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"Production Workshop Minutes"

28 october 2001

Attendance: Mac, David, Zina, Sam, Alex, Rebecca, Neil, Seth, Andrew Tillinghest

3c2c and Fundraiser: The party rocked! Our space is hot for parties. Let's reimburse Matt $30 for gas, etc. Production quality for 3c2c was decidedly sub-par. In the future, let's go back to having Tuesday or Wednesday before a show be the platform/duvateen day. We should sign up in person for shifts for this, just like how we do HM/Usher list.

Art Rock Show upstairs - Drew: Wants help setting up lights. David will help Tuesday during the day. Lights out/noise off time for the show is 1am, Drew thinks it will probably end around 12 though. Sam will give Drew a check or preferably a P.O.

Cabaret - Alex: Load in Monday will be intense. Cast from 11.30-1am. Let's really organize this strike and assign specific tasks. Alex has made this list of exactly who is doing what and when. We will store lights in the hot room for Cabaret.

4th Slot - Nick, Eli and Jerome and Jarrod are the proposals w've heard about so far. David will mentor. Proposals due Tuesday 10/30 to David. We really dropped the publicity ball on this slot. Let's have a discussion about postering/tableslipping at the next meeting.

Server: Sam will buy a new server. As for dimmers, he is thinking about getting 1.2K Unison dimmers.

PW is: Alex Aixala, Neil Alger, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, Zina Miller, David Myers, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey and Liz Drew (on leave).


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Taken by Rouse, htmlized by sam

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