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HERE: Alex, Zack, Conor, Jessie, Chris, Skylar, Becca, Jon, Jenny, Brette (visiting), Margaret, Perri (visiting), Adam, Thom, Ursula, Emma

ROSES: healthy week, things are generally fine, great Australia day, grand days back on campus, settled schedule, great electrics crew, excited for semester to unfold, this semester, things are good, senior spring, hot coffee is actually fine, high tech japanese warmth shirt from mum, great breakfast yesterday, my house has become a sitcom, blackberries are weird and cute and baby brother got into college, my friends.

THORNS: unhealthy weekend, things are not awesome, no rested day on campus yet, still certain frustrating dark clouds out of your control, nothing to do and it made no sense, unexpected news, goodbye breakfast with becca wolinsky, big splinter, senior spring and this coconut water isn’t coming out of a coconut, cuts on fingers = everything I touch hurts and thermos keeps coffee too hot, high tech Japanese warmth shirt not high tech enough to tweet from, the ink in my pens is freezing and the heat is out = cold in my skivvies, too busy to watch the sitcom, I hurt myself and feel stupid about it, what 7-11 actually means.


  1. #TODO: we are painting the floor at 11pm on Tuesday
  2. design run tonight (27th)
  3. program needs name of licensing company
  4. super bowl Sunday is wet tech Sunday, they’re figuring it out
    • could they do earlier start of wet tech?
    • WIL is scheduling around EQUUS wet tech – 4pm is the performance in the upspace
  5. there is sand in the show, what does that mean in relation to strike?
    • snow shovels etc.
  6. Jon is hanging lights from 1-5pm today


  1. They need assistants
  2. They still need board monitors for auditions
    • #TODO: G&TT EPs, send out email about board managers (when schedules are set)
  3. #TODO: Alex, put G & TT on the front page
  4. gun committee: they found two guns
    • two guns that fit specific time periods
    • shows will have to order through Skylar, show’s budget


  1. upspace lottery submissions are due Friday February 1st
  2. We should push it on facebook


  1. Writer’s week: submissions due Wednesday
    • we have some, should keep pushing it, spread the word
    • it can be anything performative
  2. Monitors
    • Feb 1st at 8: Conor
    • Feb 3rd at 4: Adam


  1. there are no Sunday Shows in February (WIL, The Aliens, Writer’s Week)
  2. screen the superbowl in the upspace?


  1. no new updates, it’s going really well


  1. precast or some precast roles with auditions for other roles is on a case by case basis
  2. changed commencement schedule?
    • there needs to be some performances during commencement
    • do we have a rule about number of performances? Should probably be case by case


  1. meeting will tentatively be March 9th


  1. skiing is not always a very safe activity but those skiing are staying safe


  1. Jaquepo
    • #TODO: Margaret, get a live trap
  2. eventbrite
    • we can maybe offer it for upspace shows as a substitute for emails
    • we have more control of the blueroom
    • in general, we need to discuss front of house stuff
  3. new scaffolding platform
  4. are we going to have an ‘audition day’ or something like 3c2c to get actors?
  5. #TODO: writer’s week subcommittee email about finding a time to schedule
  6. we should make sure people on the crews get ticket reserves
    • pw prom will be in April, so new mems and non-party trained mems need to be trained
  7. the viral vixens have been working very hard
    • the viral vixens want to change their name
    • they have made table slips and are printing them


  1. #TODO: Margaret, get a live trap
  2. #TODO: we are painting the floor at 11pm on Tuesday
  3. #TODO: G&TT EPs, send out email about board managers (when schedules are set)
  4. #TODO: Alex, put G & TT on the front page
  5. #TODO: writer’s week subcommittee email about finding a time to schedule


NEXT MEETING: Sunday February 3rd at 11am

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