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"Production Workshop Minutes"

14 october 2002

Present: Gayle, Cari, Linden, Jessie, Perlman, Maya, Vanessa, Immer, Mac, David, Dov

Visiting: Laura Jellinek, James Egelhofer, Allison Geffner, Jaime Green, Cassie Tharinger, Nicole Fischler, Briel Steinberg, Dana Kroplick

Thursday, October 17th, 6 pm - move platform in Downstairs Space
Saturday, October 19th, 4 pm Set Design Forum I - talk it up!!!
Sunday, October 20th 1 pm - Board meeting
RETREAT = Saturday October 26th 9 am - 1 pm

3rd slot - “Endgame” directed by Adam Immerwahr. . . congratulations!
Mac = bozo

Allison Geffner, PM of “West Side Story” requested T. Bigs as a rehearsal space. She can have it on an instance by instance basis. Gabe is her contact person.

Jaime Green, PM (with James) of 3rd slot - Auditions will be Thursday evening, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Callbacks will be Saturday evening. Times to Jessie for the email.

Rehearsal spaces:
Sun - Wed (tech week of “2 out of 4”) - “Endgame” doing quiet tablework in the Upspace
Thurs - Mon (“2 out of 4” performing) - “Endgame” in T. Bigs
“West Side Story” - 2nd priority for T. Bigs

Audition space trading will happen.

PM's (who need to know meeting times etc) - Jaime, James, Immer

2nd slot - 2 midnight shows: Friday and Saturday (show runs about 2 hours)
Gabe - let COBAB know!

Move stage back - Thursday 6 pm

Paint for floor! Mac will get paint tomorrow; if you want to come paint, come Wednesday at 11:30 pm.

Run crew - need 4 or 5
Electrics crew - email Griska
Build crew - the set's a little behind: there may be an emergency build call

3rd slot - Decide soon what furniture you'll need.

Storage - we can start putting deep storage in the Upspace elbow

Server - $400 - $500 for a used server
$600 - $700 for a new server (would come with a warranty)
Cari can buy whatever she likes. (A warranty would be hot.)

The front page and web tickets will be up in 2 weeks
everything else up as soon as Cari gets to it
Board site will be up after Christmas break

Blue Room tickets for 2nd slot

Upspace Update - Tuesday 11 pm “Slip of the Tongue”

Grants - “Slip of the Tongue” wants $200 for copying their cover. The proposal looks great. Cut a rec to Metcalf/Kinko's? Passed unanimously.
Not a promise that we'll do the same next semester. We have no limit or line item for grants, but we don't want to spend more than $400 a semester. Scamming has happened in the past. Watch out. David wants to create the Grants Miranda Rights (after “2 out of 4”)

Moving - Laplant Walk-Through
We will be given an unspecified storage location. We need to assume that we won't be able to get at it. The Downstairs Space is definitely out. (we can keep the ladders there.)

Grad playwrighting theater - possibly we could store some furniture there. We could share but we have priority. Immer will work out a proposal with them and show it to us.

MF Storage room (under Metcalf dorm) - let's store all our props there.

Bottege basement room - possibly store costumes there? Cari and Vanessa will talk.

Cari's house - store costumes?

Mac and Cari (at the walk-through) pointed out what goes to the storage facility and tagged what will come to T. Bigs. Everyone needs to be in charge of their room: move what can be moved, ask for help, etc.

Mac will talk to Facilities Management.

2 alcoves = PW storage space

first alcove = “hot room”: seating platforms, stage platforms, chairs, Job Box

second alcove = “mini shop”: saws

store lights in the air?

Mac's truck - we should move things now!

Let's rent a U-Haul at “Endgame” strike! Dave Laplant will try to get us a big dumpster for our next two strikes.

Paint disposal?

THE WEEK FROM HELL = November 18th - 21st

Hell Week Subcommittee = James (MF), Jaime (Endgame), Mac (PW), Perlman (West Side), Maya (AK), Laura Jellinek (?)
coordinate manpower

Lights - reality: move all mainstage lights to Stuart, all PW lights to Leeds

“West Side” also needs: some stock platforms (Dov will know soon)
They shouldn't need anything that's going into deep storage.
Tools: table saw, chop saw, Job Box
Need access to props; already pulling

Rent? Usually $400
PW board is absolved of ushering duties. We will take “responsibility” for moving everything we lend, etc.
We'll charge $400 as usual. No objections.

Set Design Forum - Publicity! Email, talk it up
Set Design Forum I: technical/drafting, Saturday, October 19, 4 pm
Set Design Forum II: “Endgame” read through, Sunday, October 20, time TBA
Dov = contact person
Cari will make the poster. Please poster!!!

Playwrighting Workshop - we want to know the rubric for judging the plays. Let's set some deadlines. Subcommittee = Gabe, Cari, Seth

RETREAT = Saturday October 26th 9 am - 1 pm (Drinking together, dinner at Federal Hill, etc, can happen at different times)

Party - Cari and Linden, November 8th, Friday, time TBA

David - let's have a proposal workshop! Discuss next week.

Jessie - had a virus on her computer. Hopefully the email will be just fine.

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Maya Bruhns, Cari Cymanski, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Michael Linden, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey, and Liz Drew (on leave).


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