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HERE: Alex, Zack, Conor, Jessie, Chris, Skylar, Becca, Jon, Ben, Jenny, Austin, Brette, Margaret, Perri (visiting), Emma, Adam, Thom, Ursula

ROSES: Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with Mom and Friends, ONLY ROSES: Relaxing break, first great piece of theatre seen in years, happy to be back, great first day of Aliens, for first time in whole life I know what to do with that life, INTERJECTION: WE WILL FIND OUT IN NINE MONTHS, Home, Super excited for Goose and Titties, taking some cool classes, someone is not pregnant, didn’t have to walk here in the cold, lots of roses, lots done over break, Festen is going very well (errone was off book), had great semester in Sydney, Phaedra is going well/crazy/fun, if tomorrow goes as planned only will have classes on Tuesday and Thursday, happy camper right now, on the 21st of December the world didn’t end but it shifted: restarted/renewed/rosy, Equus, in a play where I play a character and have lines and there’s a set and it’s JUST A PLAY, seven hours of sleep last night and three meals today, these faces on this island it’s just so happy looking, WIL: having a blast, I’m back on the board.

THORNS: Getting tired and nauseous at 10pm, Megan and Eliza are not here anymore and this semester will be completely different because of it, people are really obsessed with taking pictures and not living life, boys do stupid things and tell lies, worried about overbooked classes, I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m scared, overwhelmed being back at Brown and forgetting people’s names, I make Hamlet feel decisive, I have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my life might be too full in the near future, today punched me in the face, I feel like I should feel weird about this being my last semester but I don’t feel that and that makes me feel like it’s a thorn, I’m drinking my grape juice way to fast, horrifying dream this afternoon during nap, Equus/school.


  1. things are on track
  2. cast installed seating platforms
    • instead, the board should help paint built platforms black
    • this will happen at 11pm on January 29th
  3. we need bag check at equus
    • we need three house managers
  4. #TODO: Zack, Chris, figure out system for checking bags phones


  1. They need board monitors for auditions
    • #TODO: Jenny, send out email about figuring out board managers (when schedules are set)
  2. they need a lot of additional money, will apply for grants
  3. Goose and Tom Tom needs two prop guns
    • should pw pay for guns? Now?
    • if yes, we need to figure out the safety in relation to these props
    • safety regulations might be a good argument for why pw should buy them
  4. Gun committee: Skylar, Adam, Jenny
    • #TODO: Meet up Gun committee
  5. Second EP will be determined later, Conor will sub in for now


  1. the lottery is coming up February 1st
    • #TODO: Conor, print flyers
    • #TODO: Everyone, distribute flyers and invite friends on facebook
  2. Writer’s week
    • deadline is January 30th at noon
    • has to be a strict deadline because we need to schedule
    • can writers hold auditions? Maybe we can have a 3c2c kind of audition day
    • this could be a late night thing in order to avoid time conflicts
  3. WIL is no longer using our ticketing system
  4. upspace shows can use props and costumes


  1. the 24th there can be no Sunday show, but February 3rd is free


  1. planning to only use the money already given
  2. license for rights need to be shifted to pw
  3. #TODO: Skylar, check with Ben about building during the day


  1. Decision meeting will be February 23rd
  2. #TODO: everyone, check in with buddies


  1. open jar
    • becca emailed, is still waiting for answers
  2. margaret emailed about new works


  1. Faustus money
    • perhaps we should put it on hold for now, discuss at visions
  2. we need to get the money for advertising


  1. #TODO: everyone, think about eventbrite (ticketing system)
  2. #TODO: chris, email marketing committee
  3. Skylar: pw midnight smack down will happen this semester
  4. Outer Space Festival
    • we should begin to think about it
  5. Ben installed plot in the upspace that hopefully will work for WIL
  6. Jenny and Thom began archives
  7. Austin: Maybe tools! Donated!
    • for example a scroll saw
  8. Adam: Tiny mouse lives in the box office. His name is Jaquepo and he is tiny and Italian.
  9. Thom needs to be CC’ed on stuff


  • #TODO: Zack, Chris, figure out system for checking bags phones for equus
  • #TODO: Meet up Gun committee
  • #TODO: Conor, print flyers
  • #TODO: Everyone, distribute flyers and invite friends on facebook
  • #TODO: Skylar, check with Ben about building during the day
  • #TODO: Jenny, send out email about figuring out board managers (when schedules are set)
  • #TODO: Everyone, check in with buddies
  • #TODO: Skylar, pay Zack one dollar for correctly predicting Adam’s willingness to sit
  • #TODO: everyone, think about eventbrite (ticketing system)
  • #TODO: Chris, email marketing committee
  • #TODO: Austin, move the batteries



NEXT MEETING: Sunday January 27th at 11 am

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