigelow very soon.

Gabe: Very in favor of student-written work. New Directors! Bigelow is a better theater than some off-off-Broadway theaters.

Jessie: We've been spoiled with our beautiful theater. We will need technical support for our site-specific shows. We'll need to get permission and protect sets from vandals. We should perform in Leung! (perfect full circle for PW) We should hang up a campus map with pins for PW; everywhere a PW show performs IS PW.

Linden will talk to Dean J about the Upstairs Space in the Underground.

Perlman: Board performance! Stage readings! Teaching! Don't let this slow us down. Idea: Weekly design workshops - use scenes from acting classes. Designers discuss what they would do with the scene. He is fascinated by the theater process; let's let the audience see that. Show the progression: staged reading, workshop performance, full performance. Let people see discussion afterwards between playwright, director and actors. We will be removing another fourth wall and exposing what we do. We can book outside spaces like Wilson, etc.

David: Let's write these ideas up. (With specifics, dates, etc) Make a draft calendar if we like. Solidify our ideas. Bring to Thursday's meeting.

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Cari Cymanski, Liz Drew, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Michael Linden, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse and Mac Vaughey.


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