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"Production Workshop Minutes"

16 september 2001

Attendance: Rachael, Neil, Sam, Mac, Alex, Seth, Lila, David, Zina, Rebecca, 2nd slot staff (Michael, Nina, Julia, Erica, Adam G., Adam I., Gale, Carrie, Jamie, Janine.)

2nd Slot: The Crucible!! Introductions. Seth is the Bozo. Michael has requested a royalty reduction form be set to PW, Sam will give it to Michael. Still looking for a ME. Lila will advertise for one in the email and Michael will make an announcement in TA25. Show packets will be sent to the staff via email.

Alex: It's going well, still fairly under budget. Smooth tech this past weekend, but we need to push things time-wise. Mac will give Sam recs/checks. Board members: come help put up seating platforms Wednesday, 9/19 at 3pm.

Friday: Alex=HM
Saturday: Alex=HM
Satuday(midnight): Sam=HM
Sunday: Seth=HM
Monday: Sam=HM, Neil and Rebecca=Ushers

Upstairs space - David Marz: This week is clear. Michael Linden's show this past Saturday went well.

3c2c: Alex has gotten a lot of inquiries via email. Submissions are due 9/28 by noon in SAO box. Copies will be in the inner office. Script decision meeting is 9/29. Mac will get “in touch” with someone. Each director will need a board member mentor. Rachael (and Alex) will be the PM. Subcommittee to read plays: David, Alex, Rachael, Rebecca, Zina? Lila?

Day in the Space for grads - Neil: They want to do it. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

Mac: At least 6 downstairs dimmers are broken due to shorted cables. 89/90 dimmers are still ok. 2 new packs with double wattage will cost $20,000. Old ones can go upstairs. New electrical service will have to be put in for the new dimmers. This will cost about $3,000.

Sam: $29,000 still not transferred from Theater dept. to PW. At the Thursday 8pm UFB meeting this week Sam will try to get 13,000 of UFB's $400,000 extra.

Seth: New ideas about grants. Let's more effectively market our grants by trying to target specific artists each semester (i.e., digital media, pottery, etc.) Let's have a grants exhibition each semester on a Tuesday evening in the Upstairs space so the artists can show what they have produced. Seth will make posters this week.

Alex: Let's do new members soon. Applications are due 10/28, meeting 10/29 at 6pm, initiation 10/31.

Rachael: Bathroom and hallway lights still burned out. Daily jolt ads: we'll pay the $80 with a check. BDH is coming to review HLTD at the 8pm dress.

Lila: 1st aid kits are stocked (with more than just condoms now). Extras are in the office.

Rebecca: Women's center is interested in putting on some kind of women's theater festival in the upstairs space in March. Rebecca will ask them to come to a meeting with the specifics, also suggest Perishable. PW is: Alex Aixala, Neil Alger, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, Zina Miller, David Myers, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey and Liz Drew (on leave).


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