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"Production Workshop Minutes"

30 september 2001

Attendance: Rachael, Mac, Neil, Rebecca, Seth, Sam, Dov, Sarah, Alex, David, Mac, Lila, Zina, Erica

2nd Slot- Erica: Going well, applied for rights. Can we get the light bulb in the womens' bathroom fixed? Build started. Still need costume builders- Lila will put this in the email. Sewing Machines: Jillian says to get a new presser-foot OR buy a new, used machine.

Upstairs update- David: Oleanna has had huge audiences. (Let's make clear the status of Upstairs shows- it's happening in our space but it's not our show? How much responsibility do we have? It's not our project, we just sponsor it? Should the monitor give a HM speech? Make them give their own HM speech? AAAAAHHHH….) Thursday=Palimpsest meeting. Friday=Josh's party.

3c2c- Alex: We went to the orchard and picked apples and plays, going well. Auditions this week. Where's the other cube? Strasberg? Sam will get it back as well as the benches and cables. Seth will rock the 3c2c poster.

Grants- Seth: Posters went well. 3 people interested so far. Seth will email us the grants apps so we can take a look. More postering will be occurring in key locations.

Treasury Report: Sam will contact guy in controller office. Rock Show Art Girl confirmed 13,000 is a grant- not a loan. Tuesday date with the electrician. Let's write Daniella and all a thank you note for the 13,00 for dimmers- Sarah will do this.

Grad Playwright Day in the space- Alex and Neil: This will happen, just later. Maybe get them some help in reserving tickets, like Faculty.

Dimmers- Sam: The electrician will install the electricity, hopefully we can install the dimmers ourselves. They don't fit in the booth so let's put them in the hallway.This may go over 23,000 if the electrician charges more.

Seth: Let's make a list of people to get 5,000 from- such as PW board alums. We can trace it back by word of mouth and solicit independent donations

Mac: Neil and Mac made a portable dimmer board that PW will purchase for $100 so we can make theater in our pants. Party after 3c2c will be 10/26 Saturday night from 10.30-1.00. License for beer and wine is $35. Zina and Rebecca will ask djs. It's a fundraiser so $5 cover, sell drinks $1. We'll be checking Ids. Should we cover the floor? Organising the party are: Sarah, Sam, Rebecca, and Mac.

Sam: Cardboard box wants to buy PW's old dimmer for $50, $5 for board.

Dov: We rock.

Rachael: monitors- don't forget to turn off all lights before you leave

Zina: VA dept. professor Richard Fishman will help publicize grants

David: IDEAS. Ruth Simmons didn't make it to HILTD, but had expressed enthusiasm about theater. Let's make an executive publicity push (Rachael will do this) Should we save any nasty emails complaining that our space is too small to show to deans? What about a new slot in the middle of things on campus to increase our visibility? Possibly in Solomon, or outside somewhere? Or a “guerilla slot” performed in different venues around campus?

NEXT MEETING: Monday, 10/8 11pm

PW is: Alex Aixala, Neil Alger, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, Zina Miller, David Myers, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey and Liz Drew (on leave).


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Taken by Rouse, htmlized by sam

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