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"Production Workshop Minutes"

27 october 2002

Present: Gayle, Vanessa, Perlman, Gabe, Jessie, Dov, Cari, Immer, Griska, Maya, Mac, David

Visiting: James, Jaime, Dov's parents

2nd slot - going great!

3rd slot - the TD Michael Peart has met with Mac. Maybe at Strike they can build the eighth platform (with the trap) out of plywood from the stress skin.
HM speech won't be in the Downstairs Space.

MF - Hell week subcomittee (James (MF), Jaime (Endgame), Mac (PW), Perlman (WSS), Maya (AK), Laura Jellinek (?), someone from Green Bird?) will meet Wednesday at 5 pm in T. Bigs.
Dov will try to get us a permanent key.
We should let MF know how long they can be in T. Bigs as soon as we know.

T. Bigs Subcommittee = Mac, Griska and Dov
They're in charge of figuring out flooring, walls, lighting, etc
They will petition UFB for money.
See if we can get an extension of SAO purchase orders (after the last day of classes) - Mac will talk to Dean Inman.

Upspace/T. Bigs Update - Halloween BSR concert:
8 pm Set up: Gayle and Gabe
9 - 11: Cari, Mac, Gayle
11 - 1: Dov, Maya
No drinking in the space. With two monitors, have one at the door and one prowling around.

Some movie guy wants to be in the upspace Friday November 8th during the day. We'll let him be there til 6 pm.

T. Bigs - West Side Story can have it any time we don't need it.

Cari told the Brown Band they couldn't be in the Upspace last Friday. That's cool with us.

Running strike = Mac
Dumpster boy = Gabe
Really pack everything in; get a sledgehammer
Needs someone to physically break stuff Shop = Dov, Immer
Throw away scrap 2×4 from shop (let Michael Peart decide what he needs)
Need 5/6 people
Note: Dirt boxes are very heavy - think of a clever plan Costumes = Cari, Vanessa Take stuff from Men's Dressing Room, need a car (Griska, Perlman. . .) Throw away scraps. Electrics = Gayle (floor), Griska (up)
Depending on space in dumpster, throw away broken lights.
Fix cable: Griska will be connectors from Treehouse tomorrow; Mac will get him a PO
Take down all movable pipe and cheeseboroughs (Garland can put back up whatever she needs) Hot Room = David Piano: throw away the sound board Move extra 4×8's (all 4×8's in the Hot Room) to T. Bigs - Mac's truck. Dov will bring David the key to T. Bigs sometime Monday afternoon. Everything going into storage should be put in the elbow of the Upspace.

Office = Perlman Boxes (Maya will bring some, Mac will buy some, Vanessa might find some) Furniture Room = Jessie, Maya Hand props can be boxed. Immer will let them know about potential McCormack furniture storing. We'll pile up benches to block off all the stuff in the elbow of the Upspace. Need 4/5 people. Dressing Rooms = Linden

Paint Room - Everything will be thrown away once Endgame doesn't need it. Michael Peart will be in charge of that.

Sound - Griska will take down all the sound stuff. Endgame doesn't need any sound. PROPOSALS

We'll save our big proposal workshop for early next semester. We're going to poster like crazy, tableslip, talk about proposing in the HM speech, put a blurb in the programs, put it in every email, and we'll make a point of talking to people who are thinking of proposing and encouraging people who we think should propose to propose.

Immer is our publicity man. Vanessa has put herself in charge of hounding us all to poster and to set us a good example.

Party - Email Cari to remind her to get on the party form. We'll give her $250 and we will give the beer away for free, but we'll be strict about no underage drinking and we'll man the bar.

Archiving - Griska and Jessie will take pictures.


David - Steve Kidd will not be performing on Monday. Thomas Beatty will perform in his place.

Encourage people to come see “2 out of 4.”

Let's put PW in the Parent's Weekend brochure in the future.

Jessie - let's make a video of the space.

Maya - go to Montreal!

Server - hasn't been bought yet.

Momentum has turned into Inertia. . . maybe next semester: Jessie needs some help.

Dov - let's postpone Set Design Workshop until there's more interest, better timing, more publicity
- Make sure doors are locked
- Upspace was a big mess. CLEAN!

Next week's meeting = Sunday 11 am

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Maya Bruhns, Cari Cymanski, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Michael Linden, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey, and Liz Drew (on leave).


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Taken by Gayle, htmlized by garland.

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