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"Production Workshop Minutes"

17 march 2001

(hope you didn't yarf!)

present: Jaime, Seth. Alex, Liz, David, Rachael, Mac, MAria, Dov, Sam, Kate, Chris

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STAFF OF THE GOLEM (I hear it's by some pretty cool chick with a cute mom)!!!!

Liz (the Boss) is the bozo of the show…

The new liaison to the Musical Forum board is Dov (as Candi is going to be busy with a little play going up)…

In terms of Musical Forum, we're proposing a re-working of the contract so that -
-the Musical Forum PM comes to our weekly meetings to check in
-PW takes over front of house (meaning reserves, etc)
-Fire exits MUST be incorporated into the groudnplan of any show passed by Musical Forum.

(PAUL - bring in your hangers for the costume shop)
running - Sam
props - Liz
Upstairs - Chris
Hot room - Paul
Costumes - Alix / Rachael
Shop - Seth
Electric - Mac and Neil
Booth - Maria
Floating - Alex, Dov

Liz buying paint and turpentine and liquid nails…

THINGS THAT NEED TO HAPPEN DURING THIS STRIKE - (to make use of the masses who will be there):
- fixing floor (it's popping up, needs some screws)
- painting the Upstairs Space
- painting the wall by the shop white…
- Painting the Box Office
- fixing sound paneling in downstairs space
- throwing out shit in upstairs space (using perkins dumpster)

The gaping hole which linked the hot room to Russel Lab has already fixed ( in a moment of pure rage!!! : )

KATE - talk to TIM about seating platforms and rizors for upstairs space!!!

Kate and Alex are the “co-shits” during the Spring Break (THE spring break? THE production workshop?) to check in on the space and see what's up…

Grants -
Shakespeare on the Green : $150
Cardboard Box Theatre Co. : $125
Paulina (to make a human jukebox) : $125

Upstairs Space:
Joe Miller is putting up Zoo Story , Tuesday and Wednesday in the Upstairs Space at 9 PM.
Get there!!!

stuff getting done:
Sam - printer, logo
Mac - phone line

THE BOX OFFICE LOOKS AMAZING!!!! (thanks to Liz, Chris, and Paul!!)

The next pw meeting after break will be APRIL 3rd (TUESDAY) at 9 :30 PM in the Upstairs Space…
e-mail if you can't make it so we don't expect you…


Seth will be mentoring Commencement slot and making the poster (which he will have ready to hand out at the meeting after spring Break) - the slot will be decided after Spring Break - tell your friends!!!

Alex will be making the calendar which we will be talking about after Spring BReak, specifically when the first slot decision meeting will be…

The Upstairs Space doors are broken, so please make sure you close them forcefully or else they won't lock. Mac will talk to facilities management about it…

Soda machine capacity might be increased - if we ever get Nick Daponte's number right!!!

over and out.

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Liz Drew, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, David Myers, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, Sarah DiGregorio (on leave) and Zina Miller (on leave).


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