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"Production Workshop Minutes"

21 october 2001

Attendance: Mac, Sarah, David, Seth, Rachael, Zina, Neil, Sam, Lila, Rebecca. Visitors: Georgia, Adam, Erica, Cari, Kelly, Jessie, Jeff, Gale, Gabe, Janina, Faye, Tysola, Adam.

Crucible-Erica: Making money, going well. Strike Assignments: Hot room=David, Zina. Shop= Dov, Rebecca. Upstairs= Sam, Seth. Downstairs=Mac. Costumes=Sarah. Props/Furniture=Lila, Rachael. We will put up the seating rizors for 3c2c at strike. ,p> 3c2c and Sex, Power, PW: Posters will be in the SAO, we'll advertise on the Daily Jolt too. Neil needs money to buy the drinks-Sam will give him none the money he doesn't have under his bed. Let's get 2 kegs and 10 jugs of wine. The SAO money can be used for snacks and soda from Stop&Shop. Sarah is getting the license from City Hall. Sam will tell Rebecca if she needs to get another dj. Dov will hang party lights-yay!

HM/Usher list for 3c2c:
Friday=Seth HM, David usher
Saturday=Mac HM, Rebecca usher
Sunday 3pm=Zina HM, Sam and David usher
Monday= Sam HM, Lila usher
(We can't forget to have someone in the B.O. until 8 each night. David will be there for every performance, also)

Cabaret-Mac: going well. Questions: Would PW give Cabaret the money to make more platforms? Sam thinks no because we already have so many platforms. Cabaret HM speech: essential parts are fire exits, smoking, and cell phones. The bouncer an announce these things. Info about other theater on campus will be in the program.

Upstairs Space: This Wednesday, an acoustic concert. Next Tuesday, Flashpaper.

Grants-Seth and Lila: 3 people have been given grants. Janet Shu ($163) will make books with poetry and biology. Alison Friedman ($150) will research a kind of tap and recreate a performance of it. Rock show art girl ($82) for Trash art show.

New Members: Sarah will read apps and email us her thoughts. Decision meeting: 11pm October 28.

Graduate Playwrights-Kelly: having trouble finding cast and crew for the grad play productions (mon. night readings of new plays, once upon a weekend. Next semester= new theater facility, 7 productions.) She will visit TA23 and 25 give out “casting forms”, start an email list, have an open house at the new theater. She will email David with her contact information-this email address will go in our weekly email once. Grad playwrights can be included in the HM speech if they notify us.

Fusion's space concerns-Tysola: Fusion has little or no performance/rehearsal space because the department says the space needs to “rest.” Fusion wants to apply for a PW slot in March. Mac: Let's give Fusion the 3c2c spot next semester so they wouldn't have to apply. Sam: PW should really give space to groups being shafted by the increasingly unreasonable departments. Seth: Fusion should contact David Myers about getting the upstairs space as a rehearsal space weekly/monthly.

Sam-Dimmer update: To apply new transformer, it would cost 30,000 and the city would have to approve the building. Mac suggests we pay off Cianci by letting him take a poop in the upstairs space. (Yes!) Sam suggests we wither upgrade the quality of the dimmers or look for other dimmers that require less electricity but increase output.

Rachael: Trash cans are always overflowing-let's emphasise that it is the job of the SM to take out ALL the trash. Also, bathrooms are just embarrassing. 3c2c needs sound op-will talk to Jeff Kurz. Sodium light in shop hallway keeps going off and on-Sam will check it out.

Gabe: wants to be on the board.

PW is: Alex Aixala, Neil Alger, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, Zina Miller, David Myers, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey and Liz Drew (on leave).


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