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"Production Workshop Minutes"

7 october 2001

Attendance: Mac, David, Michael, Erica, Lila, Seth, Rachael, Alex, Neil, Sam, Sarah, Rebecca, Zina

2nd Slot update-Michael and Erica: Tazie Surface will not be able to perform due to illness-Michael will try to recast from within the show and then ask specific people to play the role. Auditions will not be held. A midnight show without rights is A.O.K.

Upstairs update-David: Cabaret and 3c2c both want to rehearse upstairs. Cabaret will take the upstairs space because of dancing needs and then 3c2c can use the musical forum room for rehearsal. Palimpsest will be Thursday at 11.10pm. 10/30 and 11/2 there are rock/art shows booked.

Treasury/Dimmer update-Sam: the electrician was very cool, understands our needs. It could be pricey if there is not enough electricity in the building already. Also, the law requires that he wire the dimmers which means we have to pay him to do something we know how to do ourselves. Also, Kevin Venturini hasn't given us our money yet.

New members-Alex: rescheduled application deadline=10/21 at our 1pm meeting. The decision meeting will be 10/28 at 10.30 pm and initiation will be as planned on Halloween.

3c2c-Sam and Mac: Things are going smoothly, very exciting. Sam will apply to Dean Inman this week with respect to the party. Zina's dj should talk to Sam about sound equipment. Saturday and Sunday night of 3c2c cardboard box will be performing Work in Progress in Russell lab.

Alex: Alex is stressed out. Don't bug him. Also, his birthday is 10/18.

Sam: there was a meeting about rehearsal/performance spaces on campus. Reps from performance/martial arts groups complained that there is not enough space available. Faculty/whoever is in charge was interested in giving PW Russell so that we can let dancers, etc. use it. Also, facilities management is interested in increasing their commitment to our building, which would be great. (the roof leak) Also, Sam is meeting with Dean Joyce Read because she was on the founding board of PW!

Mac: A screwgun is missing/stolen. David will ask Lucy Boyle if she still has the one she borrowed.

Lila: Tysola Logan mentioned that Fusion has been kicked out of Ashamu and they would like to book the upstairs space sometime next semester.

PW is: Alex Aixala, Neil Alger, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, Zina Miller, David Myers, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey and Liz Drew (on leave).


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