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"Production Workshop Minutes"

10 november 2002

Present: Cari, Seth, Immer, Maya, David, Mac, Dov, Perlman, Jessie, Linden, Gayle

Visiting: James, Jaime

Expect meetings to be 2 hours long. Schedule around meetings. If something absolutely important comes up, let the board (and me) know and we will do our best to schedule around you. Also, let me know any business you have and if something like ushering or strike list is coming up, let me know when you'd like to usher and what you're doing for strike. (Griska, I'm sorry I forgot to ask you that.)


Seth - Back from leave! =)
There are some amazing new students interestedin theater. We need to get them in. We're too self-reflexive. Seth's mission: Make young people feel involved.

3rd slot -
Set is behind. They could use help.

Monday (tomorrow) come by the space 1 pm - 7 pm Box props or help with the Endgame set, hang duv. . .

Monday (tomorrow) 11 pm - Seating platforms

Ticketting - James, let Cari know the numbers by Tuesday. We will have online Blue Room tickets. Blodgett and Cari will set it up.

Maya will do tickets.

Perlman - email the whole board the template.

HM speech will be in the upspace. And remember to usher them through the door of the set and across the stage.

  • Thursday 8 pm HM - Linden
  • Friday 8 pm HM - David, Usher - Gayle, Linden
  • Saturday 8 pm HM - Dov & Jessie, Usher - Perlman
  • Sunday 8 pm HM - Mac, Usher - Cari, David
  • Monday 8 pm HM - Seth, Usher - Maya, (Gayle - I could do it but I would rather be hanging Anna lights)

Griska, Gabe, and Vanessa - if you could email the board when you're usherin that would be great. It would be nice to have someone else for Thursday and I would love it if one of you could take my place Monday.

Linden will write up the insert about PW and proposing for the program and email it to Jaime.

Posters will be in the SAO at 2 pm (Tuesday). POSTER!!!!

1st slot -
David = mentor
proposees: Cari, Perlman, ????
David - if everyone could send out an email encouraging people to propose that would be wonderful.
Also, email David names of freshmen who are interested in apprenticing.

Should we create an Apprentice Liason?

Should we revamp our proposal questions?
We decided (for now at least) to take the questions that we found in Jeff's application for the Golem:

  • Why do you want to direct this piece?
  • Why Brown? Why now?
  • Concept/vision and how that will be developed throughout the production.
  • Describe a moment from the show.
  • Describe your rehearsal process and how you will work with designers/technicians
  • Staff and budget

MF -
James - cleaned out MF storage space. Available space maybe 6 x 12 and 9 feet tall. MF would also like to donate their costume and props stock to us. Upspace Update -
MF cabaret Monday at 11 pm

Bigelow Conversion -
Mac - met with Todd Snow from Treehouse

  • thinks there's enough electricity for a 24 dimmer pack. University needs to retrofit the dimmer panel for us.
  • Trussing: Bare minimum - trussing all around outside, maybe also 4 trusses going the short way across. TRUSSING IS EXPENSIVE
  • Rent or buy? We should buy the dimmer pack ($8000) and then use it in the Upstairs space.

Bottom line - we have to find out more about cost and money.

Mac also talked with the Trinity TD about stres skins and cost-effective ways to make the floor.

Let's build a floor over the whole room with sleepers (sleepers are 2 x 4 on face on the floor)
Then we don't have to tear up the carpet or move the floor around.
We'll work on it during finals. A pretty big 3-day project.

Folks, please spend some time this week transporting shit.

ALL LIGHTS AND CABLE NEED TO GET LABELLED! (At strike, let's have a team of labellers.)

David will rent a U-Haul for Monday. Linden will email David what to do.

Calendar -
Calendar 3 (a.k.a Portal To Eternity) (with amendment):

  • (Wed. Jan. 22 - Classes begin)
  • Feb. 1 - 2nd Slot Decision meeting
  • Feb 7 - 10 - First Slot
  • (Feb. 19-23 - Valpariso)
  • Feb 28-March 3 - Second Slot
  • March 1 - Offsite Slot Decision Meeting
  • (March 6-9, March 13-16 - Six Characters)
  • March 8 - 3rd Slot Decision meeting
  • March 14-17 - Musical Forum
  • (March 22-30 Spring Break)
  • (April 10-13, 17-20 - Once Five Years Past)
  • April 11-14 - Offiste Slot
  • April 18-21 - Third Slot
  • April 19 - Commencement Decision meeting
  • April 25-28 - Playwriting Workshop Festival, week 1
  • May 2-5 - Playwriting workshop festival, week 2
  • May 22-25 - Commencement Slot

Passed unanimously.

Off - site - We need to define off-site.
David - need to give it the full support of a pw slot: building, ideas (what it means to work in a particular space), permits
Seth - we need to get directors who we trust to do good thing with our money and with our name.
David - let's give them $400. They propose like a regular slot.
Seth - have a committee leading up to the proposal.
Jessie - Have a board PM
David - and a mentor. Just get specific board members on board.
Voted on a $400 budget. Passed unanimously.
Off-site subcommittee = David, Jessie, Seth? Cari? (sorry, I forgot) Interboard Meeting -
Issues: calendar, publicity, recruiting, email lists
Representatives: Gayle, Cari, Perlman, Dov(?)

Business -

Dov -

  1. Remind the public that PW is not over or on hiatus; we are just moving!
  2. Rusty McGee, used to be highly involved in Brown theater and PW, is erminally ill. Let's find an old program and send him a get well card.
  3. Remember to change Dov's email address.

Gayle -
Tools borrowed from Mainstage not returned yet. I'll email Nick Risteen.

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Maya Bruhns, Cari Cymanski, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Michael Linden, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey, and Liz Drew (on leave).


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