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"Production Workshop Minutes"

28 august 2002

Attending: Gabe, Cari, Seth, Michael Perlman, Jessie, Adam Immerwahr, Michael Linden, Mac, Liz, Gayle, Dov, David

Next Board meeting: Monday, September 2, 11 am, Upspace.

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, August 31:
*5:30 - 8:30 Activities Fair
Monday, September 2:
*11 am Board Meeting
*8:30 - 9:30 Freshman Theater Meeting
Sunday, September 8:
*Noon Board Meeting
*2 - 6 A Day in the Space
Friday, September 27:
*8 pm Retreat

Capacity about 100. We want a lot of people to see this show. Extra shows?
Equus Budget:
Mac presented the set design and advocated extra money for an impressive last set in T.F. Green. Discussion: $700, $750, $800
Vote on Monday.
Perlman - create a UFB Proposal Subcommittee? (to ask for capital to convert Bigelow into a theater)

Freshman Theater Meeting:
8:30 - 9:30 Monday, September 2, Leeds.
Immer, Dov, Mac, Perlman will be there.
Bring freshman to PW afterwards?

A Day in the Space:
Sunday, September 8: 2 - 6
(Board mtg. noon)
Jessie, Perlman, Cari, Mac, Linden, Immer (Gabe 2-4)
Order pizza.
Have another Day in the Space later for Bigelow?

Seth is going on leave for the semester. Wants to stay on the email. Liz is thinking about going on leave.

David, Immer, Perlman, and Garland (Equus TD) need keys.

Subcommittee: Linden, Perlman, Dov, Gayle
Linden will email Jablonski.


Gabe -
New Members:
Should we take New Members early this semester?

Bigelow Ideas:
- New Directors and New Work:
Workshop-style writing, staggered, four weeks of four readings (Gabe)
- Alternate Spaces:
Use Bigelow as rehearsal space and book spaces (Immer)
- SFGT closing (Jessie)
- Providence Youth Playwrighting Festival with New Directors (Jessie)
- Workshops: workshop a show, let it grow, workshop performance in the fall, full performance in the spring (Perlman)

Could PW subsidize Norm to run a workshop on fight choreography? A part of Momentum?
Upspace: What form will it take this year? Can Palimpsest, Momentum, etc book time in Bigelow? Underground?
Bigelow Decision Day:
We need to set a day and time for a long discussion of how Bigelow will work.

Cari - Server will be up Tuesday. Web page and green book will be redesigned (connected to DUG). Talk to Jeff Kurtz or Cari.

Friday, September 27 8 pm. Write it on all your conflict sheets! Sleep in the Space. (Cari, Gayle)

David - Computer monitor. If his is the one connected to the light board, we need to find/buy a new monitor.

Immer - books banner space, buys ads on Daily Jolt, reserves audition spaces

Linden - there will be an Indy story about the Renovations. We should make sure the BDH writes an article on our move.

Goodbye Party for the Space:
Discuss/plan. We need to archive the space as it is.

Gabe - will email out the calendar.

the PW board is: Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Cari Cymanski, Liz Drew, Adam Griska, Adam Immerwahr, Gabe Kahane, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Michael Linden, Gayle MacDonald, David Myers, Michael Perlman, Rebecca Rouse and Mac Vaughey.


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