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"Production Workshop Minutes"

28 april 2003

Attendence: Chris Hayes (Alex), Mac, Dov, Ben Sugar, Zina, Jessie, Lila, Jenny April, Sam, Erica Saleh, Sarah, Rebecca, Neil, Cari, Adam G., Michael, Gayle

1st Slot Welcome! Ben says, Thanks! Auditions should happen by the end of this week to maximize turnout. Mac will try to get a set design by next meeting. Also, bring a budget and staff to next week's meeting. We'll let Ben know as soon as we know about how renovations may or may not affect Equus.

Oklahoma: They will clean up the Upspace. Seating platforms�board will put them up Tuesday at 11.30 if you give us a drawing of how you want them. There will be online reserves as usual. Production manager should come every night at the beginning, also bring hard copy of the reserves. Monitor/box office list:
Thursday 8: Sam
Friday 8: Jessie
Saturday 8:Gayle
Saturday 12: Mac
Sunday 8:Sarah

Fefu update: Adam I.and Nick now see stairway as possible with stock stairs and platforms. Everyone has commencement housing, and the show is cast!

Upspace Update: nothing this week�because of Oklahoma tech week.

Don't Forget!! May 7 at 4pm =Board�BBQ. We will discuss upspace�policy and proposal/mentoring policy�

Don't Forget!! Graduating Board members-please write up something describing what you do for Pdubs and email it to Sam

Beginning of UpSpace Discussion: (to be continued at BBQ May 7th)

Sam: Let's re-examine taking apps for Upspace shows. There have been so many ways it's gone wrong-people don't understand/obey the rules. Let's make a bit more rigid structure.

Alex: It's become a chore. We don't want to be here because we have to. Plays are not necessarily what the upspace is for. Upspace is placing pressure on the DownSpace show. UpSpace shouldn't be the only other theater space on campus.

Lila: Work in Progress and other exciting events should go on. We can't make a too specific policy because we don't know what next year will be like.

Mac: We might get in hot water with the SAO if we say “no” too much-let's find a balance.

Lila: Should we have bozos for the upspace-not people from the board, but people from the group performing?

Alex: Or maybe board sponsors? We need monitor-lounges don't.

Zina: Students won't complain to the SAO because they don't realize that is where they should go to complain. We can't be overly specific�in advance-punk bands should still have a chance to play. Let's not let theater artists take over the UpSpace.

Jessie: The “no performances during tech week” policy really is needed. We don't have a specific enough policy and that's why we always have to say “yes.”�Only get three days in Upspace!! For other rehearsals/performances, you're on your own. This policy was made at the beginning of the year, and we haven't stuck to it. What about PW office hours? A few afternoon hours when someone is always here-but not if COBAB is still here and not soundproofed. Maybe a strict no rehearsals (just performances) policy. So what they can't build a huge set-that means we don't have to let them use the shop-a huge liability. Idealogically, let's not do apps though. Just be stricter with policy.

Sarah: We could empty Upspace of all valuables, change locks so it's only possible to be in the Upspace, and have one Upspace key that gets given away. Then whoever has the space for “Primetime” also has the key and is responsible for negotiating about the space and letting other people in. Let's not do apps-that will mean Upspace decision meetings!

Michael: Let's make a calendar, have requirements they need to hand in on paper-not an app because there's no artistic decision to be made. They get space if they hand in requirements in time.

Lila: Let's think about this: If the UpSpace weren't here, what would happen?

Zina: Keep in mind renovations may affect UpSpace. Also, next semester it will be a small board. That makes it even harder.


Mac: Let's spend$4000 to $5000 on lights.

Gayle:writing up a buying lights proposal. It's $4737.80 for 10 new 36 degree, 2 50 degree, and 8 pars. Adam G. and Neil want to discuss getting new kinds of lights too. Alex: Mainstage is re-doing sound system. Adam G. will ask Tim Hett about PW getting their cast-offs. We will take EVERYTHING they don't want.

Propping the inside UpSpace door is not good. Even�when downspace board member is directing, because Upspace people come in and see a double standard. Upspace should be kept clean and closed when not in use. We need to hold ourselves to even higher standards! Don't be late to interviews! Don't not read proposals and then ask questions! This kind of stuff makes us look very shoddy. Know conflicts enough in advance to clear it with the board that you come to interview/meeting at all.

Taking apart stock? In the future, run it by the whole board first.

Jessie: space that used to be stair storage, let's do something with it. Put up mirrors? Make it a costume construction area?

**Will there be an inter-board BBQ? On the 17th?

PW is: Alex Aixala, Neil Alger, Jessie Austrian, Seth Bockley, Cari Cymanski, Sarah DiGregorio, Gabe Kahane, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Gayle MacDonald, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, Zina Miller, David Myers, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey and Liz Drew (on leave).


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