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"Production Workshop Minutes"

20 feb 2002

Attendance: Mac, Alex, Gayle, Neil, Rebecca, Cari, Sam, Gabe, Rachael, Zina, Jessie, Dov

2nd Slot: (Cari, Neil) Don�t have lumber yet. Will be ordered tomorrow morning, arrive Thursday. Grid looks good. Design run looked good. Jerome&Eli are very concerned about our opinion�let�s allay their fears.

WITS: (Alex) Everything is downstairs sharing a schedule in rep. Meeting are upcoming with all parties to iron things out. Gabe still working on getting tech staff. Daveed is open to anything. Jonathan Bederman is interested in light design. Maybe Sam can do a rep design, Jonathan write the cues. There are 2 days to design lights�it�s going to be simple. We didn�t effectively communicate to Kerry on our decision. Let�s be aware of this next time. This is a PR issue�people see our disorganization�let�s be more conscientious and honest with people. All those end of decision meeting details are important!

Retreat: Meet at PW at11pm Friday. We�ll build and chat.

KOBAB/PW Relationship: (Sam) John is accommodating. 7-11 KOBAB is unplugged/on headphones/empty. A lock box system will be implemented.

4th Slot: Proposals due to mentors on 26th, due to mentor 28th.

Lack of Technician: What can we do? Apprentices on proposals!! Let�s discuss this at the retreat. How can we better show younger folks what older folks know? The transfer of knowledge�


Mac: Jarrod borrowed birdies and cable. Let�s keep track of this stuff because all cable looks the same, really.

Dov: 2nd slot update continued: building couldn�t happen as much as it should�ve because we didn�t� have a section�only a ground plan. Actors are really psyched about the process so far.

Alex: We table a lot of things. We can�t forget about these things! Be careful things don�t fall through the cracks. WITS�upspace was given to them week before�has Seth scheduled it too? We need to give it to Kerry and Daveed. Maybe WITS folks get priority and other people get left over bits of time?

Zina: Has to take a mini-leave of absence from post-retreat till Spring Break/April 15

Gabe: Gabe is here to help with PW stuff!

PW is: Alex Aixala, Neil Alger, Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Cari Cymanski, Sarah DiGregorio, Gabe Kahane, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Gayle MacDonald, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, Zina Miller, David Myers, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey and Liz Drew (on leave).


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Taken by Rebecca Rouse?, htmlized by garland.

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