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"Production Workshop Minutes"

4 march 2001

present: Alix, Dov, Liz, Maria, Mac, David, Chris, Rachael, the crew of Freud, Allison Geffner


a lot to report…

First of all -
Congrats to 3rd slot -
Everything you wanted to know about yourself but were afraid to ask Freud!!! They got their show packets and they're psyched - if you're psyched too, you should check out the auditions (this Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday - Wednesday is the housing lottery) - e-mail Dov_Lebowitz-Nowak for the specific times…

We're excited to get this crew of new people in the space - Dov is the bozo + TD mentor, Liz - the SM mentor, and we're still trying to find a costumes mentor - any word on that Dov?

Also, we talked a lot about bozo involvement and came up with the following conclusions -
(The) Bozo should attend EVERY production meeting and should not be working on anything else to be able to devote the time necessary to the show and be part of their team…the bozo is responsible for being the full-time trouble-shooter before the troubles happen…they should also encourage mentorship - mentors look nice on paper, but they're nicer if they're used.

We had a lovely strike - Nina did not lose her keys (it was a misunderstanding) so we don't need to rekey the building. The sound paneling thing (gluing them on or painting the holes black) did not happen, but the wall is down! Also the inner office looks amazing (go Liz!)

Downstairs junk from strike should get put into the Perkins dumpster so that we can finally get rid of the shite in the Upstairs Space…which will happen when the stuff on the ground melts.

Paul, Chris, and Liz are still on the “getting the box office snazzy” steaze (is that how you spell it?) - it should be happening soon…also, there are some more box office niceties that are getting looked into -
Mac - getting another phone line
Sam - printer
Alix - bringing in the clock with her face on it
Liz - a clock to replace Alix's face when she wants it back + a battery for the clock in the booth

oh, and the good ol' paper cutter - anybody?

Alex - did you reserve audition space for all the slots?

Now that we've picked 3rd slot -
we're ready for 4th slot!!!
Proposals are due to mentor Chris Hayes by Tuesday March 13th (board - the decision meeting will be the 17th of march) - if you're interested e-mail Chris at…

Alix is making posters and mac is getting the rec - they should be ready to pick up by Wednesday so please pick them up and poster!

The door that connects Russel Lab to PW's hot room has been torn off its hinges, and we suspect graduate playwrights on the hunt for soda…but before the steam comes out of the ears - Paul, being the liaison to the graduate playwriting dept, should talk to Nilo and/or Aisha to get the situation straight. Bad blood has started brewing folks…(or at least has started to fester)

GRANTS need to be decided, and as Kate is busy with Lear and Seth in another state - two more board members are getting on the grants bandwagon - David and Rachael (lila is also on the subcommittee and actually has the grants…)

ADOCH ( A Day on College Hill) is coming up - April 18th - Liz is in charge of securing us a table (soon, because the deadline already passed…)

The Constitution is being updated by Alix…

Technical and Proposal Workshops are going to be discussed when more of the board is around…

on the agenda for next week's meeting is money - some of the board doesn't understand how the budget works, how much money we have/don't have, etc…some of us just think it's a good idea to get the lowdown from Sam and Mac…

Mac and Sam are looking into a new lightboard for the downstairs space, to give the upstairs space the downstairs one if it can hold the juice…they're also looking into booms, two curtain tracks (one for the outer office door, and one for the shop hallway)

over and out.

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Liz Drew, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, David Myers, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, Sarah DiGregorio (on leave) and Zina Miller (on leave).


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